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More Captain America Trailer Teasing (Article) - 3/24/2011 8:59:12 AM

That dude has some Paaaaaaaaayback a coming!



Levitt isn't Falcone in DARK KNIGHT RISES? (Article) - 3/24/2011 7:52:33 AM

The serial killer Riddler was always a winner in my eyes, not the green clad buffon but a realistic serial killer who live clues in riddle form, the theory holds up that alot of serial killers almost want to be caught, like the killer in Se7en...

Levitt isn't Falcone in DARK KNIGHT RISES? (Article) - 3/23/2011 1:36:21 AM


It doesn't matter who certain charcaters are in the comics, this is NOT Eath One it's the Nolanverse and therefore ANY character can take the Deadshot persona, it's an Elseworlds, why doesn't anybody get this?

Yeah I made that point about Bane in Batman and Robin ages ago, Solomon Grundy is a zombie brought back to life in a swamp, by a rare type of weed, hence the Poison Ivy connection...

No shit, Schumacher loved Bane's costume!

I'm guessing in this ELSEWORLDS version oif Batman, he will Albert Falcone as the new DA, making out that he is the black sheep of the family, while taking over the Gotham underground as Black Mask...

But then again the name of this Article is not 'Levitt isn't The Holiday Killer' it's 'Levitt isn't Falcone'

Again comic book continnuity means nothing here!

Maybe after the events of The Dark Knight, The League of Shadows has changed it's mind and believes Gotham CAN be saved and sends Bane and Catwoman to assist Batman, but it goes wrong and Bane sides with Falcone and Selina with Bruce...

5 SUCKER PUNCH Clips Online (Article) - 3/23/2011 12:52:47 AM

Whose the little douche in the moustache, they should take that gun from him, stick it up his ass and pull the trigger...

When it goes click, reload and do it again!

Second Full Trailer for PIRATES 4 (Article) - 3/21/2011 11:28:21 AM

Keith's face rocks, and it's just as craggy!

Gordon-Levitt Confirmed for DARK KNIGHT Rises (Article) - 3/20/2011 7:30:58 AM

I'm gueesing the 'Rises@ may suggest a NEW Batman in the shape of Bane, himself, who manages to take down the Bat only to take his place, so that Bruce can finally settle down and have a life...

Hahahaha, no... That's NOT gonna happen!

WONDER WOMAN Costume Revealed (Article) - 3/20/2011 6:00:57 AM

It would be better for her to wear blue jeans and a red corset, with a headband girdle and bracelets that look like they are thousands of years old...

This looks like power ranger crap!

WONDER WOMAN Costume Revealed (Article) - 3/20/2011 5:56:25 AM

The Girdle and other things are supposed tyo be ancient artifacts, they look brand new!

Aronofsky Exits The WOLVERINE (Article) - 3/18/2011 11:55:43 AM

Okay here's a fun game, Who should be cast in an X-Men reboot?

Aronofsky Exits The WOLVERINE (Article) - 3/18/2011 11:54:43 AM

He probablt wanted to make it an R-Rating, when you consider that this movie will have samurai sword action, how could it NOT be?

It's obviously all Fox's doing, hopefully X-Men: Second Class will tank and the rights to the X-Men and Daredevil will be sold back to Marvel..!



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