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Mania Review: Scream 4 (Article) - 4/15/2011 8:38:59 AM

 There's no way this will be #1 at the box office this weekend with Rio opening.

Mania Review: Your Highness (Article) - 4/10/2011 6:40:23 AM

 Zalder, I actually liked it a whole lot and had a good time with it. There were things I didn't care for, but it still rated a B- from me overall as I left the theater laughing and spent most of the time while in there grinning or laughing. Definitely a fun way to spend a Friday night after a long, rough week.

Mania Review: Your Highness (Article) - 4/8/2011 7:27:56 AM

 It's worth noting that a lot of the first blush critic reviews out today about it via a simple google search are showing lots of one star and F ratings. Rob's actually pretty in-line with other critics at the moment. The most I've seen high is like a 3 out of 5 star kind of deal and even that felt a little forced on the reviewers part with a lot of caveats. But like a lot of comedies, they rarely, rarely are well received critically.

Mania Review: Your Highness (Article) - 4/8/2011 4:56:10 AM

 I think part of the question to ask any reviewer when it comes to a movie like this is, did you laugh at the trailer at all? And if so, is that the sum of the funny bits? Because the red band trailer has had me laughing multiple times over the last couple of months and wanting to see it. If that didn't ellicit a giggle, then I know where this review lands on my radar.

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #206 (Article) - 4/7/2011 9:58:06 AM

 It was forced, but that was the point. She's trying to stop him from going the route he has to go to deal with Sasuke, so there's a huge internal conflict in her and it came out in this way. I like that it's a definite conflict for her to deal with.

Orci Updates TREK Sequel (Article) - 4/4/2011 5:48:28 AM

 So much hate. and yet so many people will return to see a sequel opening weekend.

Mania Review: Sucker Punch (Article) - 3/31/2011 10:55:55 AM

 If you leave after the first twenty minutes because you don't think they tied everything together well enough, you'd best go back to Choose Your Own Adventure books for your entertainment. Sometimes, stuff just doesn't come together until the end when you go "oh, hell, yeah, now that makes sense." If you want it all laid out for you at the beginning, you'll be disappointed often in life.

Yu-Gi-Oh! US Deal Terminated (Article) - 3/29/2011 10:38:57 AM

 Pretty unlikely FUNimation will have any problems from this as it was 4Kids that was making underhanded deals with peoples knowledge. They're not listed in the suit either.

Wimpy Kid Blocks Sucker Punch (Article) - 3/28/2011 6:27:42 AM

 And really, if you're just looking at domestic numbers, yeah, Sucker Punch won't make back its money. But that can be said about a large number of films. I do think Sucker Punch will fare better overseas, certainly better than Wimpy Kid, but both will do well on home video. While we all play the numbers game with the domestic box office, the larger picture is much more fascinating to look at. 

Wimpy Kid Blocks Sucker Punch (Article) - 3/28/2011 6:24:11 AM

 Wiseguy, if you follow me over on the twitter, you can see my full review :)


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