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Reitman Open to GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (Article) - 6/7/2009 12:02:58 AM

After watching the first movie hundreds of times on TV, VHS, and DVD, I just saw it tonight in a theatre for the first time ever in 35mm. Hasn't dulled at all with age and the audience response was sensational. Even if they make a third film and it isn't good, nothing can take away from the original.

Weaver open to GHOSTBUSTERS 3? (Article) - 3/5/2009 9:08:49 AM

Well I'm stoked. Honestly, I don't care if it isn't good at this point. I just want to see it. Nothing, not even Ghostbusters 2, could ruin the effect the first one had on me and nothing can sully it. And by the way, Murray is into it.

Bale's Set Rant Revealed From TERMINATOR (Article) - 2/2/2009 9:57:13 PM

I've been on a few sets before and I think Bale's reaction, though a bit intense, is warranted. I can't tell you how many times I've told people to be quiet (as a sound technician) only to have them go into the other room and keep talking. It's the worst when you have someone that consistently whistles in the group.

This makes sense in Bale's scenario, particularly with the legal allegations and the stress of another big movie opening. Bale is clearly a talented actor, and sometimes the price that comes with that is his dedication to what he's doing. Imagine if your job required you to pretend to be in a post-apocalyptic future playing a character and there were thousands of dollars being spent on every minute of production, and just as you're getting in the zone, tricking your mind to believe that you're someone else in this terrifying situation, one of your co-workers in cargo pants and a t-shirt just sort of ambles in and breaks your concentration. You let it go. Then, when it happens again, and when you're already having a bad day?

I can totally understand blowing up on a guy, especially because of the context. When you work on a big budget movie, you're expected to behave in manner that is consistent with the established code of conduct, and fucking around on the set is a transgression punishable by termination (snicker). You do your technical duty and don't fuck with the actors. It's not as though the DP was standing on the sides waving his arms wildly, but walking into the scene to check the lighting is something you do before the actors show up, and I guarantee you everyone else on set knew that.

10 Super Bowl Trailers (Article) - 2/1/2009 11:38:23 PM

I'm still of the opinion that Star Trek will rule. This trailer does not change that.

Smith says OLDBOY redo to utilize manga (Article) - 11/24/2008 11:44:05 AM

<p>Please stop making movies, Will Smith.</p>

Justin Long Dealing with AFTER.LIFE (Article) - 11/7/2008 9:25:44 PM

<p>I read this script when I&nbsp;was in LA.&nbsp; Horrible.&nbsp; I've only ever read one thing that made me pound the desk in frustration where the plotholes are concerned.&nbsp; Originally Kate Bosworth was attached as the lead, I'm glad she's gone.&nbsp; Neeson will probably knock it out of the park, but that'll be the only reason to see this turkey.</p>

Giant Robot Confirmed for TRANSFORMERS 2 (Article) - 9/11/2008 12:21:59 AM it just me, or is the headline unintentionally hilarious? G-Class Star Confirmed for STANDARD DAY ON EARTH.

Trailer Voice Mastermind Don LaFontaine Passes Away (Article) - 9/2/2008 9:36:25 PM

This dashes my dream of someday hearing a recording of him pettily haggling with a grocery store clerk over a pea sale. Just imagine that voice in every day conversation.

Helena Bonham Carter Reveals Loyalty for TERMINATOR (Article) - 8/5/2008 7:53:13 PM

I'm cool with her in the movie as long as Tim Burton doesn't somehow become involved.

BATMAN BEGINS (Limited Edition Gift Set) (Article) - 7/30/2008 3:25:00 PM

I didn't buy the old one and I'm not buying the new one either. I have almost no doubt that it'll be re-released yet again when The Dark Knight emerges on DVD. I'm banking on at least a trilogy of these new Batman movies, so in a few years I'll be able to plunk down on a series boxed set with way better special features and packaging whilst saving myself a hundred dollars racing around after the newest editions of both films.


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