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Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 12/5/2011 6:16:12 PM

Joe - The WWZ book setting is 10 years after the zombie apocalypse, as the world tries to get back on its feet.  The protagonist is assigned by the U.N. to travel the world to see determine the origins of the outbreak, how it spread, and how the outbreak was dealt with.  Extremely entertaining.  As I understand the movie, the setting is as the outbreak is occurring.  It is thus difficult to conceive how they could tell a lot of the great stories when the focus is on one person, who can obviously only be in one place at at time.  Additionally, from leaked/released production video, the zombies appear to be of the fast kind, as opposed to the "walkers" of Romero/Kirkman fashion, another huge disappointment.  It also appears as though the infection spreads as quickly as the virus in 28 Days Later.

Suffice to say, it's appears to be one of those movies that is using the name of a well-known story, but completely re-working it.  Think "I Am Legend" or "John Carpenter's Vampires" (my personal pet peeve).  This is truly a project meant for an HBO-style mini-series, not a 2 hour movie.

10 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Should Never Happen (Article) - 10/7/2011 9:39:10 PM

Sexy Skeletor is a rip off the old Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold.

Two New AVENGERS Pics (Article) - 10/4/2011 12:20:53 PM

You guys are missing the boat.  The reason why the characters in these movies (Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.) have their masks off is in order to show the actor's faces.  Whether that's because of the ego of the actors involved, their agents or publicists, whomever, it's a vanity issue.

First World War Z Set Pics (Article) - 7/5/2011 3:10:23 PM

TremorDeth:  These are the good old slumbering Romero zombies.

spiderhero:  I don't know if having Straczynski involved is great, based upon a review of an earlier draft of the script.  Left out a few really good concepts/stories from the book.  Also, the overarching plot of the book is that the government is trying to cover up how they came to overcome the zombie apocalypse (which involved sacrificing humans), whereas in the script I read it involved covering up the military screwing up the Battle at Yonkers (which is really ridiculous; not too hard to figure out you screwed up by not having thousands of snipers bunkered in high-rise buildings).

InnerSanctum:  These zombies are zombies, not infected humans.

Supernatural: Let It Bleed and There's a New God in Town (Article) - 5/25/2011 12:30:30 PM

Paradigm and Trazalca: I'm right there with you wishing they would write Jesus into the story, since they've already employed most of Christian theology already. In the Supernatural comic book, Castiel says that Jesus was "A nobody, a carpenter with delusions of grandeur." That doesn't give me too much hope. Probably too difficult for the writers to deal with. He is after all, the Son of God, so that means he's probably more powerful than the angels, so it'd be hard to put in harm's way. And if Jesus is around, hard to write, "Where's God?" Also, any put downs (like in the comic book) would mean strong condemnations the writers and producers don't want; conversely, they're probably an equal number of people (a lot of them living in Hollywood) who probably aren't excited to see a positive portrayal of Christ on t.v. Still would love to see them try. After all, can't imagine who else they're going to get as a foil to Castiel, now, other God or Death.

tjanson: I apologize for being too harsh with your comments on the Smallville finale thread. Got too angry over a dopey t.v. and was not as general in my comments as I should have been.


Smallville: Series Finale Review (Article) - 5/24/2011 5:18:20 AM

tjanson: With all due respect, that's garbage. This show was all about Clark Kent's evolution from an alien farmboy who discovers his powers and learns responsibility as he grows into Superman. We got everything but the payoff. It simply is not a subjective view to claim this finale episode was disappointing regarding this. We never get to see a fullly uniformed Superman, only fragments of the uniform on him and a cgi-generated character from a perspective a mile away. That's a huge, huge ripoff to the fans to not see Welling in the suit and being Superman - thus properly ending 10 year journey we've taken with him.

Additionally, this episode was extremely poorly written, regardless of the budget they received. From the deaths of Darkseid's minions and Darkseid himself to the removal of the Omega symbols from everyone's heads to the pushing back of an entire planet, a team of grade schoolers would have done better, and I am no exaggerating. I could go on (and on and on and on), but will merely point you back to the previous 16 pages here. Even if they had saved the money they spent on the cgi, the bad writing still would have been noticeable.

