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This is the End Movie CLIP: They Rescue Actors...

Clooney, Bullock, Me!

By Robert T. Trate     April 11, 2013
Source: MovieclipsCOMINGSOON

This is the End looks to be that perfect break in Superhero and Sci-Fi seriousness that the summer always brings. A reset if you will, to prepare us for the next blockbuster. Sadly, it is opening against Man of Steel. At least we'll have something else to see if Man of Steel is sold out.

Synopsis: The film “follows six friends trapped in a house after a series of strange and catastrophic events devastate Los Angeles. As the world unravels outside, dwindling supplies and cabin fever threaten to tear apart the friendships inside. Eventually, they are forced to leave the house, facing their fate and the true meaning of friendship and redemption”. - Sony Pictures

This Is The End features Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segal. The film is directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan. 

This Is The End arrives June 14th, 2013.


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DarthBob 4/11/2013 8:32:27 AM

"Hermione just stole all of our sh*t!" could be one of the best movie lines ever.

Bryzarro 4/11/2013 12:00:40 PM

 This movie looks like the perfect sit back and laugh kinda flick I love!!  

And yes Darth Line of the year!!



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