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New TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Trailer (Article) - 5/15/2014 2:56:42 PM

 Lockdown is looking like a very badass villain. Can't get over it.. 

Where did all those ships come from? Sent by UNICRON?

New TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Trailer (Article) - 5/15/2014 11:26:28 AM

 @ the 35-40sec mark that is definitely a G1 Ravage

The Flash - First Look (Article) - 5/15/2014 11:06:49 AM

 Yeah there is a 5 min trailer out now. The suit is explained and the show looks amazing. I was afraid for the cgi but the trailer proved otherwise. Looks amazing considering we are talking CW

New TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Trailer (Article) - 5/15/2014 7:12:48 AM

 Is a G1 Ravage sitting on Cade's work desk towards the beginning of the trailer? I'm excited to see Lockdown and hope he gets a bigger role than Shockwave did in DoTM (who was originally a scientist, so I was bothered when Bay made him an assassin). 

Ofcourse for me, the money shot at the end with Grimlock and Prime tearing apart Decepticons in the city. If you watch Grimlock the whole time, he actually stabs a Decepticon with his tail, then throws him to the side with his jaws. Prime looking very Braavosi with his sword. 

The Flash - First Look (Article) - 5/14/2014 9:12:09 PM

 Game on indeed!

really cool to see them practicing together. Practice for Barry, some sport for Ollie. 

Aaand.. A lightning trail 

Game of Thrones: The Laws of Gods and Men Review (Article) - 5/14/2014 3:02:36 PM

 My only dissapointment with the Yara situation was that I knida expected more. It was a long wait for basically nohting. I get it, Theon is now REEK, not her brother. They left. But they had plenty of time to Kill Ramsey

FIRST PHOTO: Batman and Batmobile (Article) - 5/14/2014 2:55:16 PM

 Metropolis was pretty well leveled before Superman even got there. Does anyone remember the Black Zero? That's what hovered over Metropolis. Superman then rushed to the Indian Ocean to stop the World Engine, came back to Metropolis as fast as he could. People had either already left or were in the process of doing so. Zod was the main reason Superman stayed within the city limits. Zod wasn't interested in just attacking Superman, but instead wanted to hurt the people Superman was trying to save. 

You're welcome. 


FIRST PHOTO: Batman and Batmobile (Article) - 5/14/2014 1:57:34 PM

 If you want to talk super hero comedy, go watch Iron Man 3. The whole thing was a joke.. 

FIRST PHOTO: Batman and Batmobile (Article) - 5/13/2014 9:51:13 PM

 I agree. Zack Snyder is one hell of a visual director. He now has good writers behind him for this round. 

And it was about time a Marvelite started yanking it

Batmobile Revealed (Sort of) (Article) - 5/12/2014 5:17:04 PM

 Snyder doesn't seem afraid to show some wood in his films 


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