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Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 8:57:21 AM

Wise, also loved your added insight into Darryl. He doesn't like feeling vulnerable, and he now resents Carol for that as well as the reasons I listed.

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 8:56:08 AM

Excellent points Wise. You're right, Rick has turned a corner, and yes, Lori absolutely tried the jedi mind trick on Rick. Great to be back.


Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review (Article) - 2/20/2012 8:54:37 AM

Good point, Hobbs. Many people, including myself, have brought that point up, and to be honest, I 've completely forgotten about him now. He's basically wallpaper at this stage.

Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 12/1/2011 12:52:55 AM

Hey fellas (and I say fellas, because there doesn't seem to be very many hormones in this room) just wanted to say I've been reading daily and I'm loving the conversations.

Thanks to all who have been contributing, and especially wish for the very kind words.

I was amused at the tiny skirmish between USA and Canada, and glad to see all was settled before an online North American Civil War ensued.

Just met with my friend Sean for lunch who persuaded me to read WWZ, or at least grab the audio book - apparently Alan Alda, Mark Hamill and John Turturo lend their vocal talents to the project. He also dropped a zombie book reference on me that was written in the early 40's from the British perspective.... hope I am remembering his recommendation correctly - anyway, does anyone know the book he's talking about?

Maybe I'll grab the WWZ book, but more likely I'll listen to the audio first - BTW, Sean tells me the scuttlebutt is Brad Pitt has ruined the movie version. Anyone else have any info on the flick?

We've got 3 months to kill untill the next Walking Dead - may as well fill some of these pages with other zombie-related news.

I'll be lurking.


Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/29/2011 10:00:39 PM

wiseguy, I definitely feel Shane froze at the prospect of shooting Sophia. Not because he was scared, but suddenly the Walker threat had a familiar face, and ending her existence had to be an ironic kick to the balls, since many of them had spent a good part of their days trying to find her. The reality of it all, plus the fact that her mother was weeping behind him froze Shane. Rick stepped up and did what Shane couldn't. Another irony since Shane had just accused Rick (to Lori) of being unable to make the tough choices.

monkeyfoot, I agree JJ could make Trek more Trek-ish, but again, I was able to enjoy both the TV show and series.

elbaz, see comments to wiseguy above.

hanso, Kirkman got paid, but he also is able to do the re-imaging himself. I think he can sleep with that decision.

Bryzarro, Shane certainly feels he's better equipped than Rick to be calling the shots, but at this point I'll maintain Rick is the best guy to lead this group in the long run. All of Shane's decisions (right and wrong) come down to his own self preservation. I honestly believe Shane did all he could to rescue Rick at the hospital way back when, but that's the point - Shane's all he can do isn't as much as Rick's all he can do. Rick is willing to make personal sacrifices. It may not be realistic or safe or smart given the circumstances, but in the long run people will follow Rick over Shane. I think we'll see that demonstrated very soon.

JohnnyRotten, thank you sir. I like your point about brains and muscle. In the real world Rick and Shane were a perfect team. Shane may have been a little jealous of Rick's position professionally and personally, but in this world Shane's jealousies are comingto a head, and his suspicions of being the baby daddy are only going to add to the conflict and skew his behavior further against Rick.

millean, you did mention Sophia might be in the barn first, but i was so certain she'd live so the writers could play her relationship with Carl a little further I didn't give it much credence. Nice call.

violator, you were drunk, I was enjoying a very legal California grown substance, but we both loved the show. Viva la difference.

Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/29/2011 2:12:38 AM

redvector, I wrote in a colum or in the comment boxes weeks ago I suspect Shane may have tagged Lori before she actually married Rick, and probably always had an attraction. Curious if that pans out.

elbaz, yes for Bernthal's Emmy nom, and agreed with the amazing ending

johnwhitetoledo, I do kind of wish Shane still meets his end the same way he does in the books, but it won't bother me if he doesn't. Though I half suspect he may never die in this version.

xJokers, I didn't see that one coming at all, and I usually pride myself on seeing these things. I was way off on my guess that she and Carl would become involved it never entered my head she'd be in that barn.

Wiseguy, I think Shane wins a hand to hand battle with Rick, but Rick eventually wins the war.

trollman, I love the idea that Hershel knew Sophia was in the barn. That would make a lot of sense. That will only cause more conflict. Great call.

Roqueja, I'm completely with you in regards to the book vs TV show. I enjoy the fact I don't know what happens next, yet other times they adhere very close to the source.

Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/29/2011 2:03:13 AM

Artemisdigital, thank you for the kind words. 25 points to you for posting first.

dalgoda, I think it's a lock that Shane gets an ass beating at some point, but I can also see him handing out a few. It would be interested to see him kick Rick's ass in front of Lori and Carl.

wieas, it'll get here.... unless some sort of epidemic hits the Earth and people turn into fleash-eating zombies.

wish, thaqnk you for the nice words, and yes, Shane is one of the most compelling characters on TV right now.

jedi, as a rabid fan of the graphic novels I see your point, but I definitely go the other way. I'm glad I don't know what's coming next, and as someone mentioned in these posts, the show has been true to the essence of each character. Some just live longer than others. It's a fine televised Elseworlds version. I'm happy with it.

sythe, you're gonna have to let it go man. I was pissed Joker died at the end of Burton's Batman. I also had other issues with that movie, so while I was upset it took some liberties, I still enjoyed the movie enough. I give that one a B-. This show has been an A-/B on average.

Ryodin, I'm bold enough to admit the sight of Sophia shocked me even after I saw her shoes. Normally I'm on this stuff, but I was misdirected.

goirish83. no arguments.

iceknight, Too busy to read that Govenor book, but I'm only hearing greatthings about it. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas.


Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/28/2011 11:30:19 AM

And yes, Rick kills Sophia because he does feel responsible, which makes him more heroic.

I don't think Shane froze at the sight of Sophia out of fear. He and the others did freeze though. Rick stepped up and did the hard work. It's easy to shoot nameless faceless zombies - especially when you believe you have righteous anger, but when faced with placing a bullet in the head of a previously innocent, and fairly battered little girl, who we all thought might prosper now that her abusive father was no longer alive, the mob couldn't make that hard decision.

Shane has made some hard decisions, and he does have points about Rick endangering the group, but Rick's errors can be chalked up to his humanity. Shane's flaws are because he's losing his.

It will be interesting to see how long Rick can hold on to what makes him heroic.


Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/28/2011 11:24:03 AM

Whoa! Love the passion here. Didn't expect these numbers at this point, but glad to see the comment boxes filling up. I'll do my best to comment individually when I get a chance, and I'll be checking throughout the day.

Some great comments, valid complaints and interesting calls.

Still looking for more comments on who wins in the What If Darryl vs Shane fight. So far Shane is the favorite, and I'm with the majority there.

Walking Dead: Secrets Review (Article) - 11/24/2011 9:18:36 AM

axia777, last season I'd have said the show was just as good as the comics. This season I'd say the comics are great, the show is very good and can be great. I'm happy they don't stick to the books as gospel. I like the surprises they're throwing at me.

Great comments from everyone. Glad to see we're all passionate about this show. Again, for the record I love this show, just wasn't crazy about the last episode. I'm expecting big things from this Sunday's installment. Please keep the comments flowing and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all.


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