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Batmobile Revealed (Sort of) (Article) - 5/13/2014 11:18:59 AM the heck can you see his cup?  It's all dark down there.  Are you looking at a different pic?  All I see is the picture from Snyder's twitter account.

I think it looks pretty cool.  Not sure if I like the giant bat on the suit but it still looks pretty cool.


Jackman for Wolverine 3 and X-Men Apocalypse? (Article) - 5/13/2014 11:05:49 AM

I'm not saying it's better, it's bad to do that no matter what the age of the victim is.  Putting a number on it and labeling it "under age" doesn't make it any worse to me unless they are very old or very young.  You make it sound like because he was 17 instead of 18 (adulthood) that it's a huge difference.  My point before was that some of you made it sound like these were 8 or 9 year olds.  Just an FYI, it's not called pedophilia after a certain age (I believe it's 13 or 14).

To me you're a predator no matter what the age is.  When you slip something into someone's drink (or whatever way they decide to do it), you're assaulting them.  And if he did it then he deserves the punishment.  But he's innocent until proven guilty.  Read the story about one of them that said he got assaulted by someone else and got 4.5 million because of it, then years later he all of a sudden remembers that Singer also accosted him.  Sounds kind of fishy to me.


Jackman for Wolverine 3 and X-Men Apocalypse? (Article) - 5/13/2014 8:07:42 AM

Well these aren't little kids, these are teenagers.  You guys made it sound like he abused these little kids, IF he even did anything, which is still wrong, but at least teenagers...ages 15 and 17, should be able to handle themselves somewhat, whereas little kids can't defend themselves.  I mean look at Singer, it's not like he's some imposing dude.  He's a twig.

The Joker for Gotham? (Article) - 5/12/2014 11:31:25 AM

Tim Burton's Gotham was awesome.  He's a weird/hokey director but his gotham was cool.

Jackman for Wolverine 3 and X-Men Apocalypse? (Article) - 5/12/2014 11:28:07 AM

Why has Bryan Singer's name been tarnished?  I don't read the news so did he do something weird or is this just you not liking him Violator?  Just curious.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ragtag Review (Article) - 5/8/2014 9:37:15 AM

Exactly what I was thinking Rogue.  This is Hydra.  How do you think they formed within the ranks of Shield without talking to each other or doing covert things.  You think they just magically came up with a plan at the last second to blow up Shield?

Anyway, regarding Skye, I don't think it's Skrulls.  That seems too big for MAOS but who knows.  The other reason I don't think it's Skrulls is because Raina said that Skye shared the same DNA as herself, meaning that Raina is a 084 as well.  She also said that she's waiting for the special people to show their gifts.  Almost like she's talking about mutants who are going to show their powers when they hit puberty.  I think there's more to the "monsters" tale then just that they looked like monsters.  Some people are speculating Inhumans as well as the replacement to mutants so she could be that.  I don't know.


Aquaman Rumors Returns for Batman Vs Superman (Article) - 5/7/2014 8:02:20 AM

I think he means when he switches to human form.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Clip: Mystique Attack and More! (Article) - 5/5/2014 11:40:15 AM

 @ gopherblaster...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....NO FRIGGEN WAY.  The old cast is leaps and bounds better then the new cast.  The only one is Michael Fassbender.  The rest are worthless.  Of the old cast, Halle Berry is the only one I would get rid of.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Clip: Mystique Attack and More! (Article) - 5/2/2014 11:26:09 AM

I still prefer Rebecca.  Jennifer's face just looks goofy as Mystique.  Too baby faced.  Rebecca has a sexy look to her and when she moves it's very flowing.  Jennifer is so cardboard when she moves.  Her body is fine, but she just moves like a robot.  She just does not come across as the sexy killer type that Rebecca did.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nothing Personal Review (Article) - 5/1/2014 10:19:52 AM

And Fury's gun shoots purple lasers beams right?


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