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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men Review (Article) - 3/12/2014 7:25:43 PM

Agree that show is picking up, but still extremely annoyed with the poor writing.  I again go back to the way the characters are written to overreact to Skye’s near death. Blatant attempt to make a horse(bleep) character relevant to the show. From Maye’s beating the crap out of Ian Quinn and Coulson’s subsequent hints that he’d kill him if Skye died, to this episode’s overdramatic "If you had died I would have never forgiven him" crap from Ward. Just kill the character off already, for God’s sake. She’s completely unsalvageable. Skye must die.

And it was made clear several episodes ago that Maye and Ward were nothing more than f— buddies. So now all of the sudden she’s going to get jealous? And she’s going to give longing looks at the bed knowing that Ward was under the spell of a sorceress and not acting with free will? Please. Complete 180 degree turn for the character. Also, she’s obviously much older than Ward and there’s no hope for a long-term relationship; she’s going to be shocked he has feelings for someone in his age range?

It would have also been nice if they could have avoided the cliched, "It was an honor to fight alongside you" from Lady Sif at the end of the episode.

While I’m starting to actually enjoy the show, it would help if they had writers who (a) know how to write likeable characters, and (b) have actually been in a real relationship so they know how real people act in these situations instead of the "Parents’ Basement Fantasyland" tripe we’ve been getting.


Arrow: The Promise Review (Article) - 3/6/2014 7:57:45 PM

Completely agree that the excuse for Slade hating Oliver is completely lame, drug side effect or not.  Slade wasn't in a relationship with Shado, Oliver was.  And to get pissed because he "chose" Girlfriend #1 over Girlfriend #2 is ridiculous writing.  Could have/should have come uip with a much better reason for hating Oliver.  Hell, if they make Sara into a one-time lesbian (for no other reason than to get fanboys all hot and bothered), then you can come up with a more believeable background story for their conflict.  How about the guy being a merc and selling out to get off the island, causing Oliver to fight and take out his eye?  He's a bad guy, after all.

Also, would it be possible for Caity Lotz to actually come up with believable emoting for once?  She is an actress, after all.  She just cannot seem to pull off scenes that call for her to display emotion; think I watching a tree, she's so wooden.  I love Steve Armell's portrayal of Green Arrow and hope DC is wise enough to stick him into their movies.  But I think the show has struck out with 4 of their 5 female leads.  Already ripped Katie Cassidy previously.  Every time I listen to Susanna Thompson I  expect a villanous cackle to come out of her (and for God's sake, the writers couldn't come up with anything more believable than running for Mayor shortly after being tried for mass murder, acquittal or not?).  And Willa Holland is too annoying (although I'll concede getting less so this season).  Emily Rickards is awesome.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I. Review (Article) - 3/6/2014 1:57:47 PM

Close to checking out on this show.  Skye's character is ridiculous, and the way everyone overreacted to her situation was extremely lame and forced - writers obviously telling the audience, "She is, too, important to the show!  Just look how everyone is getting emotional about her dying!!  Look, evey Maye is losing it!!!  And over here, look at the at the monkey; see how it jumps up and down."  Sorry.  Take a hint and be done with the character.  Suspect she'll be "changed" because of the alien blood, as others here have suggested, but unless a new actress is brought on board, we'll continue to get the same crap.

Likewise, doubt the Clairvoyant will be The Leader, or any other known Marvel character (and the blue alien will not be a known entity, either).  One of the biggest ways Marvel has screwed up is by not more closely tying this show into the known Marvel Universe.  They're rectifying it a bit with Sif, and seemed to be trying with Nick Fury's appearance/references and the post-Thor episode, but there are a whole lot of minor characters they could be adding that would make the show more exciting to watch.

Finally, don't care if the mountain hideout was not a SHIELD unit, to go in there and kill two guards (and why the Hell are there only two guards for such an important facility, and why was it so freaking easy to break into) was stupid.  Makes Coulson and the others the bad guys.  Sure, it might have been lame for them to go in and simiply subdue the guards, but they could have made it clear that these were Bad Guys, or given more reason to act in such a brutal fashion.  Perhaps they're trying to tie it into the negative way SHIELD  will be protrayed in the upcoming Captain Amercia film.

Arrow: Time of Death Review (Article) - 3/1/2014 11:00:54 AM

WarCry: We're talking about two different scenes.  I'm referring to when he showed up at Sara's homecoming party - in casual clothes - then got a call to leave, where he meets up with GA and BC - in uniform.  Uniformed law enforcement officers never take their uniforms off while on duty.  And as a uniformed officer, not a detective, he does not investigate homicides as the show has depicted.  He might catch the first call, but he then hands the investigation off to the detectives who arrive at the scene.  Completely separate roles.

I should have clarified that my Skeletor comment was not at the actress, just the whiny character she's portraying.  If it was the show's intention to turn her into a thoroughly unlikeable character, they've succeeded with me.  I find nothing worthwhile about her, like Lori Grimes. Even if that's how a person would naturally react to the events she's experience (and I'm not doubting that), she serves no purpose to the show any longer and seems forced (like Skye on SHIELD).

Arrow: Time of Death Review (Article) - 3/1/2014 6:55:35 AM

The largest weakness of this show shone through again - the inability to have any competent writing of the Lance family.  First off, old favorite:  "Lack of knowledge of how law enforcement works."  A beat cop does not get called out to a homicide, or any other crime, while off duty.  Nor would a detective, unless it's related to a case he's working on.  That's why they work shifts.  So there's no reason Lance would get called away from Sara's party. 

