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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men Review (Article) - 3/13/2014 7:43:33 AM

Thank you monkeyfoot. ST: TNG is a good example of a slow building series that became iconic once it was allowed to simmer properly. Another, and more closely tied series was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was reminded of the tie when Fitz commented about Simmons getting knocked out a lot, just like Cordelia noticed about Giles. I never watched Joss' magnum opus initially, but my girlfriend recently forced me to dig in. The first season was difficult. The plots were derivative and contrite one offs, the acting, make-up, effects, and fight choreography were sub par, and the characters were pretty one dimensional. By the middle of the second season I was burning through four episodes a night. SHIELD had a richer well established universe that they are just beginning to tap into. After the second life of Firefly I doubt any network or studio is going to abandon another Joss Whedon show, but keep the faith and keep the ratings up so this show will get the support it needs to live up to the hype/potential.

3 More for Constantine TV Pilot (Article) - 3/11/2014 12:35:48 PM

I only hope the female companion is on long enough for Constantine to sleep with her then screw her over like he does every woman he has any kind of relationship with. I will watch this show just for the chance that the Stranger will make an appearance.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I. Review (Article) - 3/6/2014 12:43:17 PM

I was convinced that was Kree in the tube, but I had totally forgotten that the Atlanteans are blue. I have been wondering about a Namor/Atlantis tie in ever since the first episode with Skye being a member of the group Rising Tide. Maybe someone should check Skye's ankles for little wings??

The 5 Best Musicians Turned Actor (Article) - 1/12/2012 5:20:14 AM

 Mos Def and Cher are the two most egregious omissions from the list. I love Dwight Yoakam but South of Heaven West of Hell was enough of a stinker to keep him off the list.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Teaser Trailer (Article) - 12/14/2011 2:03:24 PM

 You all seem to have overlooked the best part of this teaser. At the 2:00 mark, blowing through some fire and wreckage, I'm pretty damn sure that was a COBRA HISS!! That's enough to sell me on this movie over the last one. The HISS tank and Deep Six's SHARC submarine were by far my two favorite vehicles!

The 13 Best Stephen King Adaptations Ever (Article) - 12/11/2011 7:54:57 PM

 I am glad to see Apt Pupil get an honorable mention but why not extend the list to at least 15 so it could get a full write up. 

Mania Review: The Muppets (Article) - 11/24/2011 6:59:18 AM

 How can Muppets From Space be the worst of the Muppet movies? Pepe, has two of the funniest scenes ever, dancing in the tutu, and the line "I am not a shrimp, I AM A KING PRAWN!" And I am sorry to those that liked Treasure Island but Tim Curry is far surpassed by Patrick Warburton and Parliment!

The 7 Scariest Clowns (Article) - 10/31/2011 7:25:47 PM

 This list is spot on!

Pennywise scared the crap out of me back in 1990 when I was thirteen but Joker has scared the crap out of me for almost thirty years. The opening of The Killing Joke when Batman is trying to reason with him just to find its a ruse and Joker is out wrecking the lives of the Gordons. In The Dark Night Returns he tricks the world into believing he is cured and that Batman was the reason for his madness just so he can get free and kill himself to frame Batman. The way Dave McKean drew him in Arkham Asylum is nightmarish. Both Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson's on screen portrails are the reason those two movies are worth watching again. Even Marvel's closest homicidal maniac Carnage is a pale imitation that can't even stay relevent. he more I write this the more great Joker moments come to mind.

Hands down the scariest clown is Joker.

10 Best Revenge Movies (Article) - 10/19/2011 10:58:17 PM

This is another list that my heart and head have a disagreement on. My heart loves most of the movies on this list. When I read the comments and saw Count of Monte Cristo was in some opinions erroniously omited my first thought was 'Yea, but which version?' Then, the more I thought about it the list is titled 10 Best Revenge MOVIES. I never really like these list if they arent specific enough to leave out adaptations. In the tenth entry, V for Vendetta, he even states how the book executes the revenge better. 

So, I am splitting hairs even more than WiseGuy, based solely on my own reasoning for discounting Count.

Wait a minute, Doesn't V show Evey the old black and white Count when explaining revenge to her. 

Also, what was the movie with a kid, maybe a young DiCaprio, who is in jail or an institution and he's always reading Count of Monte Cristo and someone asks him his favorite part and he says 'When he escapes.'?

In summation, screw my first paragraph. Count of Monte Cristo should be on the list, any version that story is the difinative revenge tale.

5 Not-So-Great Things About Episodes IV-VI (Article) - 9/14/2011 12:08:04 PM

 My favorite part of this article is that you capitalized Clitoris. It does deserve that kind of respect.


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