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Comicscape: Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Article) - 4/23/2014 10:45:33 AM

I gave up on Spider-Man, and a few months later, Marvel Comics entirely back in 2008 or 2009 when they rebooted his character as having never married Mary Jane Watson and introducing Jackpot (or whatever her name is). Yes, Marvel, that $100/month less in sales you saw back then was me. Thanks for many years of comicbook awesomeness, but that was the end for me. The fact they're just pissing on true fans to hopefully seduce new ones to coincide with movies just really turns me off. I had contemplated going back and buying some trade paperbacks. Nope. No seduction. You just showed me the proverbial weiner in the panties.... like a frightened turtle.

Flash Gordon Movie for FOX (Article) - 4/23/2014 10:23:07 AM

This movie will suck. I admit I have no basis for my opinion. I just wanted to be part of the crowd and follow my fellow sheep along their path of naysaying.

Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains Review (Article) - 4/22/2014 9:42:58 AM

For the SPOILER uneducated and uninformed: Providing a SPOILER is discussion about things THAT HAVEN'T HAPPENED YET. In other words, talking about things ONLY you would know as a reader of the book and have YET TO HAPPEN in the show would facilitate being a SPOILER B.ASTARD. Talking about geography or Westeros customs because you understand those better because you read the books is something else entirely. Not sure how this could possibly be misunderstood.

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 1:30:51 PM

about 15 people have posted their theories on this murder. Nobody knows for sure except the book readers, so when one of these idiots chooses to ONLY talk about that ONE theory, and ONLY that one theory, he is, in fact, SPOILING. you're excuse is pitiful and juvenile. wow, i thought my opinion of you was already low. the fact you apologized and now just keep pushing the envelope just adds "hypocrite" to the list of your myriad of personality traits. if you were a GoT character you'd be a cross between the Fool and Joffrey: disrespectful and contemptuous toward others, only thinking about yourself, and too stupid to know you're doing it.

IF I STAY: Teaser Trailer (Article) - 4/16/2014 3:47:14 PM

either date night with the lady or netflix later with the lady. either way I think i'm doomed (maybe blessed) to have to see this.

Hannibal: Yakimono Review (Article) - 4/15/2014 10:18:49 AM

really have to learn to copy my posts before clicking the "add" button on this site as about 1/3rd disappear into oblivion never to be seen again... and yeah, despite how much passion or brilliance I may think that ne'er-to-be-seen post was, my frustration and ball-kicked gut leaves me motivation-less to attempt again. Once again foiled by mania. Thanks.

Great episode. Great show.

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review (Article) - 4/15/2014 8:32:54 AM

holy crap, @rkngl, holy f'ing crap. Can we get mania personnel to dispense with this idiot? Please. If I didn't believe in a higher sense of morality I'd seriously consider living the life of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, and fools like this dude would be on my list... alongside taggers, and political meme Facebook spammers. I'm just glad most folks have moved on from this post and aren't going to revisit it.

Btw, mania friends, if you haven't already, DO NOT READ the post from RKNGL. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review (Article) - 4/14/2014 7:22:06 PM

You're all wrong.

It's Jamie. He's lonely. He's been without his momma kins wrapped around his carrot for far too long. Now, who's gonna lots and lots of consoling and long nights of lovin'? Yep. Smooth move, Kingslayer. Smooth move indeed. Jamie is even more my favorite character now.

Edge of Tomorrow - TV Spot 1 (Article) - 4/14/2014 7:07:46 PM

i'll be seeing it. Mission Impossible 1-4. Oblivion. Minority Report. Jack Reacher. Collateral. Yeah, the guy is nuts in RL, but hell if he ain't popcorn popping gold.

Deliver Us From Evil: International Trailer #2 (Article) - 4/10/2014 10:23:30 AM

love eric bana, and this looks better than most satanic flicks... but i'm ready for the early critics to go either way.


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