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Star Trek 3 to Film Next Year?! (Article) - 7/14/2013 10:23:00 PM

 Fleming. His name is Victor Fleming.

Prometheus Blu-ray and DVD Details (Article) - 10/4/2012 1:33:21 AM

I'm also really tired of this crap with '4-disc sets'. That used to mean something. Gladiator was three legit discs. Hot Fuzz was three legit discs. This is a Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copy. It's four discs of EXACTLY the same content. They couldn't even bother to isolate the movie on its own disc to forgo the additional compression? Blade Runner was FIVE discs, and they didn't repeat content over a single one. I feel extremely cheated. The only reason to really buy this is the superior box-art. Which, for a nerd like me, is worthwhile.

Prometheus Blu-ray and DVD Details (Article) - 9/29/2012 12:32:50 PM

Great. In other words, I can look forward to a crappy bare-bones DVD version of this. I wish the studios would stop punishing the luddites of the world.

Prometheus International TV Spot (Article) - 5/18/2012 2:28:15 AM

Well, and Alien borrowed heavily from other mediums, particular Cronenberg's 'Shivers'. Prometheus is still totally different. Instead of a crew of unaware ore miners being woken up and told to check something out on their way home, this time it's a group of specialists preparing to come to this place for an archaelogical excavation. As we can tell, something goes horribly wrong involving parasites and bodies being taken over, and we've seen that plot a hundred times before. I'd hardly call this a carbon copy. The approach is similar but with entirely different goals. What happens to the crew and how the company manages to cover up the events is one of the main draws, not just how these people will survive.

Scott's already made good on the connections. The creepy android, the technology styles, the fact that the derelict spacecraft from the first movie is seen crashing on the planet. You can bet that the Company didn't just hone in on the beacon, they were looking for this ship. I expect there will be a reason that they knew exactly what they would find and it will be seen in this film. Scott is obviously not the type of guy to reapproach something unless he's got a damn good reason to do so, and when it comes to epics, he's untouchable.

Prometheus International TV Spot (Article) - 5/16/2012 12:43:56 PM

You could also say that we've seen the Alien movies done four times, which would also be true. Or that every movie ever made has elements of some other movie that was made before. Who cares if we've seen the basic construct of this plot before? Ridley Scott does not make bad epic movies.

Frankenweenie Behind the Scenes Photos (Article) - 5/10/2012 8:50:29 PM

 It still blows my mind that Tim Burton's gotten so out of hand with remakes that he's actually repeating himself.

Stars Return for SILENT HILL 2 (Article) - 3/17/2011 11:18:52 AM

This is one of the many reasons video game movies upset me. The only good thing about the first movie was the production design; what a surprise, since it was done by Cronenberg veteran Carol Spier. Bad dialogue, bad acting, bad plotting, bad execution; when your film needs a ten minute flashback with a voiceover in the third act and it STILL doesn't explain a damn thing that happens in the movie, you're in serious trouble.

In my opinion, movies based on 90's and 00's video games won't get good until the people who grew up on them have a chance to adapt them. I just don't understand the assumption that fans want to see something 'different' when a game is turned into a movie. Imagine the mess that would result from adapting classic novels that way.

83rd Academy Award Winners Are (Article) - 2/28/2011 12:32:26 AM

I think Fincher's directing snub for The Social Network was an ungodly travesty. Tom Hooper's directing just isn't that good. Thank god The Kids Are All Right got shut out of every category.

10 Genre Films Your Girlfriend Likes (Article) - 2/11/2011 12:48:19 AM

You obviously don't know my girlfriend. She greatly dislikes Ghost, for starters, but here's a few choice selections she enjoys:

Dark City, Black Moon, Eraserhead, Videodrome, Inception, Timecrimes, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Splice, District 9, REC, Sunshine, Children of Men, Drag Me To Hell, The Evil Dead Trilogy, The Descent, Moon, 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead, and everything Star Trek.

The A-Team Extended Cut Blu-Ray Review (Article) - 1/3/2011 10:31:28 AM

This movie perfectly suits the source material and was perhaps the most fun I had at the theatre this side of Inception this past year.

It was not poorly directed, Janson, and that statement falls short of being a 'fact' on the grounds that it's merely your opinion. The fans in here are not being willfully ignorant of the film's perceived shortcomings and are not wrong just because they disagree with you.

And I may be mistaken, but I don't think Wish is defending this film as good by merit of it's box office take. It more than made its money back and has been doing stellar in rental.

And even if you don't say that the film is unsuccessful, you certainly suggest that it is by referring to its lack of success in the final line of your review. That is, if I'm making proper sense of it: "He tries to tightrope walk the line between the series’ inherent playfulness and cheesiness and trying to update the film for a modern audience and ends up doing neither with a great deal of success." So, he fails at what he intended to do successfully?


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