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Genshiken to return in Japan as Genshiken II -

9/25/2010 8:24:44 AM permalink

An article at posted it a couple of days ago saying that the manga would return where the first series left off. With oguie as president of the Genshiken club trying to keep things together.

you can read the press relase here:

Could there be another OVA and a tv series coming soon? The ova could finish out the Sassahara and oquie story line that leads up to some of the members greaduating which then moves the series into the official 3rd season of the show.?

Sound off with coments- Otaku of the world Unite


south park update

4/22/2010 5:40:27 PM permalink

Matt and Trey of Soluthpark fame have responded to the censored 201 episode you can read the statement here

Comedy central even censorted the I have learned something speach that according to the shows creators didn't have anything to do with religion


South Park- Coming to an end?

4/22/2010 10:47:02 AM permalink

I'll say this up front- I am a huge South Park fan. I have every single tv season in my personal collecdtion.

South Park is no stranger to contraversy. However this latest escapde may mark the end for the small mountain town of Colorado. The recent backlash from a muslim extremist group making death threats towards the shows creaters and not to mention the people at comedy central who are involved with the show have put everyone on edge.

South Park is slated (at least for now ) for 15 seasons. and in recent interviews both Matt and Trey say they wouldn't be doing this type of show in their 50's They have also talked about how the show would end. After the last season there would be one more movie released for the big screen and then that woulde be the end. With no recent announcements being made of renewed contracts fans are begining to wonder if the end is truely near for the show.

I honestly find it very odd that in an earlier episode of the tv series - The Super  Best Friends- the muslim prohet was portrayed without any censorship of any kind (even in reruns) and now since the newspaper strip incident that poked fun of the prophet Comedy central refuses to even let the prohets name be said. In episode 201 everytime the muslim prophets name is said it comes with a censored bleep. Even the famous lesson learned speech was completly censored out. ( However rumours are circulating that Matt and Trey did that one themselves as a joke.

Looking at both shows 200 and 201 it would seem that Matt and Trey have begun to see the writing on the wall. Many old story lines have been tied off-

Cartman discovered who his father really is- (one heck of a good story in itself)

Some Charachters that havent seen air time in years have reapeared- Poor Pip managed to get squashed (literally) by the upgraded mecha striesand.  Scott Tenerman the kid who's parents were killed by eric cartman reapeared in a big way to become a new villian for the boys. Dr. Mephesto came out of hiding to show us he is still obsessed with how many asses that can be added onto an animal.

And in 2 half hour shows south park managed to poke fun at just about everything and everyone in pop culture that they have touched on before in the past 14 years. Even giving us a funny suprise ending for our favorite fudge packer- (I just couldn't resist that one) Tom Cruise.

It would seem that things are winding down for a complete wrap up but then again- THIS IS SOUTH PARK. Matt and Trey really havent commented on anything as of yet since the airing of 201 and the death threats made against them.

I hope I am wrong about my worries. I hope South Park does get renewed for a few more seasons.





The Boondocks Season 3 Trailer leaked

4/6/2010 6:42:05 AM permalink

Origionally posted on the  and already posted on youtube the season has been announced as the final season.

to premiere on Adult swim may 2nd

Huey Riley grandad and the rest of the boondocks crew will be back for one last season.

Hopefully a straight to dvd movie will also come down the pike.

No glimpse of Cesar in the trailer however it has long been rumored that he will finally appear this season. Rumours have not yet been confirmed on this

to see the 3 min traielr you can check it out on youtube


Movie Trailers worth checking out

10/2/2009 10:57:18 AM permalink

Here are a list of movies that are coming out at the end of this year and next year that I am looking forward to seeing. THought I'd spread the word about them.

Zombieland- Comedy

Youth in Revolt- Comedy

The Wolfman 2010- Horror Remake

Sherlock Holmes 2009- Action-mystery

Paranormal Activity- Horror-(This is along the lines of the Blair Witch Project. I have to see more footage in order to make a stronger recdomendation. Looks very good though)

Ninja Assasin- Martial arts flick

Law Abiding Citizen- Action-suspense

I hope they serve beer in hell- Comedy based on true story

The blue tooth virgin- Comedy

The Baader Meinhof Complex- Action-drama based on true story

Michael Jackson's This is it- Documentary

Iron Man 2- Action-adventure



Thoughts on MTV 2009 Award show...

9/15/2009 7:58:19 AM permalink

Since Mania hasn't posted anything about this yet I thought I'd give it a shot.

Madonna's tribute speech to  Jackson was eloquent and done with good taste. 

The MJ tribute performance was done superbly well.

MAJOR KUDOS TO JANET to performing the hit song SCREAM with her brother. The only song the two ever recorded together. It must have been dificult for her singing it so soon after MJ"S passing.

Other than Kanye making a moron of himself on TV by interupting Taylor Swift's victory speech the show was pretty uneventful. For many fans this could be the final nail on the coffin for him. Many fans I have talked to say they are fed up with his oversized and overstuffed ego.

