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DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 6/1/2012 10:23:06 AM

I get that this is motivated by the appeal of green money and that both DC and Marvel are more interested in marketing than LGBT rights. However I find reactions from comic book readers such as "shoving it down our throats" when seing a gay characters a bit concerning. You have obviously not been in the shoes of a gay kid who has to grow up facing bullying and rejection, More than once, it ends up in suicide. Check a page like "enough is enough" that focus on gay teen suicides to get a grasp. Comics and superheroes give us hope in heroes and a better world and if they can offer role models for any minority, gay, black, latino, disable etc. and avoid just ONE more suicide by showing that it's ok to be part of a minority and a hero then they will have achieved a lot. Before you have knee-jerk reaction think about what it can represents to other people and waht comics stand for. Jeez, these characters have been outcast since day one and it's not ok to give them specifics of real-life outcast? Have you read a X-Men issue in your life? Give me a break.


13 Weird and Wonderful Disney Sci-Fi Movies (Article) - 12/17/2010 6:41:03 PM

OUCH! John Barry composer of the James Bond theme?! What has happened to the poor Monty Norman? Barry arranged the theme for Doctor No but it is basic knowledge for anyone even remotely interested in cinema to know that Monty Norman is the creator of the James Bond theme. It doesn't look very professional Mania.

Otherwise your definition of sci-fi is also very personal! Darby O'Gill and Something Wicked This Way Comes are not exactly the first movies that come to mind when referring to Sci-Fi!


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