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New Jurassic World Photo of Pratt and Raptor! (Article) - 12/18/2014 7:19:37 AM

Xenomorph@ Hillarious!!

From the trailers, it looks like the raptors are like his hunting dogs.  I'm looking forward to seeing this as well.  And yes, Pratt is cinematic gold apparently.  He can do no wrong at this moment.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/18/2014 6:38:27 AM

No the problem is, WE as a country are doomed.  You can't cross the street without someone wanting to sue you.  Yes its about money, but its about us saying F-U to our freedom of speech and other rights so we can sue anyone that HAS money.  How can we ask SONY and the movie theatres to stand up to terrorism, when they are more worried about what american citizens will do afterwards.  Like Wiseguy said, there was no threats of violence, just threats of SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN if the movie gets released.  I probably wouldn't have seen the movie in the theaters anyways, but I want the option to decide if I want to see it or not.  Again, I agree with wise, I'm ashamed of us right now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What They Become Review (Article) - 12/11/2014 12:07:48 PM

Yeah I liked the special effects for Skye's power.  Didn't look TV cheap at all.

The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit Review (Article) - 12/11/2014 12:04:29 PM

The end is where i'm very confused.  My theory is that there are TWO reverse flashes.  In the comics, Reverse Flash is portrayed by two separate people also.  SPOILER Eobard Thawne & Hunter Zolomon both took on the mantle of RF.  My theory is the RF that came back and killed Barry's Mom is the Future Eddie Thawn.  I'm sure Iris is one of the reason's Eddie will eventually hate Barry.  As for the Other, I think Harrison Wells will be revealed to be Hunter Zolomon who came back to make sure that Barry fulfils his destiny, by any means possible.  Something happens in the future and Zolomon(Wells) want to make sure that still happens, and with Reverse Flash(Eddie) coming back in time to try and kill Barry, that just doesn't fit in what Zolomon(Wells) wants.  Thats why RF didn't touch Eddie.  So in the end, Harrison Wells is a good guy, with his own devious motivations.  And Eddie Thawn is a future bad guy who goes completely off the rails.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What They Become Review (Article) - 12/11/2014 8:03:22 AM

Wow ElBaz@ Did not know that.  Even better.  With the rich history of characters at marvel's disposal, it makes sense to use actual cb characters, especially ones that normally would never see Movie Time.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What They Become Review (Article) - 12/11/2014 6:48:04 AM

Blank@ as for violence and darker themes go, MaoS is (in my opinion) very kid friendly.  Hell, most of the time, they are using icers (stun guns) instead of live rounds.  And the humor factor also lightens it up alot.  Arrow, would be the one show that is more adult oriented.  Kinda hard to not make an arrow going into your shoulder graphic.  Plus it has a much more serious tone. 

As for Raina, this is going to be another big character.  She was starting to grow spikes (from her arm or face, couldn't tell)  Can't wait to see who she will be revealed as.

Love how MaoS is now using real established characters in there show, instead of made up characters.  Besides the original cast, I think Raina and Hunter are the only non-comic orgin characters.  And I think Raina is gonna end up being someone eventually.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What They Become Review (Article) - 12/10/2014 1:26:09 PM

Great review! and SO glad your rushed to post this up so we can talk spoiler free!!  Skye(Daisy) has been the best part of this show this season.  She definately has grown as a character and as Chloe acting.  Great scenes with her father and when he said Daisy, My jaw dropped.  I heard they actually referred to him as Cal? Don't remember when that was, and since I'm familiar with Hyde's real name, I didn't catch it.  As I said in other posts, Inhumans we eventually be the Sh*t!  No More Mutants!! This was an edge of your seat finale, and can't wait til March!!  Oh, and Skye shooting Ward was hilarious!  Definately not that weak damsel in distress anymore, full on badass.  Now add her quake powers next season, she is gonna kick some ass!

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/10/2014 8:58:15 AM

Thats the thing I can't understand.  Why the creative control from a studio?? I can understand from a director.  Directors think of their movies as their art, so they want done their way.  Studios are number crunchers who want the big payout.  Let Marvel do it their PROVEN way, and let Sony collect the dough!!  Of course I could be wrong about this.  Maybe Marvel/DISNEY wanted much more then creative control and wanted more of the profits.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/10/2014 8:26:25 AM

I repeat, let keep FOX keep mutants and FF.  Too many mutants for Marvel to incorporate into the MCU.  Better to stay small with the Inhumans.  Mark my WORD, BlackBolt and the royal family will be bigger then the X-men soon enough.  They did it with the GotG, they will do it with the Inhumans.  Spider-Man on the otherhand, is very managable (sp?).  Plus, Marvel spend a lot of time in NYC, it would be great just for some name drops of a certain wall crawler.  With Marvel directing and renaming the franchise to 'Marvel's Spiderman', Sony could just sit back and collect tons of cash with no worries.  This is a WIN/WIN situation for both parties.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/10/2014 6:47:54 AM

According to the Sony leaks:

According to emails released during a recent hack on Sony Pictures, the studio and Marvel owner Disney have discussed teaming for an animated Spider-Man comedy — and to have the superhero show up in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

I wonder if those leaks ruined a possible team up for Civil War?? Hope not.


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