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Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/22/2013 11:26:39 AM

 I liked Green Lantern and I do agree it can be salvaged, there wasnt anything fundamentally wrong with it, it was just kind of dull, mostly because of the smokey villain.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/21/2013 11:46:56 AM

 VT, I dont want the comic book, the only thing I expect from a movie about Superman, is Superman, at his core, you can change a few things about his origin, about his upbringing but you have to stick to his core, I failed to see that in the movie.

I think the major problem was that there was no love for the character to begin with, you hear Goyer and Snyder in interviews and you can tell they really didnt think Superman was interesting, they created a movie about Superman from the premise that he had many fundamental flaws they needed to fix in order to (in their own words) make Superman Relevant and Cool again; I ask them, when did he stop being relevant  and cool? Is it SR´s mediocre box office numbers? what evidence are they basing their assertions on? if it was indeed SR then I guess they failed to see SR´s true problems, SR failed cause it was a semi-sequel (what ever that means)/ remake, with a detatched alien as a main character, with the 50s goofy Clark Kent, horrible Lois, Cheesy and comedic vilain with a laughable evil plan (a real state scam, really Lex?). This irrelevance they acuse Superman of, that warranted their overhaul, is it real or is it just a perception caused by the fact that there hasnt been a decent movie for 30 years? How do they know the comic book´s Superman is irrelevant if he never really got a proper chance to prove himself to wider audiences, if SR had been a faithfull representatin of the SUperman that was, at the time in current continuity and they had stuck to the Byrne revamp-Final Crisis continuity type of stories and the movie had tanked, then I might be inclined to agree but as it stands, everyone who ever tackled SUperman was a) too infatuated with the Donner verse and simply couldnt let go (Singer´s SR) or b) didnt really care for the character and wanted to re-engeneer it (Tim Burton, McG and finally Snyder and Goyer in MOS). I wish just once someone would tackled the character, actually had love for the character and and not grab him in order to change him and make him cooler.

Killing Zod was not cool or relevant or realistic or raw, it was plain lazy, an easy shock and awe for new audiences. TDK proved people craved for serious super hero movies  but Marvel (and Im not a huge fan, Im more of a DC kind of guy) showed that you dont have to go dark  either with a superhero movie for it to conect with audiences, it showed you can go all full blown comic book mythos and fan fare and be a tremendous success. That said I didnt want an Iron Man or Avengers levity and recurring funny moments but I also didnt want a Dark Knight- left -the-theater with a fuzzy head and a troubled heart movie, as I felt leaving the theater the first time I saw it.  This realism fitted Batman almost perfectly, Nolan didnt need to side step the character greatly to get to his hyperreality thing, that´s not the case with Superman, to go sci fi with him you need to ignore some of his most basic traits, go against his essence, what makes SUperman, Superman.

Im not just worried about a sequel, they managed to make this movie so uncomic book-ish that I have a hard time seeing GL or WW or Flash fitting in the MOS universe.

Dunno, I overall enjoyed the movie, once I got past the "this isnt the canonical Superman" issue (which I can, Im not narrowminded) but it still left me with a bad after taste and Im not really looking forward to a sequel and/or a crossover universe.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/16/2013 8:39:44 PM

 @phantomman, see,  that´s what you are asumming that Jor el VI or AI (whatever) built the suit but that wasnt explained in the movie, nor even hinted at, when viewers have to explain those kind of plot deficiencies by themselves is called bad story telling.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/16/2013 8:35:50 PM

 @Shogunn I dont asume, read my post again, this time, completely and carefully, I mentioned this, Goyer said so in an interview, he was talking about where he would take things in the sequel and he talked about how he would have to think thoroughly about how to handle the fact that a lot of people from Smallville know who he is, if you ask me, they wrote themselves into a corner, just cause they thought the glasses thing was unrealistic, in the end they went for it anyway.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/16/2013 11:41:24 AM

 To all the people complaining about the glasses thing being unrealistic, there ya go... personally I think its more unrelistic the way Lois traced him back to Smallville and the fact that although half the town know its Clark (its not very clear in the movie but Goyer said so himself) yet the secret doesnt leak to the press, now THAT is unrealistic. 

