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Riddler Cast for Gotham (Article) - 4/4/2014 12:10:12 PM


Mania Review: This is the End (Article) - 6/13/2013 7:07:02 AM

 Hey Rob Vaux, Craig Robinson is in this movie co starring as well.  Looks like you left out the black guy intentionally during your synopsis.  He had a huge role in the film and was very funny in it.  Just saying.  

Mania Box Office Report: Dark Weekend (Article) - 7/24/2012 7:23:26 AM

 I hate to say it but I've only seen each movie once with no desire to see them again.  I've seen every marvel movie at least twice.

Indiana Jones 5 Update (Article) - 7/24/2012 7:18:08 AM

 Can we please get a Star Wars 7 in the works while Harrison, Mark, and Carrie are still alive? Its a god damned no brainer.  Lelia and Hans twins can be grown in their twentys, we can pick up there.  

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 10 Preview (Article) - 5/17/2012 9:03:01 AM

 This show is on Disney.  It's for kids.  If you don't like it change the channel.  I will take Spider Man cartoons however I can take them.  I remember when MTV tried to take a more adult approach to Spider Man and everyone complained about how much it sucked.  

I'm trying to figure out what Spider Man cartoons people used to watch because they have all been silly.  Marvel Mash Up is funny as hell by the way.

NIGHTMARE Slashes $32.2 Mil (Article) - 5/3/2010 6:07:18 AM

Nightmare on Elm Street was ok.  I still think they should've remade it with Robert Englund.  He will always be Freddy to me. 

8 80's Horror Remakes Evaluation (Article) - 4/29/2010 8:41:21 AM

The dude that wrote this must be from Bizarro Earth because My Bloody Valentine sucked and Texas Chainsaw and Halloween was great.  I think you suck, big time. 

Harrison Ford Marshals COWBOYS & ALIENS (Article) - 4/8/2010 8:12:01 AM

Wolverine Origins sucked terribly.  They changed the whole story up for no reason at all.  Wolverines original story is good enough for the movies and it didn't make sense to change everything.  Adamantium bullets erasing memories?!?!?  Wolverine getting adamantium to get revenge?!?!?  Will.I.Am?!?!?!  Gambit in the 70s?!?!  The crap list is endless.  As far as I'm concerned they ruined the entire franchise with that Origins movie.  Thanks alot guys.  I think a reboot is in order.  Fire Hugh Jackoff and get some new blood int here.

Spartacus: Delicate Things Review (Article) - 3/1/2010 7:08:08 AM

I don't get all the Spartacus hate from this site? Anything Sam Raimi is good in my book. Steven S. DeKnight who blessed us with his writing on Buffy and Angel (two of my favorite shows ever) is doing a pretty good job with the writing.  Not to mention all the violence and blood (which I love, especially in HD).  Lucy Lawless giving up the goods alot of times(awesome).  What is there not to like?  Oh, did you want it to be smarter???  Was 300 smart?  Was Gladiator smart??  Well, mash those two movies up together, dumb it down a bit, throw in over the top violence and nudity and you get Spartacus.  I look forward to it every week and if you geeks don't like it then don't watch it. 

Doctor Who Arrives in April on BBC America (Article) - 2/26/2010 6:33:25 AM

I kind of wish that SyFy still had Doc Who on there then maybe I can enjoy the new season in HD.  BBC America is not in HD on DirecTV.  Sucks bad. 


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