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Baron Wolfgang von Strucker for Avengers 2 (Article) - 1/15/2014 3:45:26 PM

Hanso, I think it's because Joss is known for weaving multiple characters successfully, Avengers being a great example. It's partially due to his TV background, which demands it. Whereas with Spidey, I think a lot of peeps are scared of what happened in the past with Spiderman 3.     

Glenn Close for Guardians of the Galaxy (Article) - 6/2/2013 8:14:10 PM

Hi guys, I've been a member for some time now, but rarely comment. I enjoy this site immensely and usually enjoy reading your comments, although I think some of you are in desperate need of therapy. Okay, all of you. Me included.

But I have to say, I'm really taken aback by your attacking Rob and Mania. I am especially disheartened to see Wiseguy piling on. He usually takes more of a sensible, measured tone I've come to respect.

I think Snoop has a great idea, actually. Not sure how that would play with the studios, Rob. But it's kind of a cool idea.

Personally, I appreciate this site and everything it takes to bring it to us. And yes, you have every right to give feedback. But you don't have to be ungrateful jerks about it.



Top 50 Comic Book Artists of All-Time Part 4 (Article) - 4/25/2013 9:55:50 AM

Tim, I know Neal Adams, let me know if you would like to be introduced. He's a great guy. Love the list so far, by the way.

Iron Man 3 Update (Article) - 9/5/2012 6:38:34 AM

Un...freaking... buhleavable! What a great time to be an Iron Man fan.

The Walking Dead Season Two DVD Review (Article) - 9/4/2012 11:38:28 AM

Man, I get that this is a forum to exchange opinions and such. I really do. And I respect you, Jedi. You're a fixture on here. But when a show like this comes along that is this well written and well produced, we should be extoling its virtues, not bemoaning that the characters are not exactly as they were written in the books, which I love btw. In this non-linear world we live in where there are heroes in diff universes, we can certainly appreciate a different take on this. It's not THAT different, in my opinion. The basic premise is that in a world of the undead, it's the living that are the most dangerous. We get to watch how humanity drains from each character in different ways and at a different pace. It just absolutely nails the very true essence of the books.

Venom Moves to Philly (Article) - 9/4/2012 11:31:05 AM

Valkyrie and Venom? The only thing they have in common is a V [ and an e ]. Seriously, I don't see that pairing working at all. Be it in Philly or off world.

Cloud Atlas Trailer (Article) - 7/26/2012 11:39:11 AM

This looks to be epic.

Editorial: The Aurora Massacre (Article) - 7/22/2012 6:17:41 PM

This is one of the best articles I have ever read. Just truly brilliant in its insight. Well done, Rob. If I were Nolan I would find comfort in this piece. It sdeserves a larger audience than you have here on this wonderful site.

New Branded Trailer (Article) - 7/16/2012 9:52:56 AM

I think this might be just a 'tad' different than THX. This looks very promising to me.

DREDD 3D - Red Band Clip (Article) - 7/16/2012 9:51:13 AM

I honestly don't know how anyone could look at this film and not LOVE it. I'm not even into blood and I think it looks epic. BTW, the slow motion is not just a technique here for the sake of a technique, my understanding is that the plot has to do with a drug that slows everything down.


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