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2014 Oscar Nominations (Article) - 1/17/2014 10:15:04 AM

I can't stand Jennifer Lawrence.  She's overhyped and seems very average.  She's very boring to watch onscreen.  And yes, I hated Hunger Games.

2014 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Slate (Article) - 1/17/2014 10:05:18 AM

BIONIC, BIONIC SIX...ooooo ooooo


YEAH!  Right there with you Millean.



Michael Douglas for Ant-Man (Article) - 1/16/2014 12:43:53 PM

No Laz, YOU get the story straight.  You're talking about regular Hank vs the Ultimate Hank.  Regular Hank only hit her once and then never forgave himself and even opened up a home for battered women.  Ultimate Hank was the real abuser.  Maybe you need to crack open the ol interwebz and read the history of Hank yourself.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker for Avengers 2 (Article) - 1/16/2014 12:29:31 PM

Dazzler the Chitauri weren't made up. They're from the comics. 

Worthington Officially Back for Avatar Sequels (Article) - 1/15/2014 12:51:14 PM

Violator I agree.  He's a better voice actor then an actual actor I think.

Michael Douglas for Ant-Man (Article) - 1/15/2014 12:49:13 PM

OMG, you guys and the "wife beater" bs.  He hit her once, which was stupid, but you act like he beat her senseless and that he did it all the time.  For crying out loud, it's a comic where the Wasp got the crap kicked out of her on a regular basis by the bad guys, I think she can handle a slap across the face.  Yes it was a stupid move on his part, but seriously, it's a comic book character and you act like he's alive...they can change the history of the character in the movie to whatever they want, you do know that right?

And we don't know what the story is, so those of you who are speculating how they're getting it wrong, are ridiculous.

I think this choices they picked are good, I just hope the story is as good.


Depp for Doctor Strange? (Article) - 1/15/2014 12:26:22 PM

Just to add to what Violator said.  Look at what happened to Edward Norton when he tried to take too much control.

Marvel One-Shot Mandarin Photos! (Article) - 1/10/2014 11:00:36 AM

I'm hoping the trevor thing was actually a ploy and he's the real Mandarin all along, but he needed to go to prison in order to set some things up for the future.

But yeah, other wise I'm with Axia.  Shane Black is a good comedic/action movie director, but this was NOT the movie he should have directed.  Soooooo many plotholes.  I'd have rather had Favreau stick around and direct.

And there's no reason they couldn't implement the real Mandarin.  They could have made the rings Chitauri or Asgardian in nature or something to that effect and tied it all in.

Agents of SHIELD: The Magical Place Review (Article) - 1/9/2014 7:14:32 PM

 If he is going to be Deathlok then maybe the clairvoyant is Simon Ryker.  That would explain how he knows so much since he has access to the omni computer.  Which would explain the computer like implant in the eye, etc...

3 New Amazing Spider-Man 2 International Posters (Article) - 1/8/2014 11:07:23 AM

Geez, photoshop much.  Could they not get Electro in a different pose?  These are not good.  And since when does Electro have flight?


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