As for the character of Darkseid, I'm shocked at your attempt at giving them a pass. How can you possibly excuse them? That's their damn jobs - develop a character and see if they have the budget to pull it off ahead of time. You seriously trying to say that these dickweeds should not have gone to the producers with their ultimate vision of portraying the character and discussed the final fight scene? Particularly after the well-deserved criticism of Dooomsday? No excuse for not making him corporeal. It's one thing to think of the idea then scrap it because of budget issue. It's quite a different story when you jerk the audience along for an entire summer, then the entire next season, only to completely wuss out at the end.

I really don't mean to make this personal with you, but I am at a Level 10 in terms of disappointment. There simply no excuse - none - for how poorly this show was written, or how the writers/producers flipped off the fans at the end. This was the grand tamale - the one show they should have been planning for years. No. Fucking. Excuse.

Smallville: Series Finale Review (Article) - 5/20/2011 5:13:27 PM

TC777: Thanks.  Must have missed that.  When I first saw it, could have sworn that the speed of the moving dots implied the monkeys (to us fanboys).  But should have known better.  I saw some others here praise Lex's scenes (as opposed to Rosenbaum's brilliant acting), and I just don't get it.  Quite frankly, since Rosenbaum has been away from the show for so long, barring his paycheck having at least 6 zeroes after it, I'm surprised that upon reading the script he didn't throw it back at Welling and scream, "This shit is exactly why I left the show in the first place," and storm out.  Pity.

Joe: Without a doubt, this show was history's longest cocktease, ending with a handjob by your girlfriend's/wife's mother.  Just had to wait until the end for the anticipated payoff, but after seeing what was awaiting for you, going through with it against your better judgment, and feeling totally disgusted for having participated when it was over.  It was painfully obvious that these idiot writers/producers have the mental maturity of a 10 year-old girl (like Marti Noxon in Season 6 of BtVS), and didn't give a crap about the fans.  That's inarguable.  And you did a great job of starting the discussion with a great review.  Kudos, again.

Smallville: Series Finale Review (Article) - 5/19/2011 9:02:26 PM

@caredskinfan: one of the lamest arguments by supporters of the episode is that Smallville was a drama about how Clark Kent becomes Superman, not an action show.  Bullspit.  Nothing excusees such poor writing that a fleet of semis could drive through the plot holes.  I have never delved into the demographics of the show, but putting in that ridiculous wedding crap was probably done because a lot chicks watch the show, so "teen angst" must be delivered in volumes.  There's one moron at another website who kept harping one, "It's a tv show budget, not a movie" as an excuse for the lack of a true fight, easy dispatching of Darkseid's minions, etc.  Look at well Buffy vs. Caleb was done.  Or, better yet, Angel vs. Baldwin.  Both fight scenes went on for 5 minutes.  Simply no excuses.

Smallville: Series Finale Review (Article) - 5/18/2011 10:06:23 PM

Joe - you've done a great job reviewing this show this year.  I'm disappointed to see the hostility directed towards you because, as you aptly put it, you didn't like an episode/show that someone else did.  I also think you're responses were in line with the attacks against you.  And meds or no, Lazarus' comments were very disappointing particularly because he normally gives great takes himself.  No need for you to apologize for your responses.

Two things I haven't seen anyone mention:

1)  In the last episode of Season 9, Watchtower was monitoring Green Arrow, and several fast-moving objects move in on him.  It seemed to be implied that these were Darkseid's monkey minions, but nothing more was never said, and obviously never introduced.  That was a major let down (as was lack of Omega beams).

2)  While Lex Luthor's mind might have been wiped, wasn't it established in the previous episode that Toy Man and the Legion of Doom knew that Clark was "The Blur", and knew of his relationship with Lois Lane?  If so, then what is the point of mind-wiping Lex when other villains already know?

Additionally, the scenes with Lex made no sense - he just returns from the dead and all he can talk about is how he'll push Clark to be as great a hero as he is a villain?  And if his mind is wiped, why does he have to turn out to be a bad guy? 

10 Great Movie Entrances (Article) - 5/18/2011 9:13:55 PM

You're all missing it (although Rmund comes closest):

"I am . . . Dracula."  NOTHING tops that. 


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