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Stargate set to Return (Article) - 5/30/2014 11:36:01 AM

 The TV show was only good with Richard Dean Anderson.

Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/27/2014 1:42:56 PM

So apparently I can post as long as I don't copy and

Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/27/2014 1:42:25 PM I can't post any more of what I wrote for whatever reason because it keeps saying forbidden.

Eldogg, I'm guessing because the dude has been brain dead since a baby and has never used his legs ever, so at his age it would take too long to bother to start rehabilitating himself.  I don't know.  Minor things like that don't bother me.


Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/27/2014 12:42:33 PM

WTF WITH THIS SITE!!!!  Stupid Forbidden BS


Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/27/2014 12:39:28 PM

 Before I start, I just want to say that I'm guessing Wolvering wakes up in the same year that he gets sent back in.  So that would be 2023.  The fact that everyone looks the same age is .... continuity error...whatever it really doesn't matter.

Ok Shogunn...let me take a stab at your questions:
You have the post-credit scene in X-men 3 where the professor transfer his mind into some dude... so explain how he gets to the post-credit scene in The Wolverine and in DOFP's future scene?
Bryan Singer explained in the documentary on the X-Men 3 dvd that the guy he transferred his mind to was his twin brother that was born brain dead or something like that.  So that is why Charles looks the same as before.  Would have been nice if they had explained that part but...whatever...
What was the purpose of The Wolverine's post-credit scene?  Xavier and Magneto never explained what they needed from him or how they got there.  That was all revealed in the future when Xavier realized Kitty could go back and his mind wouldn't work.
I'm thinking the purpose for this was to get the audience excited for DOFP, as well as show how Wolverine got back with the team, because at that point he had given up on being a superhero per say.  They needed him back, probably just like they needed every mutant back to team up against the oncoming threat.

Mania Box Office Report: THE FUTURE RULES (Article) - 5/26/2014 11:16:37 AM

Dazzler, I think he's assuming everyone knows Magneto put the metal back over his claws.

Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/26/2014 7:52:59 AM

Yeah I getcha.  I hated Leifeld too.  His art sucked so much.

I had to wiki Sunspot before I went to the movies because I wanted to know if his powers had mutated or if Singer was taking liberties again.


The Equalizer Trailer (Article) - 5/26/2014 7:43:20 AM


Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/26/2014 6:46:44 AM

To Wolverine's bones and claws I meant.  Not just claws...I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOOT!!!

Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/26/2014 6:44:49 AM

ElBaz, the Sunspot in the movie was the Sunspot in the comics.  I'm not sure if you're thinking of the Sunspot from the New Mutants, but Sunspot recently has the ability to fly and project heat as well as the strength he use to have.  This is supposed to be an older Sunspot after all.

So they removed part of Wolverine Origins, part of X2 (since Jean didn't get stuck underwater...or did she???  Could be another movie with the ACTUAL Phoenix force in the near X-Men future), X3 and at least some if not all of The Wolverine (or at least changed it a little).

Shogun, Prof X and Magneto showed up at the end of The Wolverine to get him on their side to start fighting for the future.  Also, in the next movie, it will be the 80's as ElBaz explained, they are not continuing on from where Days of Future Past left off in the future, where everyone is older, they're going to continue from the 1973 point.  So what happens in the new timeline to get them to that point in the future will now be shown in the next few movies that come out.  And will Wolverine get his metal claws?  Who knows.  Maybe he'll be one of the horsemen of Apocolypse and Apocolypse will fuse the adamantium to his claws instead (since I believe he did it in the comics after Magneto ripped it off of him).

And as for whoever was asking about how young and old professor X spoke to each other...they did it through Wolverine's mind.  Young Prof X went into Wolverine's mind and old Prof X did the same thing and they were able to speak with each other that way.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie.  Looking forward to Apocolypse in the next movie.



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