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HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE International Trailer (Article) - 8/13/2013 12:55:14 AM

 Man, there is only one Empire Strikes Back.  This movie is the Catching Fire of the Hunger Games movies.

Now does it end with a narrow escape by the skin of their teeth but at great personal cost -like Empire Strikes Back, the second matrix movie, the Dark Knight and numerous other middle of the trilogy kind of movies?  

One will just have to watch/read to find out, won't they?

The Summer of '83: Cujo (Article) - 8/12/2013 11:33:04 AM

 People have no sense of humor these days.  Sheesh.

Rob, if you're a hack, you're in good company.  Stephen King is considered "a hack" by many.

In fairness I would have dropped the word 'literally,' but hey personal choice eh?  

Stephen King's books get published and are instant sellers because he has a rather large following.  Most authors don't have that.  Mr. King is in the 1%,   He no doubt can clear advances and make money with his following, who will buy it within a week of release.

I hope Rob wasn't passivley-aggressivley calling King a hack, a fact of which Stephen King isn't and honestly, what is a hack other than a deragatory term assigned to people who pump out work on a regular basis.  Work of dubios quality.  Hacked together.  Sloppy work.

The market tends to wash people who just do it for the money and hack things together because their stuff sucks and eventually readers catch on.

I like Rob's reviews, I don't always agree with his analysis but they are done reasonablly well and I hope he keeps pumping these things out, because I'll keep reading them unless he starts sucking, then screw him I'll find something else to read.  But a hack he isn't.  Unless he's copying and pasting his reviews from other people, in which case we should CRUCIFUY HIM!!


The Summer of '83: Cujo (Article) - 8/12/2013 8:37:58 AM

 Karas, I would just root for the puppy! Of course the dog doesn’t get his justice. . .Shoot if anything this movie should serve as a reminder of why people NEED to get their dogs vaccinated! Not that it is a terribly accurate movie! But whatever it takes to ease the pain and suffering of animals.

I remember King writing about Cujo in his book ‘On Writing’ and how he was drinking a case of beer a night –sixteen ounce tallboys he said. He says he can barely remember writing it at all and experiences a vague sense of sorrow and loss and wishes he could remember the joy of putting the good parts down. He liked the book evidently.

I think it is the point in his life where he gave up drinking.

The Star Wars Trailer (Article) - 8/7/2013 9:11:21 PM Luke Skywalker supposed to look like George Lucas?

The Summer of '83 Risky Business (Article) - 8/5/2013 9:53:15 AM

 I'm okay with Tom Cruise and the mega cult he is a part of as long as they leave me alone...which they will, because I'm poor.

I remember seeing the staircase scene as a kid and seeing them get down to "doing it" as we used to say and thinking that was some hot and awesome stuff.

I see the same thing these days and think, wow that's hot....but would be awfully painful and difficult to try without serious muscle spasms and bruising!

Mummy Needs New Director (Article) - 8/1/2013 3:03:47 PM

 I would personally like to see them either A) Wait 20 years before attempting a remake of a property or B) Trying to remake crap movies into good movies.

For instance if they could remake something like Batman and Robin or Avatar into more than the rolling turds that they are, I'd be okay with a remake in less than 20 years.

Level Up! Reviews: Deadpool (Article) - 8/1/2013 7:34:41 AM

 I'm in.  Where do I buy this?  Why don't I have this???


OH yeah.  I'm break.

Shock-O-Rama: Enjoying the Movies (can we please?) (Article) - 7/31/2013 2:15:37 PM

 Man, I hated Pacific Rimjob since I saw the first trailer.  I sat through it because my wife wanted to see it.  I utterly despised the movie.  It also did not help that it was way past my bedtime and I had to work in the morning. wife enjoyed it and many other people enjoyed it.  I for one do not tear into people because they like something vs something else.  Like anybody, I'll offer up an opinion, I'll defend that opinion, and I'll knock their opinion around a little, but I try not to let it get too personal -because heck your free to knock mine around a bit...and a good old fashioned ribbing is fun every now and again and if one can take it, most people agree that's okay.

The problem is a lot of people take their own opinion too seriously and their identities are tied up in those opinions and if you dare suggest something that is contrary to that opinion you are attacking them and dead wrong and a stupid freaking idiot for disagreeing with them.  Now I'm the type to turn around and return the favor, I will egg on an idiot on because there is a troll inside me waiting to get out and eat some goats or something.  But I'll do that with people I agree with too!

But, generally I stay out of arguements that have degenerated into name calling.  There is no place for viciousnous or name calling.  We all love something other people dislike.  

I hate, and I say HATE things like Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with anybody, American Idol, a ton of reality shows, and Twilight...ugh.  I consider those shows designed to dumb everyone down.  I also seriously disliked a lot of classic and pop culture sort of shows and movies.  Lost?  Blah.  Battlestar Galactica?  Couldn't do more than 3 episodes, I really didn't like it.  Citizen Kane?  Why is it a classic is lost on me.  Rocky Horror?  Someone said you have to watch it 100 times before you really enjoy it...I don't have that kind of time or inclination.  Don't even get me started on Avatar.

BUT...I'm okay if you  like watching them because what you enjoy watching, you enjoy watching them and I know a lot of great people who watch these shows/movies so I'm cool with people who like stupid things that I don't.  Because I recognize that I like some pretty stupid things myself.

Things like ID4, Soldier, Chobits, Ai Yori Aioshi, Star Wars Episodes I-III, Star Trek (almost all of it), Snow Fairy Sugar (honestly, you should probably have to register with the local sheriff's office for that one), Casablanca, Harvey, The Pest w/ John Lenguinzamo...I like it.  Judge Dredd with Stallone?  I dig it, to me it was fun, I could care less about the source material.

Honestly, people need to embrace their inner geek and love the crap out of what they love, we're different, that's why we're GEEKS.  Love it, Embrace it, Be GEEK!  

I like following the box office a little, but usually I want to know if I'm going to be seeing a sequel.  Dredd anyone?  It's a fun past time, but I don't love or hate things based upon it, and as far as popular opinion goes?  I loved Star Wars Episode 1 - popular opinion and popular geek opinion can lick my sack if they think that I suck because I like it.  

Superman Vs. Batman? (Article) - 7/24/2013 11:45:46 AM

Possible Alternate titles?

Man of Steel Rises Dark Knight Decends.  
Man of Steel: Knightfall

Man of Bat

Superman Begins while Batman Falls

Superman/Batman: At World's End

Where the Girls Aren't 69




Superman Vs. Batman? (Article) - 7/24/2013 11:40:02 AM

 You honestly think the movie going public is so stupid that if it is named "Worlds Finest" that the public  won't show up and wouldn't know what it was called?  The marketing campaign alone would shove itself so far up everyone's asses that it could be called 'Big Green Pile of Monkey Shit' and everyone and their grandmother would know about it after the $200M marketing campaign was done with them.  


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