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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Review

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Dragon Age Dawn of the Seeker Review

June 19, 2012
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Dawn of the Seeker is the first movie in an expected series of CG animation movies produced by Funimation and Bioware, which is based in the setting of the Dragon Age video game world. Cassandra is a Seeker of the religious order of Chandry’s Templars, whose job is to find and destroy any threats to the order, and to protect the leader of the religious organization known as the Divine.


The story revolves around a Seeker from the religious order of Chantry’s Templars named Cassandra, who seems to have had some massively pent-up rage brewing inside of her from watching her brother get slaughtered during her childhood. This becomes clearly evident with-in the first few minutes of the movie as she almost single handedly slaughters a dozen men before anyone else from her order even manages to get blood on their swords. The battle is set in motion by a group known as the Blood Mages, who have kidnapped a girl with special abilities to use for their own evil purposes. Cassandra and her mentor Byron manage to rescue the girl in the first encounter, only to have her kidnapped again later on in the film. This second attempt is what sets the story in motion, leaving her mentor mortally wounded, Cassandra barely filled with a few pieces of bread crumb information centering on a conspiracy that ‘might’ involve the High Seeker, and an unwitting Circle Mage who inadvertently tries to see how far he can push her temper without being decapitated.

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