Britney Spears was a no-show despite tv comercials saying different. Fans were not happy.

Lady Gaga's best new artist was a no brainer and as expected she changed into wild outfits at least four or five times. Each time the outfit was wilder than the next.

Pink's highwire act really didnt do anything for me personally. though it could be seen as impressive seeing her pull something like this off while singing an entire song. Serena Williams introduction  was more interesting. (My opinion anyway.)

Beyonce gets major major KUDOS for calling Taylor Swift back up on stage so that she could have her moment and finish her victory speech.

(As a fan of Eminem) the best new artist skit provided some cheap laughs at best until the end when Cyndi Lauper makes a surprise appearance.

Our returning host didn't say anything to wild this time around but the jokes got old fast by the first 3rd of the show.

Overal I give it a B

what do you guys think?



Tarintino finally getting Kill Bill Whole Bloody Affair ready?

8/11/2009 11:12:27 AM permalink

Anime News Network posted a link that tells us while Tarintino was doing promotional work for Inglorious Basterds that Once the Promotional tour for his new movie was over he would sit down and review the anime sequence that was done for the Kill Bill movie. Tarintino claimed that a very large chunk of the anime sequence was cut from the origional film becasue he felt that it was a wise move to do at the time. This doesn't even count the new footage that Production IG had just recently finished this year for the movie. 

Aparently a long segment of Orin's vengance tale will be added to the Whole Bloody Affair.  If Tarintino does keep this promise we could see The uncut Whole Bloody Affair come out by christmas or early next year. This is pure speculation on my part but at least this is what my instincts are telling me.


Thoughts on Eureka Seven Anime Legends pt1 and 2

7/22/2009 11:58:41 AM permalink

I first caught my first glimpse of this show while watching it on adult swim. I thought it was a fascinating show with a lot of interesting charachters. However after watching episode 50 it only left me wanting to see more of Renton, Eureka and the rest of the gang.

The seiries ended with what I like to call an open ended episode. It left the possibility for there to be an ova series or another season of the show that could Reunite the cast one last time. I am happy to see the Eureka Seven movie coming out this september and I will be seeing it in the theater when it comes out.

However this movie isn't an ending to the series it is a complete new telling of it.

I really hope everyone involved with the show will come back to do it again to do a possible third season or ova series to complete the story that the origional anime show left off.

Needles to say Otaku will get a kick out of Eureka Seven and with Bandai's release of part 1 and 2 of the anime legends set it is much more affordable with the Otaku watching his/her budget.

But don't be surprised if you're like me and want to see even more new stories after watching this series




Media Blaster's confirm Genshiken 2 to Have ender box.

7/9/2009 7:47:23 AM permalink

I managed to get a hold of media blaster\'s email and send them one asking about the fate of the volume one dvd box for Genshiken volume 2. They responded in kind telling me that they do have pplans to release an ender box for the series. This means that the last volume in the series  will have a case to hold the complete series.  There wasn\'t any info about any possible extra\'s added in with the box but I thought it was great that Media Blasters responded to my email in kind.

On a side note to Genshiken I was also told that there were no plans to release the ova series (the same three episodes that were released in the Kujibiki Unbalance Anime) into a single volume at this time.



6/20/2009 8:06:40 AM permalink

 It's an argument that will always come up from time to time. From my own personal standpoint- I prefer to have my anime in an english format. I know there are some die hard fans that may not agree with this, however I have two reasons why I feel that English dubbed anime is the only way that anime can survive tthrough the current sownward spiral that it is in.

Reason 1- Have  you ever seen any type of anime on cable tv that has aired only with a Japanese dialog track?

 The Answer of course is no. The reason is quite simple. Ratings and likeability. When the average person (not a die hard anime fan mind you) sits down in fromt of the tv set he or she doesn't want to spend their time reading the screen to a dialogue they don't understaand. They want to be entertained with as little stress as possible.

Do you actually think that a show like Cowboy Beepop or DeathNote would have been such a success in America if they had only been shown with it's origional dialogue and with english subtitles? I kinda of doubt it. At best it would have become a cult hit in a few nitch groups if it had been done this way.

Reason 2- This actually ties in to reason 1. Anime can't become a crossover success without having an english dialogue track.

Can you name any anime that was released in the US with a Japanese only track that has become a massive success. Even if you could the list would be short. Not only that but you wouldn't be able to use all the fingers on your first hand when you count them.

However it won't be too far into the future when anime becomes a mainstream prospect. With Hollywood so desperate for ideas to create new franchises it will only take one anime hit from a major studio to make it happen.

The same could be said for the television industry.

I'm not talking about shows like Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh. I'm talking about a crossover that people of all age ranges will come to like. (An expample?)

Does anyone remember a show called AVATAR: the last airbender from Nickelodeon?


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