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Dark Tower: Nothing to Discuss Yet...

5/11/2011 9:18:52 PM permalink

This is going out to all those Maniacs who want to whip me for not covering the latest sensational news regarding The Dark Tower.

I'm sorry but "sensational" is all it is..I don't consider it news. Please understand that The Dark Tower isn't set for a release until May 2013. Say that with me for those in the backrow...MAY 2013!

At the moment, there is no cast. There's no sets being built. Production wasn't even scheduled to begin until later this year.

So there's nothing to "HALT".

Every studio has to go through financing issues early into nearly every film's early pre-production days. Something as huge as adapting Stephen King's The Dark Tower series into a trilogy and TV series is no different.

If for some reason, the finances haven't been worked out by this summer or by its "planned" production debut, then it might be considered news worthy.

Until then, I just consider the whole thing a bunch of nonsense and filler.

Feel free to lynch me for those beliefs though.

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Michael Maelstrom (and Ed)...

8/28/2009 12:10:30 AM permalink

Do you have spammers who hate you or something?

Everytime you post a great blog, spammers come online and throw out 400 spam blogs in a row. We're trying to resolve an archiving issue but over the past two weeks, it does seem like they come online and post everytime you post a glorious blog...i.e. they love to shoot yours off the top 10 page.

Annoying bastards.

And yes spammers, you are indeed wasting your ruddy time. I'll take you out every damn time and soon your blogs won't show at all. Go elsewhere, bastards.



Stop Wasting Your Time, Spammers

4/30/2009 12:25:02 PM permalink

You should be catching a common theme over the past week if you're a spammer trying to link in our blog section.

What's that theme?

You're wasting your time!

We will continue deleting your spam blogs. It's best to travel elsewhere where people aren't paying attention and you'll still be credited for spamming websites (otherwise known as the 12th circle of Hell).




Join our Spiffy New Mania Groups!

1/3/2009 1:03:29 PM permalink

One of the very cool new features we've added to our Maniatastic new design is a custom group section where we fans can gather together and talk shop for some of the great genre properties out there.

Here's our Mania Group section.

As you can see, our Comics God Rob Worley and myself have already showed some of our fanboy love by getting some going for our favorite groups.

In fact, Rob created a special Strippers Blog group just for the likes of you Fembot loving Maniacs Starlight, Michael Maelstrom and Jakester. I've joined as well so I can get down and personal with those stalking beautiful robots with fantastic size dimensions.

Also, if you're a fan, come join me at the Firefly, Lost, Eli Stone and Star Wars fan groups. If you're a friend of mine, mandatory requests are required....

Otherwise, I'm coming after you with phasers set on "stun, strip and bark like a chicken".


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10/14/2008 8:35:42 PM permalink

I'm curious...Who else watches the show here?

The second season premiere tonight called "The Path" had me actually tearing up. The heart that they pour into the characters of this show is unreal.

Not to mention the true raw talent of the actors and actresses within the show is amazing. In an entertainment world where so many so called "talents" means looking beautiful and moving their mouths to the tune of pre-recorded voices...

To watch these people not only act...but also sing and dance...It's like something back in the 50's when true stars were supposed to actually have talent before they get recognized.

Jonny Lee Miller and his gang of co-stars continues to impress with their weekly performances. Enough to keep me hooked in a television landscape that frequently becomes void of truly entertaining moments.

Absolutely love this show.

It's now overtaken Heroes (which has been deteriorating since season 1) and Lost (which I still really love).

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Heroes Premiere? Start Anew?

9/23/2008 1:06:49 AM permalink

Here's the thing that bothered me about the season premiere.

I thought Tim Kring and his writers were going to start afresh? That they were going to stop with the endless questions. the hell did they start Nikki as some assistant without addressing what happened in New Orleans?!?

Where's Micah? What happened to the little girl that Mohinder-the-recently-made-idiot was supposed to be protecting.

The last we saw was Ali Larter blowing up in a burning building and Micah thinking his mother was dead. The last we saw was the little girl being under the protection of Mohinder...

Kring....guys....If you want to start anew....START ANEW. Don't go into opposite directions with more questions. End the last season's cliffhangers and then go into a new direction.

I liked last night's fact, I'm still hooked. But please knock off the unanswered questions from the previous season if you go on record about everything being answered (as Kring and company have said to media this past summer).

I'm glad that Peter confessed to Nathan that he shot him though. I'm glad that's not an unsolved crime mystery..Thanks Kring.

And btw, future Peter has too many powers...My god, he's unstoppable. He is indeed the most powerful on this series. He's a Jedi Master with...unlimited powers. He can now transfer people into other people's bodies?!?

If Peter ever turns villain (as the season premiere hints to), the world is screwed...royally.

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Night of the Creeps Mania Weekend

9/18/2008 12:11:21 PM permalink

I'm starting it earlier than the weekend...but there's 10 parts of this baby that I want to pass along.

I still cannot believe that this true classic hasn't been released on DVD yet! I mean, come on...Night of the Creeps is a classic homage to horror films everywhere.

Fun Facts:

Pay attention to the names of the film. They're named after great horror directors.

Christopher Romero (George A. Romero)
James Carpenter Hooper (John Carpenter) and (Tobe Hooper)
Cynthia Cronenberg (David Cronenberg)
Det.Ray Cameron (James Cameron)
Det.Landis (John Landis)
Sgt.Raimi (Sam Raimi)

Check out the grafiti on the wall in the dormitories..It says "Go Monster Squad". The director Fred Dekker would go onto to direct another classic , Monster Squad, a year later.

