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Iron Maniac
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December 13, 2008
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April 19, 2015
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Hey there. I've been a sci-fi and comic book geek / nerd / dork since I was 9 or 10. I guess unlike the real world, it was a safe universe where my odd- ball buddies and I felt accepted.

I grew up on Lost In Space, Johnny Quest and Iron Man. I used to have a full run of Iron Man in NM condition. I waited over 35 years for the movie and was not disappointed. You can imagine how out of my mind I was when it came out.

I'm a Hybrid by nature. A bit of this and a bit of that.

Part Sports Freak, Part Comic Nerd. Part Traditional Advertising Writer, part New Media Guy. I'm a mutant - a shapeshifter.

My musical tastes are also hybrid in nature. I like contemporary stuff like The Kings of Leon, Blue October and ColdPlay. But I also love ELO, Queen, The Eagles, Boston and the Beatles

My taste in movies reveals my hybrid nature again. Sometimes I like intelligent independent films, sometimes mindless action. Great dialogue, but great fight scenes. I love Iron Man and The Avengers. But I also dig films like Royal Tennanbaums and Little Miss Sunshine. I'm all over the place.

Tastes in TV reveals more hybridness. I love scripted dramas like 24, but also really get into reality/challenge tv like Project Runway, Flipping Out and Life On The D List. 24 was one of the best shows ever, in my humble opinion. LeFemme Nakita was another great show in its day. Well written and she was sooo hot!

Books truly reveal my hybrid nature.  Bible one day, comic book the next. So sue me. Call me a nerd. I like the simplicity of the older comics and the intricacy and sophistication of the newer ones. Also loved Life of Pi, The Alchemist, The Lovely Bones, The Alienist, The Historian and any Ludlum novel.

More Hybrid mania: My two favorite heroes  are Iron Man and Peyton Manning. I've been a Colts fan since Unitas in the late 60's, an Iron Man fan since 68.

Newtown, PA United States
Advertising Creative Director
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
Avengers, Iron Man, Aliens, Batman, District 9
Favorite Horror Movie:
Paranormal Activity, Blairwitch Project, Cloverfield
Favorite Genre TV Show:
Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Walking Dead, 24, LeFemme Nakita
Favorite Comic Book:
Iron Man
Favorite Manga, Book, or Graphic Novel:
The Walking Dead, Fables, Y The Last Man, Invincible
Favorite Video Game:
Don't have the skills


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