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Mania Review: Transcendence (Article) - 4/19/2014 1:23:50 PM

Not a virus site again?  Good.  What's up with that?  Say hi to your mother for me....


I will see this weekend.  Seems interesting to me given the topic. 

The Spring of '84: Police Academy (Article) - 3/24/2014 2:40:00 AM

Hard to believe those movies started off with R rating.  Then they got familyfied, and got progressively worse.  The podium scene was the best. 

Mania Review: Muppets Most Wanted (Article) - 3/23/2014 9:24:00 AM

I'll wait for 2nd weekend on this one.  I am usually a 2nd weekend watcher anyway. 

Possible Star Trek 3 Plot (Article) - 3/23/2014 9:23:05 AM

People want to see action?  Not sure about that.  All action movies get old fast these days.  People want good storytelling also and build up.  Kind of like a Rocky movie, just got done watching 2-5.  Missed the first one for dvr. 

Mania Review: Divergent (Article) - 3/23/2014 9:21:06 AM

139 mins?  Might wait for cable. 

Peanuts Movie Teaser Trailer (Article) - 3/19/2014 4:11:53 AM

I thought Schultz did not ever want this to happen?  Family<greed.  I will still check it out.  One of my favorite movies live or otherwise is Race for your life.  I recorded audio only and listen to it several times a year in my car to work.  

The Spring of '84: The Ice Pirates (Article) - 3/18/2014 3:55:22 AM

ok I will finish it, "Because I wanted it to be perfect!"  I also have nightmares about the eunich machine.

No Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 4 (Article) - 3/18/2014 3:53:23 AM

I would not mind a new cast for next set of three Spider-man's.  3 is the magic number.  And they can do better than this crew I am sure. 

Godzilla: The Art of Destruction Coming Soon! (Article) - 3/18/2014 3:50:07 AM

I wonder if there will be any thought into music on the new movie?  And no "Uh huh uh huh...yeah come with me" remakes of classic songs either. 

Mania Box Office Report: Mr. Peabody Races to First! (Article) - 3/17/2014 3:20:47 AM

I saw Peabody.  Good solid family movie.  Makes me want to see old ep's so see how they hold up. 

Glad Lego is still drawing.

Need for Speed looks to be a rip of Fast and Furious and I think that's the reason for flop so far.  But worldwide should help it with that budget.

Glad Son of God is hanging in there too, but I hear now Satan got cut from the movie for liberals?  Thinking they made him look like obama?  Wow USA is hungry for real Christian movies and tv which looks like it's happening.  

I helped with Veronica on Kickstarter, I wonder why I did not get link to a download yet? 



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