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AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/13/2015 11:32:33 AM

Regarding Serkis.  If you pause the movie at Serkis's face, you should see a claw neckless around his neck.  Coincidence?

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/13/2015 10:48:17 AM

I think they're just getting together and hanging out when they're all fooling around with Thor's hammer.  Probably them just taking a break after Tony announces he's turned Start Towers into the Avengers Tower.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/13/2015 10:46:45 AM

@FFT I never thought of it as Ultron but good catch.  Also, I like that setup for T'Challa taking on the BP mantle.

Shogunn, that's the rumor that's out there.  That Hulk loses control, maybe from SW toying with his brain and he can't get the control back, and they or Ultron sends him into space only for him to show up in GotG2.  Then they bring him back in the second act of Infinity War to beat on Thanos together.  That would be a pretty cool way to do it IMO.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/13/2015 7:15:05 AM

I believe Hulk's eyes are red because Scarlet Witch is somehow controlling him.  Apparently she shows each of them something inside which tears them up, hence Hulk losing control.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 (Article) - 1/13/2015 7:13:33 AM

Mystery woman in the cave is definitely Wakandan.  Whether it's BP's sister or a Wakanda guard, can't remember her name.

I'm calling Mantis for the gal in green behind Thor when he's being electrocuted.  I think Claudia Kim is Mantis and that ties in the Kree and possibly Inhumans with the Avengers.

I love how Tony says "This vulnerable world, needs something more powerful then any of us".  I'm thinking that line means they need to create the Vision who helps defeat Ultron.

Can't wait till May 1st!

Star Wars Standalone Film Loses Writer (Article) - 1/12/2015 11:36:10 AM

He actually didn't get fired or anything.  I read on another site what happened.  He even tweeted about it.  He was done with his work, which he loved doing, and he's going on to another job now.

Batman V. Superman TWO films? (Article) - 1/12/2015 11:33:27 AM

You know what would be hilarious.  If they made a marvel one shot about say, Tony trying to get to where Thor is to help him fight the Dark Elf and shit just keeps getting his his way so he never ends up getting there, then he's finally about to arrive and Thor has finished defeating the bad guy and IronMan just stops and stares at the situation and goes..."well damnit..." and flies back to LA or something.

Batman V. Superman TWO films? (Article) - 1/12/2015 11:30:06 AM

How do you guys know they weren't dealing with their own bad guys at the time these other major things happened?  I'm sure they fight more crime then what we only see in the movies.

Golden Globes 2015 - Winners (Article) - 1/12/2015 11:18:43 AM

The Golden Globes are a joke, just like any other award show out there.

Daredevil Motion Poster and Release Date Arrive (Article) - 1/8/2015 11:26:48 AM

The 100, which is a CW show, has it's new shows posted online once a week as they are aired.  But that's not a show created for Netflix.


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