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Up, Up and Away...

May 19, 2011

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     After ten years, and 218 episodes Smallville, one of the CW’s highest rated shows says, ‘ado’ to its legions of fans with a not so bad two hour episode. Was it prefect? No, not really. However, it wasn’t terrible either.

     Clark Kent’s journey from super powered farm boy just trying (often desperately) to fit in with his peers to the super hero in the blue, red , and yellow tights we all know has been paved with both highs (Rosetta) and lows (Prophecy). And, it has basically delivered quality. Mostly…

     First off, (And maybe all of these points will seem obvious.) to maintain a level of integrity and good ratings over ten years is no small feat, and should be commended. Second, it is a television show with a limited budget. To decide what to show and what not to show in an episode only about forty-two minutes long can’t be easy. With what the crew had to work with, the special effects aren’t that bad.

     As for Finale I and Finale II, the problem here lies with the writing. The writers, it seems, are trying to show Clark stuck between holding on to his past while moving forward toward become the ‘Big Blue Incorruptible Boy Scout’ we all know and love. As any hardcore fan knows, this issue has been covered and covered by comic books, movies, and television shows since the character’s inception.

     In this episode there is too much back and forth between Clark and his parents and Clark and Lois. Lois can’t get married…Clark can’t get married…Clark has to let go of Smallville, but can’t…Blah, blah, blah…. Did we really need to prolong these issues all the way through the end? No, certainly not. However, as bad as some of the writing was, Lois and Clark’s wedding vows were beautifully written. The writer’s should have been wrapped up at least a couple of episodes before so the fans could see more of Darkseid.

       Incidentally, talk about skipping out… DARKSEID! Come on! Really? We never really get to see Darkseid. He was always just this mist that inhabited one of the characters. Back in season eight we saw Doomsday, and that make up job was incredible. I would have loved to see Darkseid in the flesh. That was a big letdown.

       I also really don’t like the fact that they glossed over *SPOILER* Tess’s death at the hands of her brother. It’s never mentioned by any of the other characters.

     I would have also liked to have seen more of Superman, however there seems to be a reason why we didn’t. It would seem that the producers literally had to beg DC Comics to even let them show the suit. And, then showing the entire suit was a no-no, which is why there was all of that CG. Which brings me to Tom Welling; he turned down the role, fearing he wouldn’t be able to the character justice. I have nothing but praise for his performance, and for the brief moments Tom Welling was doing the flying, and not a CG Superman, I really did believe a man could fly.

       As for Erica Durance; she is the embodiment of Lois Lane, and not offense to Margot Kidder’s brilliant turn as Lois Lane, but Durance’s portrayal is my favorite. As for John Schneider and Annette O’Toole, they work well together… And let’s face it, even if you have great parents, who would want these two as their parents? And then there is Michael Rosebaum’s long awaited return; it doesn’t disappointment. 

     And, while the rest of the cast (Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Allison Mack) were awesome, my favorite character through out the ten year run as always been Mack's Chloe Sullivan for witty humor and quippy dialogue.  

        All in all, I’m sorry to see this show go. It’s been long run, and will be missed, but Smallville received a fairly proper send off. Up, up, away!!


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