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Avatar Begins Shooting in 2014

According to Worthington

By Robert T. Trate     October 18, 2013
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Avatar 2 arrives December 2016
Sam Worthington has brought us up to speed on when the Avatar Saga will begin its shooting schedule. Worthington, who recently did an interview with Nova 96.9 (Australian Radio), stated that October of 2014 is when James Cameron will begin “building the ship to Pandora”. This means that Avatar 2, and 3, as well as the prequel will all begin photography then. 

“It's almost been four years since the release of the first Avatar, and just two months since it was revealed that Cameron would create three sequels instead of the originally planned two, with Josh Friedman,Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Shane Salernowriting the screenplays. Additionally, novelist Steven Gould has been signed to write four original novels to support the new series”. - THR

It looks like Avatar production news is back on our radar. Are you ready for a trip back to Pandora?

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domino2008 10/18/2013 5:16:57 PM

It's about time the media heard from Cameron , I just hope the sequels are far more original than the first . The first reminded Me of a Western with CGI.

almostunbiased 10/18/2013 7:54:47 PM

this has been slow, so hopefully that means it will be good.

SmokingFrog77 10/19/2013 5:51:11 AM

Yeah, he needs to either bring an interesting plot this time, or just leave well enough alone. I loved the first one, but I kinda like not being able to predict everything that happens in a movie because I've seen the same story tropes so many times before.

jimvo99 10/19/2013 7:19:34 AM

He let too much time pass between movies. The momentum is lost.

blankczech 10/19/2013 7:55:28 AM

 Not interested.  Thought the original may have been the most overrated movie of all time.  Essentially Dances With Wolves with 9 foot tall smurfs assuming  the part of the native americans...can't believe it got an academy award nomination (IMO Roger Rabbit did the human being / animated characters interaction thing better 25 years ago).  Still waiting for Blu-Ray version of True Lies a Cameron film I enjoyed infinitely more than Avatar.

Wiseguy 10/19/2013 3:18:17 PM

BRING IT ON BABY. Let all the whiny bitches stay home

DarthBob 10/20/2013 11:13:27 AM

I wonder what material Cameron will plagarize for the sequel?

wish 10/20/2013 12:46:13 PM

AH C'mon!  I can't help but be excited everytime James Cameron goes back to working on movies!!

I'm sure we'll all make it out at least once to see what crazy shit he's up to now.

Dazzler 10/21/2013 3:36:19 AM

Avatards should all be gone now realizing we will never have a perfect world on "forgot name of planet".

gammenon 10/21/2013 7:28:28 AM

I'll be going to see this.  Kinda interested to see where Cameron goes plot-wise from the first movie.

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