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The Wolverine on Location (Article) - 8/4/2012 9:03:59 AM

I think Jack would make a terrible Wolverine.  He doesn't look like Wolverine at all, even if he beefed up.

And Reek.  I said beef him up man.  Anyone can put on muscle.  Beef the dude up and put a wig on him.  Geez, half the actors out there use wigs.  Nicholson being one of them.  Jackie's totally got the Logan face, voice and grimace.

The Wolverine on Location (Article) - 8/2/2012 2:22:04 PM

I can't believe no one else has figured out the perfect actor to play Wolverine is none other then Jackie Earle Haley.  The guy looks like Wolverine.  All you'd need to do is really beef him up.  He's short and even has Wolvie's downturned nose.  The guys just looks like Logan.


Dark Knight Rises Parody (Article) - 7/19/2012 1:42:54 PM

lol  :D

Dark Knight Rises Parody (Article) - 7/19/2012 10:56:57 AM're starting to weird me out.  Stop spamming you freak.  :)

I liked the video.  And I'm glad it was posted.  CEO if you don't like Mania, you know you don't have to read it right?  Or come here at all.  You do have a choice.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 4 HD (Article) - 7/19/2012 10:38:28 AM

Yeah I can see that Betenoire.  It does make sense.  Especially in a crime filled Gotham city.

You know...I watched that trailer and they SO ripped off Tim Burton's Batman with that "What are you" like.  And instead of Batman saying "I'm Batman!", Bane says "I'm Gotham's reckoning".  The guy even says it in that whisper so it sounds almost exactly the same as the first time it was said in Batman.

@Flynn, Bob is not saying that the Joker or HL should be in this movie.  He's saying no one in this movie is performing AS WELL as HL did in the last one.  I could say the same thing like, this new Batman movie didn't have a really quality performance like Anthony Hopkins had in Silence of the Lambs, or Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption etc...  Both movies had quality performances.  This movie, although had quality performers like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, had no one come to the plate and really outdo themselves.  Not necessarily Bane, but any one of the cast didn't do as very good job.  At least that's what I understood from Bob.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 4 HD (Article) - 7/19/2012 10:25:00 AM

Thanks Betenoire.  I've seen other movies where lawyers are shifty or do bad stuff and reason has never come up before so this was just kind of a new one that he seemed to have just made up, but I can see that happening, I've just never heard it happen before IRL or in the movies.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 4 HD (Article) - 7/19/2012 9:07:06 AM that was a good one CEO "some will talk that we are in love".  I liked that.  :)

Could someone please explain to me one thing that I don't understand?  Why does Batman take the fall for Harvey?  I thought it was because if Harvey ever became a criminal, all the people he put away would be freed from jail?  I've never heard that this a US thing?

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 4 HD (Article) - 7/19/2012 7:38:41 AM

Seriously sound like an arse, sorry to say.  You're putting words in DarthBob's mouth.  I completely understood what he said and then I saw your post which made no sense.  Bob is just saying that no one in the film had the same level of acting as Heath, not that he wants Bane to be Joker.  He's talking about ACTING SKILLS, not character.

Hellboy 3 Update (Article) - 7/18/2012 10:51:29 AM

Gothic, Hooked never said anything wrong.  He just stated that it was an odd request.  Your statement to him was incredibly rude.

2 New Dark Knight Rises Spots (Article) - 7/18/2012 10:45:05 AM

Here here Redhairs...I agree completely about stupid people bringing their kids to the wrong movies.  People are just stupid.

What's just as bad is the idiots that bring their babies to a movie.  Like WTF...if you can't get a damn baby sitter, then RENT a movie don't ruin it for everyone else.

And Violator...Avengers.  lol


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