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Muenster 4/15/2010 2:33:48 AM

Some Annoying Anime Japanese'ism's are:

1.pinky promises
2.weaker characters blocking paths with outstretched arms
3.clueless boys
4.idiotic and illogical politcal premises and any reference to the UN running the world
5.teenagers piloting death machines, but still going to high school?!?! Middle school?!?!
6.long winded flashbacks and dialogues during violent often bloody fights
7.people surviving horrific mortal injuries and still winning the fight, then going back to school
8.high school students are so smart and have so much time and money and live alone
9.middle school are so smart and have so much time and money and live alone
10.Parents nowhere to be found
11.Harems or if a story has a female to male ratio of more than 2:1
12.Angry and or embarrassed girls hitting boys and not getting their asses handed to them
13.Girls yelling all the time
14.Any character who says another's characters name more than 5 times in less than 5 minutes. (I mean, really... What the hell is that all about? Is this a modern fad?)
15.MASSIVE sexual insecurity when dealing with members of the opposite sex
16.Few if any consequences for violent and anti-social beahavior.
17.Over-developed girls or characters with monstrous breasts
18.Memory loss
19.Parents are dead
20.Guys getting excited about peeking at girls using a toilet (yuck!)
21.Girls telling guys not to peek while they use the toilet (yuck!)
22.Tentacles (Yeah, I know that was mainly a 90's thing, but there's no excuse for it.
23.Characters always adding sempai and san, etc honorifics... to familiar peoples names. I ived in Japan for a little while... Never noticed people talking like that "all the time".
24.Super powered little girls with physics defying speed, power, and fighting skills.
25.Super powered girls that decide to attend a high school to be near clueless boys that they pinky promised with when they were young, but has forgotten due to his memory loss. (don't laugh! there are more series with these conventions than you realize.)
26.The boy that thinks a super powered girl needs a weakling boy to complete her
27.The boy that is revealed to have a super power that saves the super powered girl.

There are more, I could list, but basically if I run across a series that catches my eye and I witness #'s 4, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 25, or 20 or combinations of the other cliched japanese'sms, it gets turned off immediately because it's probably crap and usually only appeals to hardcore otakus.

Thanks for the excellent reply to my somewhat mean comment earlier.



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