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Galactica - Season 3, Mid season finale

December 27, 2006

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Our perception of reality, the world around us and moreover how we fit into that reality, is probably the topic to find new light in Hollywood during recent years. Sci-fi masterpieces such as "Brazil" and "The Matrix Series" are among the examples that most readily come to mind. Another one worth mentioning, which deals with the matter in a more subdued tone, though delivering just as powerful an impact  is, "The IIlusionist".

This theme runs deep in Battlestar Galactica. However, since it is TV series, and thus has the opportunity to expand on its story line more so than a feature film, this comes across less overtly.

The Chronicles of Pythia say that the remnants of humanity were guided by a leader who was very ill. Given this particular piece of insight by the Priestess during Season 1, moreover the famous reminder that "This has happened before, this will happend again", Laura Roslin, proclaimed herself the Spiritual Leader of humanity (above and beyond her role of President).

Baltar, on the otherhand, came to see himself  as "An Instrument of God", a title which he accepted with after much hesitation, and moreover his lack of control over matters: not surprising given his circumstances.

In the end run, Roslin was found a cure. And with it, hopes of the Prophecy being into replay were seemingly lost.

The 3rd season, sees a return to this story line, but instead is experienced on the other side of the Border: with Cylon D'anna, having her own prophetic visions, which is leading her to deduce these as a sign of her eventual advance to the role of pathfinder.

Baltar by now is more aware of who he may be, is still unsure, but in above all, given his sensitive situation (ie captivity with the Cylons) is not too enthusiastic about sharing his perceptions. So much so, that he conceals this from his one true of love of recent times (and may be of all times), Cylon Caprica.

So, now question is:  is he The One?. More over, does he die? If so, when and how?

This is a rewritten version of my earlier review on the episode. I felt I it needed some rewording  to make it clearer.  This review, as may be inferred draws some inspiration from movies which are unrelated as well as my favourite song of the series "The Shape of Things to Come".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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