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Jurassic World - John Hammond Tribute (Article) - 8/27/2014 3:39:04 AM

If they made a statue of me someday (sure it could happen) I think I would want it to be when I was young and at prime age instead of elderly.  People forget we look a lot different during our lives at different stages.

Sir Richard Attenborough Has Passed (Article) - 8/25/2014 3:15:52 AM

Yep his work will speak for him for ages. 

Mania Box Office Report: Guardians Back on Top (Article) - 8/25/2014 3:14:15 AM

Sin City 2 was worth seeing, a real comic movie for the summer really.  But they did not do a good job expanding the movie.  Lots of pointless stuff going on in the movie.  Not sure if a true adaption or not from the book sequel since I did not read it but it did not progress the way it should have. 

The Gotham Preview Specials (Article) - 8/23/2014 3:43:43 AM

Still deciding to wait in line for preview panel on this today in Chicago.

Absorbing Man Cast for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Article) - 8/21/2014 5:09:57 PM

Wow great news.  Hulk level foe also.  Hope they keep his story right.  But there is room for expanding his story, since he is usually just a thug in the comics. 

STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION Release Date Announced (Article) - 8/20/2014 3:26:38 AM

 I have a bad feeling about this series.....

Dwayne Johnson Confirms Shazam Role (Article) - 8/20/2014 3:24:35 AM

No way they would keep the name in PC land, BLACK Adam.  But that's my vote. 

Star Wars Rebels: %u201CArt Attack%u201D Short (Article) - 8/19/2014 4:07:37 AM

Short was meh.  Chick that has too good of skills making Storm troopers look like idoits, girl power again.   I was rooting for the Storm troopers.  I have a bad feeling about this series.  I am dreading the light slingshot in action.  

ANT-MAN Begins Production (Article) - 8/19/2014 4:04:53 AM

I am wondering if they are trying to make a flop on purpose?  Just to see how stupid the audience is?  Which the overall public is.  Does not explain Green Lantern flop really.  Maybe a release date by itself with no type of compition is the way to go.  July dates worry me for this movie. 

Mania Box Office Report: Turtles and Guardians on Top (Article) - 8/19/2014 4:00:27 AM

They need balance in the EX3.  Too many good guys and not enough bad guys that were big names.  They really should have taken the premise to heart and kill some of them off since they are expendable, maybe half.  And then but some bad guys like Snipes on that side along with the young guns.  They forced a break up of the team for no good reason really.  Arnold seemed bored in the movie in and out of character.  I did not mind the PG-13 rating.  Again story was an issue.  Maybe Mel should have directed it.  Bay mutants won since it's a kid's movie really.  I still don't get how Guardians is making all this money for generic story and just catchy tunes and visuals.


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