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The Giver Cast Update (Article) - 9/27/2013 2:38:01 PM

Evidently Taylor Swift was also cast too.  Which is better news than Katie Holmes being cast.

Jack Ryan Might Change Release Dates (Article) - 9/25/2013 9:11:43 AM

 They're makling a Jack Ryan movie?  Does anyone still care about Jack Ryan?

DEXTER: Remember the Monsters? (Article) - 9/24/2013 8:30:10 AM

 At least it's over.  In many ways Deb's fate is symbollically representative of this show.  Like Deb, the show started strong, was brash, unexpected and vulgar, but in the end it was left to sink into the depths while being swept away with the current and the other turds.

Machete Kills Red Band Trailer #2 (Article) - 9/20/2013 9:43:12 PM

 What the hell does Machete have against helicopters?  Can someone explain this?

Disney and Bruckheimer Part Ways (Article) - 9/20/2013 11:03:17 AM

 If his films weren't failing and trending downward Disney would keep partnering with him.  Disney is a business and a very successful one at that.  Marvel is making them money.  Lucasfilm will give them the ten story printing press for cash they've been eyeing for a while.  

Maybe he wants to leave, but the quality of his films has never led me to belive that he actually believes in quality. 

10 Best Live-Action Shows Based on Comic Books (Article) - 9/19/2013 6:07:47 AM

The repeated story about renaming the character David Banner is that some producer or studio type didn't want to use the name "Bruce" in The Incredible Hulk because it was too gay of a name.  

But they put it on his headstone.

10 Best Live-Action Shows Based on Comic Books (Article) - 9/19/2013 6:05:31 AM

 Haters gonna hate.  Adam West's Batman was awesome and likely helped saved the comic and rooted the character in pop culture and the public conciousness.  Yeah, it was purposefully goofy and stupid.  And if your heart isn't big enough for more than one version of Batman...okay, five or six including this one.  I feel sorry for you.  

The concept of Batman and most superheroes is kind of goofy and stupid when you get down to it, and the seriousness to which people take their opinions of the imaginary characters is freaking madness itself, but what a sad world we'd live in without them.

I totally agree with you on this list and I send you my respect for including Tales from the Crypt on the list.  I loved watching it when I was a kid.  God it was demented fun and I loved any chance to see boobs and hot women being, well, hot!  These were the days before the internet was everywhere kids!

Plus the stories were awesome.  I still remember quite a few of the ones that stuck with me through the years and I will think back on their twilight zone like horror plot twists.  My favorites were Korman's  Calamity with Harry Anderson and the very awesome Colleen Camp.  The episode with Bobcat Goldswith and Don Rickles...oh dear God, still gives me shivers.  The Switch with William Hickey.  That episode with Demi Moore.  And the twist ending for The Secret that had Larry Drake, was one of my favorites.

My oddest love of Tales comes into contact with one of my other loves.  I love Christmas music and am not a big fan of music recorded past the mid-1960's for the most part.  (It may be a nostalgia thing, I don't know).  But, the Tales from the Crypt Christmas Album 'Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas' is in my rotation.  And it's one my family, friends and coworkers have shaken their head about for years.

Top 10 Big Screen Vampires (Article) - 9/18/2013 4:58:48 PM

 "Give me the amulet you BITCH!"  

Best vampire line, ever.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Blu-Ray Review (Article) - 9/16/2013 10:12:34 AM


In regards to special features:  Either you don't know, or you're glazing over the fact that Paramount specifically is giving different copies of bonus features depending on what store/vendor/business you choose to buy your Blu Ray from.  

I don't like quoting or directing to other articles, especially ones outside Mania, but....

In the second article I've seen on the subject, check out Scott Mendelson article (it's on Forbes at the moment) "'Star Trek Into Darkness' Blu-Ray Punishes the Fans."

These, are supposed to be some store incentive deal/version.  It's sickening.  I think it's time to strip out the DVD discs and just load an all inclusive special feature disc into our packages.  I'd rather have that, than then the free DVD of the movie I give away to my friends and family when the mood strikes me.  


Star Wars Origins (Article) - 9/16/2013 5:39:42 AM

 Could we just get a Sarlac Pit movie or a Rancor's Day Off?  I could do without a Fett Movie or a Solo movie.


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