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8-Minute Gotham News and Alt-Trailer for KNIGHT (Article) - 6/13/2008 9:59:58 PM

I wouldn't worry, Hanso. Ratner will be busy doing Beverly Hills Copy IV (confirmed) to do that one. The God of War with Ratner has never been confirmed by anyone on his camp or by the studio. The man's name seems to be attached to too many movies by rumors alone but little of it is ever fact.

8-Minute Gotham News and Alt-Trailer for KNIGHT (Article) - 6/13/2008 9:09:06 PM

That 8 minute Gotham News was awesome. Easy to admit that I love what Nolan and the marketing guys are doing with this movie. Just the amount of the fanboyism they put into some of their viral sites (like the Gotham Newspaper) had me impressed. Can't wait for July 18.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/13/2008 8:31:43 PM

Thanks Joey...<br /> Hanso...Wiseguy (I did read your blog on it too), I did cover these subjects individually during this past week. Which is sorta why Joey says we're talked out on these subjects. But this column is more of a weekly wrap-up of the top rumors for other people who don't have as much time during the week...For all users just to discuss things in one place. A weekend discussion place if you will. :)

Superbad Stars Take on the APOCALYPSE (Article) - 6/11/2008 3:29:45 AM

I was thinking the same thing when I was writing it, Mr. Jaw. But technically in Superbad, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera played Seth and Evan's childhood antics. Hill was Seth and Cera was Evan. Seth Rogen and Bill Hader were only identified as Officers Slater and Michaels. No first names. Still, it would have been amusing to see the same two cops dealing with the apocalypse. If they were even half as bad as they were in Superbad, the world is doomed!

Vader's Secret Apprentice in SOUL CALIBUR IV? (Article) - 6/9/2008 2:53:31 PM

How come Lucas is the one getting bashed for being money greedy? I mean, I'm used to it from here and everywhere else after the prequels, but....this is Namco Bandai's title and major release. They're the ones who have say and are putting the characters in to help sell their title.

Update: Marsden Joins TRANSFORMERS 2 & Video (Article) - 6/3/2008 12:58:22 PM

Marsden was also the head scientific leader (the devious one) in Anaconda 2: Blood Orchid and the devious scientist in Resident Evil: Extinction, the young chap who tried shooting the main villain towards the end only to get his eyes and tongue yanked out when his would-be victim turned into the creature. Around the same age as Josh Duhamel and Gibson. It seems that Bay is putting in more Worldwide elements into the sequel as opposed to the original being strictly American. One battle in a Chinese city and now this guy will be playing a British Special Forces operative. Perhaps some other elements too as time and scoops come in.

Mania on this Day: Hellboy Revealed, Yeoh Misses & Mach 5 Shines! (Article) - 5/31/2008 1:32:11 AM

Del Toro is indeed the man, DarkHeart. Agreed. I can't wait for July 2008. -Hancock -Hellboy II -Dark Knight -X-Files 2 2008.

New Redband trailer for Coens' BURN (Article) - 5/30/2008 9:41:11 PM

Pony....Why are you on my butt now?<br /> I don't like comedies and I normally don't cover them here at Mania but I do make exceptions. Sci-fi comedies, Fantasy comedies, Horror comedies and like said above...Spy comedies.<br /> Why not cover it?<br /> I understand that everyone has a different opinion. In all my years here, I'm used to hearing people complain my direction but sometimes, even I'm surprised on it all. I was surprised last weekend when Taydor told me to cover something instead of doing a weekly column. As Chip said, "don't read it if it's not your cup of tea"...<br /> We do have 32,000 articles here at Mania and sometimes even I'm surprised when someone who is on my friends list (like you, Hanso, etc) comes along and tells me..."Why is this covered here!?"<br /> I don't know...I really don't know at times. All of you know how I feel about comedies..(dime a dozen) but when it's mixed with genre material like spy, sci-fi, fantasy, horror....I do cover it. <br />

Box Office: Paramount Finds Memorial Day Treasure with INDY (Article) - 5/26/2008 2:30:56 AM

Mla, you would sue your own wife/girlfriend??? Crazy man, you.<br /> I believe that's what Wes is referring to above when he says "The Boss" anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong there. <br /> I believe a lot of "Bosses" will be leading their minions...errr...significant others to that film next weekend. <br />

Unspecified Title (Article) - 5/24/2008 11:06:27 PM

Winter, it did have some X-Files: Fight the Future moment there... But what is there to say? In ALL the Indy movies, the MacGuffin must be destroyed when it wipes out the enemies. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Takes out the Nazis, then lost in a warehouse. Temple of Doom: Most of the stones disappear into crocodiles, except one, which isn't returned to a museum. Last Crusade: Cup falls through the cracks because of.....greed. That's what MacGuffins do. Since this was based on 50's sci-fi classics, the ship must disappear at some point and be not left for evidence. In the same style that Mulder can't possibly prove that an alien ship exists in the running of the X-Files series. I see what you're saying, Winter, but there seems to be little choice behind it. It needed to go somehow.


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