I had Night of the Creeps Part 1 as the Mania Video of the Day this morning...I've moved to Part 2...and will go all the way to the end.

Tags: zombies, horror, night of the creeps, fred dekker

Hurricane Ike Experience

9/17/2008 12:43:44 AM permalink

Or alternatively called "Sir Ike, the Tree Hating Devil" ..

Or how about "How I Sweat for 5 Days and Lived to Tell the Tale".

I'd go with the last title because that's what it feels like. Living in South Houston without air conditioning is akin to being skewered over an open fire. At least that's what it felt like for me.

How mankind survived without air conditioning, I will never know...

Well Maniacs, just a few hours ago, I came back into the wonderful world of air conditioning, refrigerated items and more importantly in this particular magical realm, internet access.

By reading the previous days of Mania-related items, I can see that I wasn't the only Maniac experiencing the woes of Hurricane Ike and his Nasty Wind fetish. SpideyBD, who lives right down the street apparently, is also having a devil of a week thanks to it and Silversurfer is having much the same.

Likely countless others who still don't have power would testify to those hardships as well.

Half of Houston is still in the dark as Wednesday's sun is about to rise so I consider myself very lucky feeling that air flow hitting my head at the moment.

I seriously considered running to the Centerpoint Energy crew who just restored my power and giving them a big ole Texan hug. Or a bottle of whiskey. As I just said to someone else, I'm pretty sure they would veto out the hug and take the whiskey considering the stress that they've been under these past few days. They've been doing a phenomenal job with what was handed to them and I thank them for helping me faster than expected.

As for Ike itself...That bastard was much more than I thought it would be.

Now, being here all my life, I've seen some Hurricanes and some nasty Tropical Storms but it's never been as bad as I expected going into them. It made me somewhat skeptical that these "storms" were really all that bad.

The only one I can't really remember is Alicia hitting Houston in 1983 since I was five at the time. I had no context for it other than the horror stories I had handed to me from parents.

I do remember living in a two story apartment at the time and seeing water hit my upper story apartment door but that's about it. I was too young. I was more worried about what's going to happen to Luke Skywalker after finding out who his daddy was than I was about some wind and rain.

Let's flash forward a few TS and Hurricanes (and 25 years later) to the latest bad boy who blew through my city.

While people were bailing, I was asking..."What's the big deal?"

After all, it was only a Cat 2 storm. Doesn't seem too bad, right?

Needless to say, I was wrong.

Very wrong. Very very very wrong.

I began second guessing my decision to stay around 3:00 a.m on Saturday morning when the wind was howling outside, objects were flying through the air and I placed my hand on the wall.

When that hand touched that wall and I felt the house actually shaking from the ground on up, I began questioning my decision to stay. This was the time that doubt entered and something else, which I have no problems admitting.


"Oh my God, I'm an Idiot" Fear.

I was afraid. I was 25 miles inward in Friendswood so I can only imagine what those poor souls in Galveston, Bolivar and Surfside Beach must have been experiencing around this time. It must have been bad.

Electricity was gone. Water was gone. All we had was the wind and the crashing of trees. No floods. No water. But terrifying wind.

When I walked outside a few sleepless hours later, no words came to mind for me. Looking around the neighborhood, I could only see the ruins of countless property. Trees caving in houses and laying where fences used to be upright. Power poles either hanging or missing. Streets blocked by 45 year old Oaks.


It's pretty much what a Maniac said yesterday on the Tobey Maguire news. It felt like the Autobots and Decepticons did battle in our own backyards. Or perhaps some of Rowling's Giants.

I would say something about the aftermath. For those of you who live or have lived in the South Texas area, you will know how vital it is at times to have:

1. Electricity
2. Fresh/Clean Water

Going without both for 5 days is enough to drive anyone around the bend and I was getting close. But I can't really complain here. Even as I went through the streets today, most street lights are dead. A lot of homes and businesses are silent.

It's pretty much a ghost town in some places and it's literally one in Bolivar and Galveston, which is no more and ruined, respectively.

So I have a lot to be thankful for here. And I am thankful. My prayers go out to those who are not as lucky as I am.

Speaking of which, thanks to you Maniacs who have been wishing those same thoughts our direction these past few days. Definitely appreciate the well wishes Wiseguy, Pony, Joey, Hanso and all of you great Maniacs.

I'm back...and it feels great. Literally. Thank you, Mr. Air Conditioning.

In closing:

Screw you Ike. Screw you and the waters you blew in on...

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Maniac Question: Forums are there, do you use them?

8/25/2008 8:54:15 PM permalink

Hello Maniacs, we're having a discussion over in our Mania Forum Community at the moment on why with so much increased traffic, the forums seem to be slow at the moment.

So, I'm going to open the discussion over here and grab your thoughts on the subject.

Did you know that we have a forum community?

You can find it here.

We have a wide variety of forum topics for the different mediums. Anywhere from General Talk (Politics, Life, etc) to Entertainment-related subjects like 007, Heroes, Lost, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies, Novels, Music, Sports and more.

I'm curious.

Are you aware of our very own Mania Forum Community? Have you ever used it? If not, what's stopping you?

I swear, they've all had their shots. Or are you worried about infecting them with your own brand of Maniac madness?

Don't be shy. Whether we like to blog or we like to post in the forums, we're all part of one big community here.

Feel free to post your thoughts below and by all means, join your fellow Maniacs in our forum community.

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