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DEFENDOR Trailer Online (Article) - 9/5/2009 3:03:57 AM

stpeteharry damn you for reminding me about Blank Man.  That was 96 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

6 New Images from SUPERMAN/BATMAN (Article) - 9/5/2009 2:59:10 AM

The real dynamic-duo, can't wait!

GAMER Review (Article) - 9/5/2009 2:23:01 AM

If you can't make a good movie with Gerard Butler & Michael C. Hall then the blame rests on Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor. My hopes for Jonah Hex are fading fast...

5 Characters Who Embody the Spirit of Labor Day (Article) - 9/5/2009 1:58:58 AM

I like Scotty and Alfred, I'd probably stick Q from the Bond movies on there as well.

10 Action Figures That Died 1,000 Deaths (Article) - 9/4/2009 1:38:34 PM

Reflect and dissipate the energy weapons? Did you guys even see Star Wars? I don't remember a single stormtrooper surviving anything. Hell it didn't even stop Ewok arrows and rocks from killing them. lol


New 9 Clip (Article) - 9/4/2009 1:30:17 PM

I havn't liked a Tim Burton movie since 1999's "Sleepy Hollow". I think he's a great filmaker but he hasn't been making movies id care to see as of late.

DEFENDOR Trailer Online (Article) - 9/4/2009 1:21:43 PM

Woody Harrelson seems to be making a resurgence as of late. Looking forward to Zombieland and will have to check this out as well.

New JENNIFER'S BODY Featurette (Article) - 9/4/2009 12:52:27 PM

Wow Wise thats alot of hate lol. I don't care for some of her antics either but I don't wish her ill. That seemed a tad harsh, funny but harsh haha.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 9/4/2009 12:37:45 PM

If you havn't watched Kevin Smith talk about Jon Peters in "An Evening With Kevin Smith" you should check it out was pretty funny.

TRON LEGACY Date Locked (Article) - 9/4/2009 2:36:00 AM

My prediction is Tron: Legacy > The Green Hornet. Let em go head to head  Sony has already folded once by giving up the rights to Spectacular Spiderman, whats one more time. That  Mickey Mouse can be intimidating when he has to.


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