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Singer Helming BSG Movie? (Article) - 8/14/2009 10:22:51 AM

To be honest, I hope they hire the writers that did Star Trek. I hope those writers then take any and all canon and toss it out the window. Fill the script with ACTION and forget all the plot holes they have in it. Hopefully we get all 20 year old actors in the leads. Maybe then die hard BSG fans will know how us die hard Star Trek fans feel.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I dont want to see that happen to anyone. I just ignore the fact that the new Star Trek exists and I'm fine.


G.I. JOE Topples Box Office (Article) - 8/9/2009 6:46:35 PM

I see people here are now hating on Seth Rogen. Is there a comedic actor out there that you guys like? I'm starting to think that most of you dont have a sense of humor and just blame it on the actors. We cant have Chevy Case, Steve Martin & Bill Murray forever. We need to give these guys a shot.

I'm 28 years old, and if someone asks me who were the best comedic actors of my time? I will answer: Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Will Farrel & Jim Carrey. But you guys would probably just say they all sucked. I never hear anything good about comedic actors from any posts on this site.

Seth Rogen may not be the funniest guy but he has a certain "normal guy" quality to him. You watch him on screen and say to yourself  "He reminds me of a friend of mine. Someone I would hang out with." Sort of like Kevin Smith, hes just a kool guy.

To be honest, the only comedic actor that I dont care for at the moment is Vince Vahn.

Bruckheimer Declares WORLD WAR ROBOT (Article) - 8/2/2009 3:56:24 PM

Ok, all I want to see in the next Superman is an epic fight with a villian that can match Superman's strength. I want to see shockwaves when they punch each other, I want to see them throwing each other through buildings, I want to see them throw each other to the ground making large craters.

This is what I want. If I see any of this in a trailer for the movie I will be guaranteed to go see the film.

What I dont want to see is Superman lose his power to kryptonite, I dont want to see Lex Luthor, I dont want to see the kid, i dont want to see Superman lifting giant rocks.

If I see any of this in a trailer for the movie I will be guaranteed to not go see the film.

Ryan Reynolds is GREEN LANTERN (Article) - 7/10/2009 9:07:35 PM

TBH, I would have rather have Ryan play The Flash if they go with a Wally West version anways.

This is good news though, glad to see Ryan getting the attention he deserves.

Micheal Jackson Passes Away at 50 (Article) - 6/25/2009 6:04:39 PM

Would someone just ban Sonyman.. the guy is insulting, ignorant and pisses me off every damn time I see a comment from him. I dont think I have ever seen a positive comment from the guy. He seriously scares me. I think he may be a mass murderer or somthing along those lines.

INDY V Has Begun (Article) - 6/19/2009 3:55:42 PM

Wow, I thought for sure this wouldnt happen. Well, hopefully they do better than they did with crystal skull.

I didnt hate Crystal Skull, but its definately the worst of the series. People complained about how over the top it was. Just go back and watch the other Indy movies.. they are all over the top. But yeah, Crystal Skull was the waaaaaaaaaay over the top.

Oh and NO MORE ALIENS please!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/3/2008 8:00:20 PM

Heres what I want for the next Batman. Since it seems Nolan has no interest in doing more than he is contracted to do I want them to wait 4 ir 5 years. Let Christian Bale age then do a sort of The Dark Knight Returns where Bruce is getting too old to be running around as Batman. Give him a ruthless enemy, an enemy that takes all Batman has to defeat. At some point in the movie the should be a scene where we should actually see Batman get his ass handed to him and have to leave in defeat to really show his age. Of course Batman would eventually beat the villian in the end but I think we should see him hang it up at the end. Now that will leave it open for Batman Beyond. I think WB can persuade Christian Bale to come back for it and if we get a good Director and writers that understand the source material it would make one hell of a movie. Of course maybe wait another 5 years after the 3rd Batman movie so Christian Bale would be believeable as and old Bruce Wayne and they can go somewhat sci-fi with the technology of Gotham City. But yeah thats my wet dream for Batman movies. As far as Superman... give it to Zach Snyder. Enough said.

Box Office: INDY Cuts into CITY Victory (Article) - 6/1/2008 5:08:39 PM

This summer is the first summer in a long time where there is multiple comedy movies I want to see. Zohnan, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, The Love Guru, Tropic Thunder, Hancock (tho not really an all out comedy). Lets not forget about the two animated movies which look to be equally good comedys (Kung-Fu Panda & Wall-E). Last year I only wanted to see two comedys the entire year. (Superbad & Knocked Up). Really the only two other movies I want to see are The Dark Knight & Hulk. Then I can wait for the new Bond film. Still looks to be a better summer than last year... for me anyways. Glad to see Indy doing well, I enjoyed it thoroughly although I do rank it #4 out of all the films and thank god Iron Man is doing great. Marvel is showing DC how its done. But lets be honest it probably not really the heads at DC that are screwing up here.. its the idiots a WB. WB need to give DC its own production studio so they can do the things Marvel is doing. I want to see cameos in my DC flicks please. Let people be aware that these super-heroes live in a universe with other super-heroes. Ok enough rambling on......

Unspecified Title (Article) - 9/25/2007 12:20:36 AM

To: Metalwater I got the hole cast of the movies right here. I know you will agree. Batman: Nathon Fillion Superman: Nathan Fillion Flash: Nathan Fillion Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion Wonder Woman: Nathan Fillion Hawkgirl: Nathan Fillion Martian Manhunter: Nathan Fillion Wrriten, Produced & Directed by: Joss Whedon. /end sarcasm

Forster to Guide Bond 22 (Article) - 6/19/2007 10:18:01 PM

I totally agree with hanso on the Wachowskis doing a Superman movie. Warner Bros. dropped the ball when they didnt ask them to do Superman. As for Bond I have liked almost every Bond film there is... I just watched an interview with Spielberg saying before he did Indiana Jones he was asking Cubby to let him direct a Bond film.. but Cubby said no. I would love to see a Bond film directed by spielberg.


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