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Bob Hoskins Has Passed (Article) - 4/30/2014 3:22:58 PM

Best Iago ever.  Gave the character an extra layer of sliminess. 


Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/26/2014 2:10:48 PM

My pointed criticisms stem from a great desire to see the DC/Marvel shows succeed. If these shows fail, it’ll be a while before another network takes a chance. They may have cemented themselves in the movies, but not yet on t.v. After enduring the tv versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wonder Woman, and the long climb to respectable movies (movies without distracting jokes/nod to Batman tv series), I don’t want what we have now to become a passing fad.


If not for Marvel’s movies, I think we’d be in deep trouble. In a recent interview, Kevin Feige wondered why movie makers didn’t simply adhere closely to existing comics using the books as a story board for the film. Duh! Been saying that myself for years. Instead, we’ve seen atrocities like what X-Men did to the Phoenix saga and emo Spider-Man. Since Avengers, haven’t been seeing any articles predicting the end of superhero movies.


I really enjoy Arrow, but I think it plays too much to a younger demographic since it’s on CW, and thus some of the liberties I object to. I think that AOS does as well with Skye (and Fitz, and Simmons, quite frankly). Since we can see this genre portrayed seriously without the usual liberties on the big screen, we shouldn’t have to continue to see it on t.v. I have high hopes that Netflix with give us an AMC/FX take on Daredevil and PM/IF (and hopefully others like the Punisher and Moon Knight).


With all the great stories we already have with these characters, I think we should be seeing better quality on t.v., not what we’re used to seeing historically. Sure, there’s going to be some "that doesn’t make sense" moments, but we’re seeing to many in Arrow and MOS for my tastes.


Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 3:13:09 PM

tjanson: I have watched all of those shows, and can suspend disbelief when watching the main cast, for example, go into a dangerous situation without backup (or on Criminal Minds when the FBI is chasing after people without local law enforcement), or how unrealistic some courtroom scenes are (like on Law & Order, although they did have legal consultants). However, I cannot suspend disbelief when the cops are pointing their weapons within arm’s reach of a suspect. I cannot suspend disbelief when Laurel blackmails the elected DA (not once, but twice) with ludicrous threats. I cannot suspend disbelief when Lance punches out a superior officer and nothing happens to him. These aren’t comic book liberties - these are outright stupidities and amateurish writing. And when most shows have consultants to keep things as realistic as possible, that’s inexcusable. Even if past shows were more egregious, why do we have to continue to put up with it? Sorry it annoys you when I point it out. Appreciate and enjoy your reviews.


I misstated Sara’s reason for leaving. Thanks for pointing that out. Was because she said she has a killer inside of her, so they could not be together. That’s why I made the Huntress comparison.


KrazyHorse: Perhaps I have too much knowledge. I’d like to think I’m harping on major irregularities. Hey, just one man’s opinion.


Iridan: Good point. I had forgotten about Slade’s hallucinations of Shado.

Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 11:09:12 AM

monkeyfoot - I actually like Arrow a great deal, and think Armell should be elevated to portray the character in the movies. Also like how they are introducing characters from the DC Universe, and wish that AOS would take note and follow suit. The primary qualm I’ve had with Arrow is how they portray law enforcement/legal system. It’s so far off base that it’s insulting, and is easily correctable.

As for AOS, I’m only watching it in the hopes that it gets better, and that they will be introducing more known characters. I’ve been a comic reader for 35 years, and desperately want the show to be good. But instead we’re given juvenile fop, an likeable/poor acted character that is being forced down our throats instead acknowledging their mistake and starting over with a new character, and a lack of h/t to the known Marvel Universe, unlike the h/t to the DC Universe we constantly get in Arrow. I’m hoping the show is building up to show me wrong.

But as someone who has put up with the buffoonery of the early Superman/Batman movies, the horrific depiction of the Phoenix Saga, the awful Fantastic Four films, the bad writing/villain-cramming Spider-Man films, I’ve had enough. Like you, I watched Smallville despite its problems because it was fun to see a show treating the material with respect (and I did watch Lois & Clark and Superboy). But now with Hollywood/commercial television finally accepting comic book characters as legitimate material, that past crap should end. It doesn’t have to be GOT, TD, or Justified, but it doesn’t have be Adam West, either.  Why are the Marvel films and Nolan's Batman a success?  Because they're taking the source material seriously and trying to present it in the "real world."  Wish the t.v. shows would do that.

For that reason, you simply cannot excuse security/law enforcement errors. I presume you watched CA:WS. For the most part, textbook military maneuvers/training. To put a gun 2 feet away from a suspect when a primary purpose of having a firearm is to be able to neutralize someone from a distance is ridiculous. That’s as dumb as the circular firing squad around the Hulk in the Ang Lee film, or having Matt Murdock "prosecuting" a criminal case as an attorney-for-hire in Daredevil. Enough with that garbage.

CaptAmerica04 - my sentiments exactly, although more succinctly put.

Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 7:57:37 AM

Completely disagree. Was going for an F - until Moira got offed, so I’d give it a D. Horrible writing continues to plague this show. After Moira disclosed to Ollie, "I’ve always known," why would her death be a surprise to anyone? That’s Death Foreshadowing 101 (i.e., fake Aunt May’s death in ASM #400). And granted, the show doesn’t have a huge budget for extras, but a mayoral campaign in a city that large is going to involved dozens of aides who are around the candidate constantly, just like a mega-corporation is going to have dozens of lawyers running around making sure you don’t get your interests stolen away from you. If a candidate were to decide to drop out, they tell their staff they’re doing so and the information is leaked ahead of time. None of this dramatic last-second crap. We are much too knowledgeable about How Things Work for these things to be swept under the rug.