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/14/2013 9:58:57 PM

 Oh and @Hanzo, the answer to you question of why SR got better raiting than MOS is simply, look at all the reviewers that didnt like the MOS simply because it wasnt the Donner version they saw as kids/youngsters, in turn SR was, Im sure all those critics that gave MOS grief cause it wasnt the Christopher Reeve Superman gave SR a higher raiting, seeing as the entire movie was a homage to the Donnerverse.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/14/2013 8:30:04 PM

 It made no sense that he let his dad die, so his secret wouldnt be revealed but so was so cavallier to reveal it to save Lois from the Robot thingy in the spaceship? WTF? I found that very contrived.

Mania Review: Man of Steel (Article) - 6/14/2013 4:25:29 AM

 I just saw it and let me preface by saying that if your undecided, go see it, dont listen to reviews, i know its the best method to discriminate where to spend hard earned money and precious time but this movie is worth it, even if you dont end up liking it, you´ll realize its a must see, specially in movie theaters, if anything for the action sequences, probably the best super powered hero action fight scenes in cinema history, they´r very respectfull with the real life physics (with in sci fi of course) so every punch and throw feel like if there were trully super beings, that´s how their fights would look like. 

I liked it a lot but i cant disagree with this review, I dont think it affects the overall as the reviewer acessed but the transitions between scenes and the editing at times is less than perfect and it does cut into the flow of the movie but again, its not as bad, I would give this a  B  with the editing being its on real mistake.

It has heart, its different from anything with Superman you´ve ever seen on screen and the action is simply amazing, the Zod-Superman fight made me feel like a live action version of the Superman-Darkseid from the final episode of JLU.

Man of Steel Movie CLIP #1 (Article) - 6/6/2013 2:51:14 AM

 well then just disapear the character as a whole, cause that´s how its worked for 75 years, look I get it, realism, cynism are keywords to describe today´s society (arent we all just a bunch of Tolstois) what ever, if Superman cant work for newer audiences (which I think is a mistaken asertion) then stop making movies but dont change him, I prefer they dont do anything than making movies and changing him to catter to all those  new age "reality junkies" who apparently cant get enough reality in their daily lives, ya know, in real life, so they also want to take their spair time to watch even more  reality. I specially dislike the hipocrecy of it all; so you mean to tell me you can suspend your belief that a man can fly but you cant suspend your belief that people dont recognize them?? who picks and chooses what should be realistic and what shouldnt?

Besides, since the Byrne revamp, its never been about the glasses fooling people, its the fact that a) no one thinks Superman is out there living his life as a regular man, so no one is looking for his secret identity b) Clark Kent dials down his personality (not necesarily the clumsy fool) so that as soon as people barely start to suspect, they automatically dissmiss it: "Kent, Superman?? not in a million years" and just move on from the thought.

Rock stars and Actors, etc. is a different thing, cause you know they´r out there doing stuff you might run into them, sure there arent many chances but  still, its in the realm of posibilities to run into them in a store, a mall, a restaurant, etc.  In Superman´s case, people dont even consider the remote posibility of running into him during normal activities, much less working with him on a daily basis ( say his peers from The DP) so at best they´d just go "ha, Clark looks like Superman" . To the people who know him, Clark IS Clark, if your best friend  (lets say his name is Bob) looked exactly like Brad Pitt, you wouldnt think he is Brad Pitt, cause you know him to be Bob and since there´s no suspicion of Brad Pitt living a normal life out there, you simply chug it up to a very curious coincidence and nothing more. 

Also if you erase the Secret identity you open up a can of worms, if we are being realistic then not only Lois would know his secret identity but the entire world,  he certainly cant fool an entire news papper so the word gets out and everyone ends up finding out, heck why even bother with the pseudonames,? plus you think they´r going to allow him to take a rest? to live his life? "hey asshole, we saw you went to a ball game with Jimmy while a bus full of kids fell off a cliff in Argentina" its one theme in Superman lore that he cant and should not save everyone but imagine if people new Clark was just chilling in the park with Lois, or worked a more or less 9 to 5 at a news papper, you think they´d tolerate that? and you dont think the entire rogue gallery would be after Martha and Lois and Jimmy and Perry? without the secret Identity, Clark would never have a life. 

Man of Steel Movie CLIP #1 (Article) - 6/5/2013 9:35:49 PM

Its a shame if she really know´s his secret already, I was looking forward to a Lois who treats Clark properly without knowing he is Superman, Id like to see a Lois who isnt a bitch to Clark just cause he´s from a small town for a change.


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