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6/20/2009 7:44:46 AM permalink

It has been a rather rough couple of years for anime fans. Several magazine devoted to anime have been shut down. Adv films went through some rather tough changes loosing a huge chunk of their dvd catalog. Best Buy even thinned out most of the anime titles they carried on the store shelves opting for online purchases for nearly all of its titles except for a few titles they are sure to sell. This made it harder for fans to aquire their anime fix. The way anime has been distributed has been changed from a single disc release to half season or complete season box sets. Some have argued that this is a good thing, die hard fans looking for collectibles with their box sets have been disapointed.

 Those who like their anime with an english dub have become disapointed. nearly half of the new anime titles that have been released have had only a Japanese dialog track with English subtitles. (thoughts on this topic in my next post)

 Even those who read manga have felt the change of the industry. With several manga mags going out of buisness. Even worse most manga have begun to raise in price.

Despite this their is still a loyal fanbase that keeps coming back for more.

 I suppose that this is the anime industry's equivilant of a depression. If history has taught us anything it is that depressions don't last forever. The industry will bounce back in time. Until then die hard fans will have to grit their teeth and bare the storm.


Official? boondocks season 3 announcement???

6/3/2009 7:26:51 AM permalink

Throughout this week a little after midnight Adult Swim has been announcing that they have been getting some of the scripts for the 3rd season of the Boondocks and that they were awesome. This commercial which is made in there trademark slideshow advertising then went on to post :

Boondocks season 3: Early 2010.

If this is an offficial announcement it debunks earlier rumors that the 3rd season of the series would air in the fall. No word yet about the supposed Boondocks Movie.

The Good news: More Boondocks are on the way, and Ceasar's charachter will proably make his debut this season.

The Bad news: We will have to wait till next year to see it.


Whatever happened to ED EDD N EDDY

5/12/2009 7:52:06 AM permalink

As an avid anime lover I occasionally check out cartoon shows on CARTOON NETWORK. One new show that has caught my interest is Johnny Test. Yet there are 2 shows that have finished their run and havent seen dvd releases for the series. At least not all of them.


ED EDD N EDDY has been at least to this point one of the longest running animated series on cartoon network. A tv movie was announced almost 2 years ago and nothing has come of it since. No movie has been done and no other epsodes have been made. Hopefully they will follow up with the Ed's movie and begin releasing the series in a complete collection or in several sets. Instead of just releasing only the first two seasons.

Foster's Home for imagainary friends has just ended it's run. Another popular cartoon network show. Now with it finished perhaps they can release this in a complete series box set as well with the fosters's house being used to hold the series dvds. Instead of just releasing only the first two seasons. HINT HINT CARTOON NETWORK


New FX series coming soon?

4/8/2009 2:07:49 PM permalink

Acording to an article in the current WIzard gold edition FX has picked up the rights to POWERS a comic book series by J Michale Strazynski. Strazynski was reported as saying that a debate about a one hour or two hour pilot is in talks with the studio right now and that the show is on the front burner.

If this happens to be true we could see Powers within the nexst year and with FX curently putting out a string of hits Powers could be one heck of a show.


Genshiken Light Novel UPDATE!

3/31/2009 10:26:41 AM permalink now has a preorder page for the light novel Genshiken: return of the otaku!!!

The preorder price is 9.99. It has a december release date



Sons of anarchy: good news bad news report

3/24/2009 7:40:08 AM permalink

On the Fx website I just red a post on their blog stating that production of season 2 will begin its production at the end of April. This is a good thing because We at least know when it will air. Sometime in the fall. it's a bad thing becasue we will have to wait for the season 1 dvd set till late summer at the earliest. This is a bad call for FX. Waiting so long to get the show rolling again. Its a great show that deserves more air time. i haven't seen hardly any re-runs of the show and practically little to no advertsiing fro the first season itself which happend to be quite good. 


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