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Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 4/19/2015 12:57:03 PM

 Dudes, if you're not leaving then you can move the "Goodbye" to the sidelines

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Trailer (Article) - 4/3/2015 3:41:30 PM

Call up Doctor Frankenstein, time for him to declare the monster to be still alive  Mania isn't dead yet.  

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 3/31/2015 5:34:00 PM

 Asta la Vista baby!  It's been a fun ride.  See you all in the funny pages

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/27/2015 8:28:21 PM

 Shame this site is all-but shut down, the passing of Leonard Nimoy deserved a lot more attention than the back of the Goodbye comments page.  There were few men who were greater icons to this genre, whether he was Spock, or  Mission Impossibles Paris, the Atlantian King, Sentinel Prime, or William Simms there was never a role he played where he wasn't memorable.  Leonard Nimoy truly did live long and prospered.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/16/2015 5:14:46 PM

 I'm going to miss this.  It's not just the entertainment news I'm going to miss, there's dozens of sites where I can get that, it's also about the less serious stuff, the Hulk vs Superman articles, the Vampire Care Bears, and all the other stuff.  Mostly though I'm going to miss the comments section and the ability to talk to other fans about all this, fans who think proper grammar isn't a mortal sin.  And I'm gonna miss you wierdos, Karas, Hanso, DarthBob, and everyone else.  I'm hoping these guys can pull a rabbit out of the hat and keep this going, or at least set up something similar, because of all the sites I visit this is the one I don't want to see end

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/15/2015 2:41:43 PM

 Here's hoping things work out, Mania is one of my favorite sites, I really don't wamt tp see it go down

6 Degrees From The Clash to Clash of the Titans (Article) - 2/5/2015 6:01:22 PM

 didn't I see this same article on here a few years ago?

The Super Hero Bowl: Marvel Vs. DC (Article) - 2/1/2015 5:03:11 PM

Interesting, though I think the Marvel coaching staff is all wrong.  Cap would be Head Coach, Cyclops as Offensive Coach, and Mr Fantastic as Defence.  Also you made a slight mistake on Cannonball, "He does one thing and one thing well, fly in a straight line".  Straight line was what he did  when he started, but now he has as much manueverability as any flyer.

First Look: Indominus Rex from Jurassic World (Article) - 1/29/2015 8:19:51 PM

 Oh yes, let's see what we get when we take a T-Rex and give it the forearms and brains of a Velociraptor.  Surely that won't be anything bad....



Doctor Who for Marvel's Jessica Jones (Article) - 1/28/2015 10:09:16 AM

 Dazzler, her origin is a bit complicated, wikipedia Jessica Jones for the full story.  Her powers really aren't that spectacular, Spiderman-level super strength, durability (most bullets will bounce off her), and flight (so-so skill at it originally, though she has gotten better after hooking up with the Avengers)


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