Also, can Skeletor do anything but bitch and moan?   She's now on Lori Grimes-level of annoyance for me.  Since it's obvious that Sara will be the love interest, time to kill Laurel off. 

Really enjoy Armell's performance, and think it'd be a huge waste if DC didn't get him into a movie.  The fact that they're doing a Flash series seems to be an indicator that they're at least open to it, as I can't imagine they'd have 2 versions of that character, and he's a must for a Justice League movie. 

Looking forward to Slade.  Hope they ditch the metallic mask and go with the one worn on the island.  Metal one looked goofy and ill-fitting.

Arrow: Blind Spot Review (Article) - 1/26/2014 10:48:46 AM

The show continues to fall flat on its face when depicting law enforcement officials/procedures, to-wit:

1)  A search warrant cannot be obtained unless a law enforcement officer alleges facts constituting probable cause that a crime was committed.  Since Laurel was stealing only her dad's drugs, what evidence would there be to show she illegally possessed drugs?

2)  Even if such probable cause existed, since she's a user and not a dealer, no search warrant would ever be issued.  And the D.A.'s office most likely has a employee policy placing a druggie into rehab first (any H.R. person would tell you it's near impossible to fire an employee with a drug/alcohol problem when first discovered, even if charged with a possession crime).

3)  I'll give them a pass on the SWAT team entrance, as they most likely were called when Green Arrow was spotted.  However, they did get there awfully fast.  SWAT teams do not get sent out on calls; they don't wait around like firemen for a call to come in. 

4)  While it looked cool when Deathstroke took out Blood's aides, how are their deaths going to be explained to their families/the public?  Doubt he's dumping four bodies and then saying, "Gee, don't know where they went."

5)  Since Roy Harper beats the rapist/murdered nearly to death, how is a criminal conviction supposed to occur?  Sin (who looks like one of those crappy sidekicks that'd pop up on Smallville) has no credibility to claim the guy was going to attack her; he'll say he thought he was being robbed and pulled it out to defend himself.  Nice of Sin and Roy to stick around at the hospital, where the guy will be sure to identify him when he wakes up. 

On a side note, not too sure I like Deathstroke's hockey mask.  Much prefer the cloth one worn on the island.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Seeds Review (Article) - 1/15/2014 5:40:14 PM

Skye must die.  Horribly miscast actress.  Looks like she's 12, completely unbelievable acting.  Obvious she's been identified as a huge weak link and the writers are trying to push her to the forefront to salvage her.  Should just own up to their error, kill her off, and develop a new character.

Arrow: Three Ghosts Review (Article) - 12/13/2013 12:20:00 PM

Awesome episode.  Only nitpick is revealing Slade as the major villain without having first shown the transition from ally to foe (presumably) on the island.  Was hoping for Ra's al Ghul, myself, as the major bad guy, particularly with him already being mentioned and the skuttlebutt that Summer Glau is playing Talia.

The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Review (Article) - 11/25/2013 8:29:23 PM

I think everyone is missing a significant part of the episode - when the Governor tries to flee with his new family, only to be forced back by the zombies in the mud pit. I think his saying they had to leave because things were about to fall apart where just as much of a reference to himself starting to lose it as anything else. He killed Martinez because he didn't want to be a leader, as well as Martinez was the only one who could out his past, thus wrecking his changed life. He saw the conflict between the brothers as something he wanted no part of, as it would return him to his old ways. But when he was forced back, he saw he had no choice any more, and in order to protect his new family, he had to go back to being a sociopath/psychopath.

Arrow: State V. Queen Review (Article) - 11/22/2013 8:06:45 PM

As a prosecutor, let me add to the discussion.  First off, while I greatly enjoy the show, every aspect of it dealing with law enforcement/the court system is ridiculous.  People here have already discussed, for example, the poor writing about the hijacked trucks (why at night & without police escort after prior hijackings).  The Quentin Lance character is a parody - combination of poor acting and poor writing. 

As for the prosecutor, there is no way a District/County Attorney would ever assign a case to someone who has such a personal relationship with the relative of a defendant, as that would call into question the prosecutor's ability to do their job properly.  Also, any defense attorney who would not bring a motion to have that prosecutor removed would be committing malpractice.  As already pointed out, no way a judge let's her stay on.  And there is simply no way a prosecutor would speak with a represented defendant to try to convince that person to not testify at trial.  Aside from being unethical warranting a suspension, it would also form the basis for an appeal if a defendant followed the prosecutor's advice.  

I do disagree with the discovery issue.  Prosecutors are only required to disclose (a) evidence that they would use in their case-in-chief to convict a defendant; and (b) evidence that would be considered exculpatory (i.e., evidence that could show the defendant is not guilty).  The things discussed between Laurel and Moira is for cross-examination purposes, and does not fall under either category.  That being said, I don't know if that is proper cross-examination material - just because Moira and Malcolm had an affair years ago is hardly relevant as to whether she conspired with him.  If the affair were current, then yes.  I don't even think charges would have been brought in the real world.  Conspiracy cases fall apart when a person recants, particularly in the public way Moira did.  Perhaps some less charges, but certainly not capital murder.

I could go on.  Still a great show, but they really need to bring in some law enforcement/prosecutors to help write those scenes.    


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