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The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner Review (Article) - 3/7/2012 9:13:51 AM

Damn, this episode sparked some conversation. Great to see it. I've read all the comments, but I'm wrapping up my latest book so I don't have time to respond. Loving the passion though.


The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out Review (Article) - 2/28/2012 4:49:04 PM

wish, as to your spoiler alert......















That's the way it is in the books, so that makes sense. Now I have to go back and look at Rick's face to see if he's trying to conceal a secret when he and Shane deduce it might be from scratches.

The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out Review (Article) - 2/28/2012 11:22:47 AM

Hey everyone,

Don't think I'm going to get a chance to address each comment this week, but glad to see most everyone enjoyed this ep. ... except for jyasnr. I have no idea how you prefered this episode over last week's, but you are he one who is clearly in the minority. If you liked last week better, maybe you should go back and watch Falcon's Crest on Hulu instead.   ;)

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/23/2012 4:48:50 PM

totaman, I see that side of it, and while I haven't bothered calling T-Dog a token here, I'm not bothered by it either. I don't assume it's said with any malice. I think I try to police my comment boxes pretty well, but again, I understand your point.

I do hope we see both Tyreese and Michonne - she is bad ass.

goldeneyz, T-Dog would not be my go-to guy for comic relief. Glenn handles that very well, along with all the other duties they throw at him. T-Dog black or white is a useless character lately.

Jonny Rotten, I assume the arm was just to show how desensitized everyone is by this point, but I did feel like it needed a bigger pay off.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/21/2012 5:10:44 PM

Mr Jaw, I did, it's possible.

DaForce, yes, it was mentioned earlier inthese boxes. Still my indignation at her following her cop husband who had back-up, while she was pregnant stands. - AND, yes, there are some interesting divisions going on among the group. Alliances are being formed and will be demolished shortly after is my guess.

tjanson, it was very pissy, very soap opera-ish. I can handle it for a filler ep, but I was hoping for a better one. Hoping next week is an A.


Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/21/2012 8:14:00 AM

Roqueja, great to see you as well my friend. I did mean to mention the walker ripping his own face off to kill Lori. Hell, I sometimes feel I'd make that same sacrifice to put an end to her character. Love that you audibly announced T-Dog's arrival onscreen. I hope you were by yourself, because it makes it that much funnier.

Also, I can definitely see Andrea attracted to Dale once (if) she determines Shane is actually a danger to the group.

rogue, great to hear from you too.... excellent to see so many familiar screen names and avatars. Wasn't aware of Bernthal's new show, but it doesn't absolutely spell the end for Shane. I could see Shane becoming an ever-threatening presence out there. It could add to the overall paranoia. Of course if he meets his demise the same way he does in the graphic novel, that would certainly add a new and interesting wrinkle to a character or two.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 5:52:21 PM

hanso, my love for you is no secret either. Nice to hear from you again old friend.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 5:06:30 PM

Release, Damn, I'm wrong about Lori being unarmed too... damn. OK, still she was pregnant, and her husband is a trained armed cop blah blah blah.

Yes, it was filler, and not bad for filler. Thanks for the kind words.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 4:32:52 PM

DForce, I'm with you on most of your statements. I like your comments abouts Darryl's brother Merle, but in fairness, they did go back and looked for him. Darryl may not realize that, but they did.

Lori is absolutely poisoning Rick against Shane, and you're correct, Rick did read Shane's actions as the right calls, but the rift has started, and things will split and fray very soon. Part of that rift will have to be attributed to the Lori's manipulation. (And to her point, she has valid concerns.)

Regardless of knife or hatchet, f@*k it and leave the kid. Shoot him in the head to be generous, but those odds were not favorable. T-Dog is being called a token because he has been billed as co-star status (equal to Dale, Andrea, Carol and Darryl) yet really hasn't had much more to do than Hershel's other offspring - but no one expected anything from them. You name a guy "T-Dog" and I want to see some T-Dogging, whatever that is.

Also, I stand corrected about Lori's time of departure, but it doesn't change the rest of my point. She's pregnant, she's unarmed, her husband is a trained cop, has a gun and has armed back-up in Glen. That was just a contrived way to reinforce Shane's determination to do whatever he feels is right. That could have been handled better.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 1:31:30 PM

professor, I don't mind the Andrea/Dale relationship at all. Makes sense to me that Andra would be attracted to a virile strong man than a balding old guy in a Winnebago. Also makes sense that Dale would want Andrea.

millean, I was sensing some kind of heat between Carol and Daryl too, but I don't think it'll happen. I'll take the over.

jedi, I don't think there's any reason we won't see Tyrese in the future, but yeah, they have really invented a noncharacter in TDog for whatever reason.


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