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Shock-O-Rama: The Blob (Article) - 7/1/2012 4:43:06 AM

In the 80s I rented a house in Dublin, NH from Kate Phillips, one of the screen writers for the original Blob. She said that the inspiration for the creature was her husband, who was a large, ornery man; with a huge voice like Orson Wells (they both got their start on radio). I can believe she could have derived a monster from him. Every morning as I got into my car to go to work, he would open his window (it was a 2 family house and they lived upstairs) and yell in his bellowing tone "Get a haircut, you goddamn hippie!" Kate, however was quite a lovely person who taught theater at Keene State College and always had wonderful stories of the golden days of radio dramas.

10 Biggest Franchises of All Time (Article) - 6/9/2011 5:37:44 AM

BRAVO to RV for listing the Bowery Boys as #1. Though they are a bit antiquated for the modern, fast paced movie goers tastes, this was a wonderful series (the first???) to capture movie goers attention for a twenty year span. For us older fans who spent childhood Sunday mornings (in NY at the least) watching and loving these films, these were the best. They covered every genre, from Gangster (like Al Capone, not Gangsta, like 50Cent), Western, Fantasy, Monster and even Musical.

I disagree that "many of them were not very good." True, they were filmed on a budget that wouldn't even buy one torture prop in any modern slasher movie, but they were innocent and had far more soul than most movies today. Sadly they are not available on DVD (officially) and the DVD copies you can find are often grainy and had been recorded off the TV. You can find about 5 releases on VHS (I know, I know, and Tupac doesn't come on 8 track), but these releases are at least clean and remastered.

It's high time that the Bowery Boys and all their incarnations were given a major boxed set release like The Little Rascals/Our Gang were given a few years back. Then those of us who enjoy classic comedy like Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges (pre-Curly Joe) and The Marx Brothers wouldl have an alternative to watching Saw IXVIII for entertainment!


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