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Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/3/2015 3:23:40 PM

somebody is more of a rip the bandaid off kind of fellow, aint he? no pussy footin' around. Just be done with it and move on... yet, he's still here making comments. Dammit, boy, join us on Cinemania already.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 3/3/2015 11:55:20 AM

92 comments on the ggl thread on the wall, 92 comments on the ggl thread, another one down, pass it around, 91 comments on the ggl thread on the wall...

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 3/3/2015 10:02:52 AM

...but at least I can say I did my part.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/3/2015 10:01:57 AM

hint hint... get crackin' monkeyfoot

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/2/2015 10:21:03 AM

@ millean - haven't seen you much this last week on Cinemania, bro. We miss ya, man.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/27/2015 7:38:08 AM

@ Jedibanner - that was Spyder, long since banned from Mania. Oh how a common enemy binds us together.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/26/2015 8:13:39 AM

plus, I heard through the grapevine there may be a spawn resurgence in Hollywood, and y'all want to see Vio splooge over the comment section, dontcha?

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/25/2015 5:11:11 PM

Darth, get your booty over to the FB page: Cinemania. Add me Calamitous Johnson and I can invite you over.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/23/2015 1:38:31 PM

blank, about half of us are anonymous on the Cinemania FB page. Me, for instance. I invite all contrarians, most especially you, to join us there. It took me less than 10 min to set up a false yahoo account and false FB account. I'm Calamitous Johnson on FB and send me an invite... ANYONE... and we will make sure you get your invite to the Cinemania movement. We're at 56 now and growing. Good reviews and comments abound.

@fatpantz - thanks buddy

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/20/2015 11:41:28 AM

holy shat... great goodbye prank by whoever - major props for the good laugh


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