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Seventh Son International TRAILER (Article) - 11/19/2014 5:05:53 AM

This looked so bad I kept waiting for the joke that would establish it as a spoof. It never came.

Mania Review: Dracula Untold (Article) - 10/10/2014 5:09:58 AM

Universal Monster Universe? Is there a post-credits scene where Dr. Frankenstein recruits Dracula into the monster squad?

Ghostbusters 3 is Happening (Officially) (Article) - 10/9/2014 5:27:50 AM

The team should be Crazy Eyes, Big Boo, and Laverne Cox.

Bond 24 Start and Release Date (Article) - 9/16/2014 6:12:27 AM

Quantum needs to return. All I'm saying.

4 NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Posters (Article) - 6/12/2014 5:14:26 AM

As far as the opposite of flat goes, whose the girl in your photo Higgy?

New Hercules Photo and Trailer Details (Article) - 3/25/2014 5:15:18 AM

We need the name of Jonnie's boat girl. And I heard next year Rock will be starring in the title role in The Duke: The John Wayne story.

Jada Pinkett Smith for Gotham Villain (Article) - 2/20/2014 4:44:36 AM

Who will Willow and Jaden play? The Wonder Twins?

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman (Article) - 12/5/2013 9:43:12 AM

Now we just need Jayden Smith as Aqualad and the quartet will be complete!

Deadpool Movie Update (Article) - 10/29/2013 8:17:49 AM

Riddle Me This: What do Ryan Reynolds and Wall Street have in common? Answer: They're both rewarded for failure. Reynolds has played the exact same character in three comic films now, two of which killed their respective franchises, and they just keep throwing more money at him to keep on doing it.

Kingsley Teases Secret Marvel Project (Article) - 10/22/2013 11:41:01 AM

So we will get to see Sir Ben Kingsley take more stinky craps on the big screen? Awesome. I'm actually surprised they don't sell a poster of the Kingsley Mandarin sitting on a toilet.


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