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The man of the hour, the tower of power!  The reflection of perfection, baby!  I've wined and dined with kings and queens - I've sat on a corner eatin' pork n' beans!  So put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and come on board the mothership!  We have come to reclaim the pyramids!
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savagelee 10/8/2008 11:37:09 AM
24: Come on! They have one female servicing a large group of males. That implies a species that lays eggs. 21: Oh my God, you're crazy! They're so obviously mammals! 24: Please! She'd be in estrus 24/7 if she didn't lay eggs. 21: Smurfs don't lay eggs! I won't tell you this again! Papa Smurf has a fucking beard! They're mammals!
StarlightGuard 10/21/2008 3:15:49 PM

hey supernaut

good to see someone's enjoying at least one of the "amateur" book reviews I've done

drop in to my mad little realm anytime you's an odd one where I'm accused of both intelligence and sounding rational

can't imagine why :)

Superfist_home 12/15/2008 9:48:31 AM

 It's about that one two punch, bitches! Let's get this thing going again.

batman2040 2/5/2009 4:10:51 PM

Hey Chad, new member, but I've been reading mania since it was cinescape and I have a question that I haven't been able to figure out on my own (doesn't happen very I know most aren't fans of the variant covers, but I find some of them have better artwork, so I do purchase them every so often. My question is, I've seen the "Secret Variant" cover to Invincible Iron Man #10 and I've seen the regular variant as well. They appear to be exactly the same except for a number change in the barcode, the regular "Tony Stark" cover and the regular "Iron Man" variant have 01011 over the right barcode, whereas the "Secret Variant" has a 01013, is this the only difference? Wasn't sure if I was missing something like that Wolverine Origins Variant that had the "Loeb" hidden text on the tunnel wall. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Sent this here as well as Feb. 5th, 2009 comicscape incase you didn't get this message there.)


manjisan 2/26/2009 10:28:59 AM

hey, cool article on Meet the Watchmen. I deleted my comment as I didn't realize your intent to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. Out of respect to your article, I have deleted my comment. take care.

mrbouff 6/4/2009 6:34:16 PM

Hey Chad.  Just wanted to hit you up on your final rant for Spidey's Brand New Day.  I'm a hardcore Amazing fan and have been collecting without a missed issue since the mid 200's.  For some high points on the BND run, check out 578 & 579 where Spidey meets JJJ's father while he's trapped underground in the subway because of an explosion.  Mark Waid does the webhead justice with a fantastic dialogue between Spidey and the people trapped with him and gives real substance to a B-list baddie like the Shocker.  Martin's art is nothing short of sick!  He brings a real 60's feel with a modern flow to it.  Also check out the stand alone story from 589 on The Spot.  Van Lente does a similar job as wait bringing a B-lister to the top. 

Cosmique 7/19/2009 8:04:10 PM

Hey Ski,thanks for the add. I just wanted to let you know that when I try to edit my profile, I end up getting into

your edit screen(if I knew you better I would have had some fun with it). It's probably not a big deal, hopefully the tech's will have it fixed before you read this. For some reason I thought letting you know this was a good thing... now I feel like a tard. Weird.


EnderWiggin825 8/24/2009 7:36:17 PM

The Rock owns the rights to his own name, before you write something you should do your research first it.  I'm not hating just commenting, not that I agree with all everything in the Wrestlers turned actors article but mad props for giving the late great Andre The Giant his due.

ChadDerdowski 9/16/2009 7:10:42 PM

Nothing wrong with speaking the truth, EnderWiggin825, or with speaking your mind.  I guess I didn't realize The Rock owned the name... Please keep leaving comments and feel free to dispute me any time you like!  I love a good debate almost as much as I love smashing skulls with a steel chair! ;)

And Cosmique... thanks for not editing my profile!  Mania has some WEIRD glitches sometimes.

killerville 10/29/2009 9:52:57 AM

Hi Chad...

Couple of questions for you:

1) Who is Bruce Paley

2) Why should I feel compelled to read his autobiography beyond the fact that its very engaging.


I thought your review was great...really got me interested, and I wanted to know more...However there was no wikipedia page for BP or the book. Google search results just return more reviews of Giraffes as well as some book on Jack the Ripper.

I guess my question is what makes this guy iconoclastic enough to warrant an autobiography that also seems to serve as a window into this period any more so than say Jim Carroll or Rockets Redglare or Hunter S Thompson etc?



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