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Bandai To Announce New License At Sakura-Con (Article) - 4/11/2011 7:55:28 AM

Metroid, your comment that "it would have taken a company like Funimation maybe 6 months tops to release that series" is laughable.  Ages ago, Funi re-licensed a lot of geneon titles that are ALREADY dubbed in English, like Hellsing TV, Hellsing Ultimate, and the Tenchi OVA. All Funi has to do is add their own trailers, maybe clean up the video a bit, and they would have money rolling in. They also have not yet released Trigun on bluray, which I have been waiting for for nearly  a year. This, plus Funi's poor record on their bluray releases, is a large part of the reason for Funi's drastic decline in both sales and company value since 2006. Funimation would definitely take a lot longer than 6 months to release K-ON in ANY format. Most Funi releases take at least  ayear if not two to get to market from the time they are licensed. You're living in a fantasy world if you believe otherwise.


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