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Charlie Gordon
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August 15, 2007
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February 7, 2013
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I go to work. I watch TV. I go to movies. I like to eat.
The depths of
NY United States
I do what I want.
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
Empire Strikes Back, Carpenter's The Thing, Blade Runner
Favorite Horror Movie:
Halloween (original)
Favorite Genre TV Show:
Seinfeld It's Alwasy Sunny in Philly Arrested Development, Family Guy, Bones
Favorite Manga, Book, or Graphic Novel:
Batman: The Long Halloween & Dark Victory
Must Have DVD:
Raders of the Lost Ark, Batman: TCAS


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hanso 6/18/2008 7:03:05 AM
I feel you man. I had it over in 5 also, with LA stealing one at Bos and then winning 3 straight in LA. I don't think Phil got outcoached though, game 6 not withstanding all the games were close coming into the final minutes, Celtics wanted it more and that fuckin Tom Thibeduue or whatever you spell it must be a defensive master mind. LA ran into one of the best defenses in the last 30 years and we ended up with the short end of the stick. They'll be back, Bynum gonna solve the interior problems they have and then they can slide Gasol to the 4 and Odom at the 3, the frontline is gonna give people trouble. Next year baby, next year! What pisses me off is that they didn't compete that last game, they just gave up and couldn't match their intensity.
hanso 6/26/2008 11:19:44 AM
Forgot to thank u for the heads up on the TV spots. They own son!! Thanks again.
hanso 6/30/2008 11:22:54 AM
Any fan of the Bat and funny dude like u must be a friend of the Hanso! lol. I can't believe I'm not seeing it opening day either man, it really bums me out like you wouldn't believe. I'm going to be on vacation with the Mrs and since I'll be out of the US, I can't catch that day. I'll be back to the states opening weekend though, so definitely by Sunday I will have seen the flick. If not I'll have to skip work on Monday cause that's to much time without seeing the movie.
wolfmanX 7/1/2008 11:37:39 AM
Thanks for the friends request. I gladly accepted it bro.
hanso 7/2/2008 11:01:56 AM
Yo I went to Batman on Film, I can't find that Nolan interview you talking about, if you can hit me up with the link straight to it.
hanso 7/2/2008 12:49:52 PM
By the way, if you haven't seen the first 6 mins of The Dark Knight, I found a link showing it. It's what they showed back in december in IMAX. Enjoy.
wolfmanX 7/9/2008 8:47:04 AM
Nah I didnt. You think it was cool?
hanso 7/9/2008 7:04:47 PM
Holy shit man. Thanks a million!! That was frakkin sweet. I can't take it no more, I need to see the flick. Reviews keep coming in saying it's EPIC. Going good over here by the way but I can't stop thinkin about DK!!!
hanso 7/9/2008 7:11:23 PM
I'm sure you already saw them but just in case, SHH had like 13 scenes from the movie a few days ago, I saw them on youtube also, some dude had put em all together in a clip that lasted 9 mins with change. Good stuff there, especially the JOker crashing the party scene. I almost done rereading Long Halloween getting ready for DK.
hanso 7/10/2008 8:20:01 AM
Sup son! Definitely checkin out the Time review. I saw Gotham Knight, didn't think it sucked completely but some segments definitely did. I would've liked to have a conventional movie instead of segments and not done in anime but oh well. I liked the Deadshot and Scarecrow/Killer Croc segments.<BR itxtvisited="1" />You lucky bastard, that Long Halloween your bro got you has to be damn sweet. By the way if you got HBO, tonight at 10:45 pm Eastern Time, they are gonna show Dark Knight first look.


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