A repeated dopey theme on this show (and Smallville) was, "I’m too dangerous for love." Sara is going to leave Ollie because she’s a killer who won’t be reformed? Really?? Just a few episodes after dealing with the same issue in Huntress? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Perhaps that was just an excuse so she could go retrieve her "old friend," but then why not just say so? If she knows that Malcolm is still alive (presuming that’s who she’s going to get), then why not break it to Ollie instead of just having the guy show up? My only guess is that it’s because it would then deprive these moronic writers the chance to have Armell become enraged when the character walks in the room.

I’m also very disappointed in Roy’s storyline. Perhaps it could because the actor is terrible, but what is the point? He’s been the "angry young man" since Day One. It’s tiring. Similarly, while I’ve enjoyed Manu Bennett’s take on Slade, his "Shakespeare in the Park" manner of speaking is getting old. We all agree that his motive for revenge against Ollie is dumb, exacerbated by Ollie’s constant pointing out that one of the two women were going to die, he loved them both, and he didn’t fire the shot. I don’t care how mentally ill a person is, that level of blaming makes no sense.

And back to the crappy knowledge about law enforcement procedures. Cops do not draw their weapons on a suspect and then advance to the point of where they are within reach of the suspect. They order them to get on the ground, and then shoot them if they walk towards them. And if an officer were to approach, it’d be one with his weapon holstered. That’s so f—ing stupid the writers deserve repeated kicks to the groin. It was beyond stupid when the airport security officers did it to Nyssa al Ghul, but to now depict cops doing that? Again (ad nauseam), why aren’t there consultants who know something about law enforcement/legal procedures? It’s insulting.

Tjanson: I’ll take your bait. Skye is annoying every time she opens her mouth, and every time the AOS writers make her the focal point of the story, she’s not believable. Character is dumb and must be killed off (or dramatically altered). Thea is who she is - an annoying late teens/early 20s rich bitch. Sure, getting all angry because you weren’t told that a mass murderer was your real father is dumb, but that is one element. Having spoiled brat kids act like she is acting is not uncommon, nor is a mother-daughter spat at that age. Put another way, if you put in a different actress for Skye, or had her written differently, it might make the character plausible. Thea really can’t be written or acted differently, and the writers aren’t trying to get her to be something she clearly is not, or forcing the audience to like her, like they clearly are in AOS for Skye.

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 11:54:04 AM

CaptAmerica04: Agree with most of your comments (especially about Diggle), but from your thoughts it appears you missed that Laurel was told by Slade that Ollie is Green Arrow; she didn't suddenly figure it out.  Her actions were merely her attempt to confirm what Slade told her.

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 11:49:15 AM

Good review. I really like how they handled Laurel’s reaction, and agree that it was pulled off well. While Thea is really annoying, isn’t she supposed to be late teens/early 20s? If I keep that in mind, and add the fact that she’s grown up mega-wealthy, helps me to give the character some slack. Also, I know this is limited by budgetary reasons, but it would be nice if they could show her having a few girlfriends. Makes her seem very isolated, which is not believable.

Another thing I really like about the show is Armell’s portrayal of the character. Really sold on him as Oliver Queen, and hope that he is brought into the eventual DC movie universe. 

I do have to (continue, ad nauseam) point out how poorly the show depicts legal situations. Lance could never be arrested under the scenario they depicted, as merely responding to a call and arresting a suspect is not grounds to show conspiracy, especially when it turns out they were right about the suspect; you can’t secretly dilute shares of stock to a point of making it worthless - you have to increase the numbers of shares, which is done at public board meetings and publicly announced; can’t sign legal documents transferring ownership to a trust without the papers being notarized (and how that’s supposed to help makes no sense - idiot writers must have thought it sounded good, and thinks so little of the audience that we wouldn’t know better); and Laurel’s threat to the D.A. is beyond stupid - a prosecutor has no power to change a prisoner’s bail conditions (unless they dismiss the charges, which she did), and the threat to become a defense attorney and go public by someone who the show has spent time discrediting as an unethical druggie is laughable. Please, please, please - hire someone with a legal background as a consultant.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 11:31:16 AM

tjanson:  Good review.  Particularly your criticism of Ward's apparent crush on Skye.  An example of my theory that the show runners are going out of their way to cram her importance down our throats in reaction to the people who can't stand the character and/or actress.  Their forcing her on us only makes me loathe her even more.  Was talking with my brother about the show for the first time after he saw CA:WS.  His first comment when I asked him how he liked the show was, "I can't stand the Skye character; they should kill her off." 

Also glad that the writer's are making Ward out ot be a bad guy, and that they're changing his personality for emphasis.  Also happy to see Horton, and hope minor characters will follow.

Announcing the Mania Comic Book Hall of Fame (Article) - 4/11/2014 5:38:51 PM

Good idea, Tim.  i've read comics for years, but never really paid attention to artists/writers.  Just learning who's who now.  Look forward to reading about your enshrinees.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn Turn Turn Review (Article) - 4/11/2014 5:36:22 PM

tjanson:  Bruce Lee beating up 50 people is far more believeable because he has stunning speed and ferocity, obviously knows how to fight, which all leads to a belief in having the power displayed on screen.  SKye has none of that.  Why is it so hard for you to see that we are being forced to accept that a worthless character who supposedly legitimately has the skills displayed on screen?  It;s like she's either related to someone in power or awfully good in bed.  Reminds me of Tori Spelling on "90210" - unattractive whiner is supposedly a head-turner.  Please.  But as I've said before, to each their own.


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