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Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/17/2009 10:23:54 AM




More Marvel characters appearing in IRON MAN 2? (Article) - 12/3/2008 10:42:56 AM

<p>A couple Possibilites come to mind for the Male Lead, they are as follows:</p> <p>1. <strong>Blizzard </strong>-Hungarian scientist Gregor Shapanka is an ambitious scientist researching on physical immortality when he was fired trying to steal Stark technology to fund his research.Shapanka builds a cryogenic suit that creates super intense cold and calls himself &ldquo;Jack Frost&rdquo;. Seeking vengeance, Shapanka kidnaps Virginia &ldquo;Pepper&rdquo; Potts, and his chauffeur, Harold &ldquo;Happy&rdquo; Hogan. Iron Man defeats Jack Frost in battle and releases his captives Shapanka is convicted to prison.<br /> &nbsp;</p /> <p>2. <strong>Titanium Man</strong> - The Soviet Union&rsquo;s response to the West&rsquo;s Iron Man. Boris Bullski, a member of the Soviet Union&rsquo;s Communist Party is demoted by his superiors and becomes an administrator in a Siberian labor camp.<br /> &nbsp;</p /> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Chasing the INCREDIBLE HULK (Article) - 10/22/2008 11:19:50 AM

<p>SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE YET!!!</p> <p>Robbo/team - Wanted to give an update on the whole Capt. America issue.&nbsp; I bought the Blu-Ray version lastnight and very happily ran home to throw it in the PS3 for disection.&nbsp;</p> <p>I am VERY HAPPY to announce that CAP IS IN THE ALTERNATE OPENING!!! Here's how it breaks down:</p> <p>Scene is in Northern Alaska, (as previously noted on other posts), when Banner begins to proceed with his suicide attempt he of course Hulks out.&nbsp; The next scene is a wide/distance shot of the Glacier where he was kneeling and we see the Glacier begin to crumble and fall to the Ice Covered Sea below, as it does the Ice sheet 'ripples' towards the camera, (HIT PAUSE HERE THEN ADVANCE FRAME BY FRAME, Now I have a 46&quot; LCD 1080p TV so it may be that made this easier to see, so keep that in mind), as you advance frame by frame and the 'wave of ice chunks shoot towards the camera, immediately before it hits the screen you see a flash of RED, I backed it up two frames and there it can VERY CLEARLY make out the outline of a man, (arms, legs and torso), AND THE SHIELD!!&nbsp; You can clearly see the Red and White Rings on the Shield as well as the Star, and if you look at the torso of the man you can see the Red and White Lines of the Upper portion of Caps Costume!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; Yes on regular play it goes by so fast you can't catch it so I hope this helps everyone find Cap.&nbsp;</p> <p>At least I for one can say Leterrier was not lying, the man IS in the movie.</p> <p>-Chuck</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/3/2008 6:32:43 AM

Rob - Totally agree w/the rest. You had a GREAT thing with C2F. When I stumbled across it the first time I thought I hit the comic geek jackpot. While none of us 'orignal C2F'rs'know why you sold the site I believe we all agree you made a HUGE mistake. This new garbage portal is more difficult to manuever around then trying to get a bail out package passed. Lets face facts ITS CRAP, and you lost your loyal fan base. I'm very glad I won one of the Iron Man poster tubes and can't wait for it to arrive. But rest assured. This is the last post and last visit to this site. It was AWESOME while it lasted. Sorry you lost the one site most of us held near and dear and probably the one site left out there that made us proud to be the Comix Geeks we are. So Long C2F, you will be and are SORELY Missed. -Chuck


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