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Mania Box Office Report: Avengers Enters the Billion Dollar Club (Article) - 5/14/2012 12:26:19 AM

Yeah I'm more of a DC man myself. But I gotta admit... Warner Bros. and DC havent a clue when it comes to movies.

I love Nolan's Batman but other than that Superman & Superman II were good. Green Lantern sucked.. and Superman.... I'll reserve my judgement.

Man of Steel should be the start for a JL movie but we all know that wont happen.

Green Lantern needs a Reboot with Hal already existing but using John Stewart instead.

Flash needs to be made.

Wonder Woman needs to be made with the chick from Thor as Wonder Woman.

Love DC animation though. They totally kick Marvel's ass in that department.

Mania Box Office Report: Avengers Enters the Billion Dollar Club (Article) - 5/13/2012 6:58:03 PM

Hey Warner Bros. / DC... Remember when you guys had Joss Whedon writing Wonder Woman for you and then you trashed it??? I hope that studio exec got fired.

Mania Box Office Report: Still So Hungry (Article) - 4/15/2012 9:38:05 PM

I'm not sure Mr. Trate. I remember Jarred used to post worldwide numbers though. Thats why I brought it up. It was kind of a tradition for him to have that all the big movies listed in order of domestic and worldwide takes. I'm guessing that will start with Avengers? It was also sort of a tradition for the members to try to perdict the summer Box office winners hopefully we get some of that action this year.

Either way I'm happy to see the Box office reports on Sundays. I enjoy reading the comments from our loyal community members. :)

Mania Box Office Report: Still So Hungry (Article) - 4/15/2012 6:14:00 PM

I like the new layout for the Box office report. But can we get worldwide numbers? I know I ask too much. :)


I'm curious as to which movie you guys think will be the worldwide winner this summer?? I'm thinking its going to be Spider-man as long as the reviews arent bad. I would say TDKR but I dont think it has the broad appeal that Spider-man has. I'm unsure about Avengers numbers. It will do well for sure but I still don't believe it will do EPIC numbers. With the exception of Iron Man, the other characters films were lucky to break 200 mill domestically. While I'm sure it will break 200 mill, I'm unsure it will break 300 mill domestically. I don't how that will translate worldwide.

Also, too bad about Lockout's numbers. I was hoping it would at least break the top 5. I guess the days of one-liner packed action movies will not be coming back anytime soon. :(

Greeting Manics (Article) - 4/8/2012 6:10:07 PM

I miss the weekend box office report. It used to arrive on Sunday evening. Is that coming to and end now??

Black Widow Avengers Clip (Article) - 4/4/2012 9:46:39 AM

Definately a Whedon film. Too bad he is a Marvel guy. I'd love to see him do some DC work.

First Cabin in the Woods Clip (Article) - 3/24/2012 1:43:51 PM

Its Joss Whedon. Everyone dies and the evil survives.

More SKYFALL Set Photos (Article) - 3/14/2012 9:00:12 PM

Higgy.... Your a god. I didnt even think about how awesome Fassbender would be for Bond. Then again he would be awesome for anything.

First AFTER EARTH Set Photos (Article) - 2/9/2012 9:44:18 AM

Still say they should have used John Stewart for a Green Lantern movie and had Will Smith play him. Sure the fans would have been upset without Hal but I think it would have appealed to a broader audience.

I for one am a John Stewart fan mostly because I grew up on the Justice League shows. Also, I find that Hal Jordan is a boring character.

Vaughn Helming X-Men Sequel (Article) - 1/31/2012 9:34:33 AM

I don't know how to feel about that scriptwriter..........


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