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Harvey Dent for Gotham? (Article) - 11/7/2014 1:24:08 PM

Any idea how old Bruce is supposed to be in Gotham?  For some reason, I had it in my head that Bruce was 8 originally, but it seems that Gotham's Bruce is supposed to be older, perhaps closer to 12 - 14.  If so, having Harvey be a young Asst DA (most likely straight out of law school) in the range of 25 (18 when graduating from HS, 22 at the end of college, 3 years of law school) and thus 10 or 11 years older doesn't seem like a drastic change to me. 

Jackman for Wolverine 3 and X-Men Apocalypse? (Article) - 5/13/2014 2:21:32 PM

 6dra6on6:  A clarification - the allegations involving the 17 year old aren't age-related/dependent.  The age of consent in the relevant jurisdiction where the alleged assaults occurred is 16, so if he did have sex with the boy, it wasn't a crime because of his age.  In the Complaint initiating the suit, that plaintiff alleged that he was drugged and incapacitated, and therefore could not consent to sex.  

Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 6:04:43 AM

 @ Sampson:  If your girlfriend is looking for an aftershow that discusses Arrow, AfterBuzz TV has a show available via YouTube (video) and iTunes (audio only).  The TV Talk app also provides access to their own aftershow for Arrow.  I haven't actually watched/listened to either Arrow show yet, but I do listen to some of their other aftershow content, and the production quality is very good IMO.  

Debut: Batman Strange Days IMAGES (Article) - 4/3/2014 11:25:41 AM

 Is this an adaptation of the Batman and the Monster Men story released in 2006, which was itself an update of the classic story from Batman #1, in which Batman first met Hugo Strange?  I ask, because a couple of the elements in the pics above (the Monster in the hat; Batman firing a machine gun from an airplane) sure look like they come from that story.

First Look: Harley Quinn on Arrow (Article) - 4/1/2014 6:29:41 AM

 Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't this just a behind the scene photo taken during the shooting of the Suicide Squad episode that aired recently?  What makes the writer think this indicates that the Harley character is going to be in a future episode?  Unless their including a flashback to when Shrapnel was still alive, his presence in the pic (along with the yellow outfits we saw in Suicide Squad) strongly suggests that this is an old photo. And even if she is, since she wasn't shown on camera from the front, there's no guarantee the show would use the same actress/look in future episodes.   

Mania Review: Divergent (Article) - 3/26/2014 11:46:27 AM

 @ DarthBob:

You said, "... but you can stil make a good movie regardless of the source material; Catching Fire is a good example."  

Further proof of the old adage "Different strokes for different folks" ... Personally, the book Catching Fire is my favorite of the Hunger Games novels.  I found the second book built quite well on the groundwork laid in the first and, as a result, was better able to develop and strengthen the characters while providing a much more interesting experience in the arena.  

I also can't agree with your description of the acting, soundtrack or characters in regards to Divergent.  I read this book a couple of years ago and remember enjoying it a great deal.  However, I didn't remember as many details so, unlike adaptions of other books I've seen recently (Ender's Game, Catching Fire, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters), I didn't spend a lot of time running down some sort of mental checklist of scenes from the book as they did or didn't occur in the movie.  And for me, this was an enjoyable change of pace.


Arrow: Suicide Squad Review (Article) - 3/24/2014 7:40:30 AM

 @ jonniej1072:  While the original plan was to have Barry Allen return to Arrow later in the season (around Episode 20 or so), that is no longer the plan.  In a recent article about/interview with the creators of Arrow, the plan is for Barry to still be in a coma (following the accident in his lab) at the beginning of the Flash pilot.  Therefore, the only way he could be on Arrow is if he was just shown in a hospital bed with no lines.  However, the plan is to have a couple of characters who work for STAR Labs from the Flash show appear in episode 19 of Arrow this season: the woman playing a scientist who has the same name as the woman who becomes Killer Frost in the comics and a mechanical engineer character who has the same name as the guy who becomes Vibe in the comics.

Young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Cast (Article) - 3/5/2014 7:29:06 AM

 @ MOJ72:  For the record, Human Target lasted 2 seasons.  I know because I actually really liked the first season, but at the beginning of the 2nd, they brought in a new character who had taken over the company (I don't really remember the details) and, for me at least, it lost some of it's charm, even though I did stick with it through the end.  

Paul Rudd for Ant-Man? (Article) - 12/19/2013 10:14:55 AM

 Each of the controversial casting choices announced/rumored lately (Affleck as Batman, Godot as Wonder Woman) has been accompanied by at least a couple of comments attempting to reassure outraged/dubious fans by reminding them to remember how they felt about RDJ's casting as Tony Stark/Iron Man, and every time it seems SO odd to me because I thought the casting was perfect for the character.  My only concern was whether RDJ could keep clean, not with his performance.  Maybe I just wasn't "plugged in" enough at the time, but was there REALLY that much of fan uproar at the casting?  And if so, who were some of the preferred actors?

Arrow: State V. Queen Review (Article) - 11/22/2013 6:29:49 AM

 @ Iridan:  In regards to Laurel being on the case, there wasn't a conflict of interest ... technically.  Starling City is a made up city in (to my knowledge) some unidentified state, so we can't say for sure what the jurisdiction's Rule of Professional Conduct actually say, but generally, an attorney is only disqualified from a case if they previously represented the opposing party, had some financial stake in the outcome, i.e., a prosecutor who owned stock in a company being prosecuted, or has a personal relationship with the other party.  HOWEVER, conflicts of interest can be waived by the parties assuming that everybody knows the situation and both parties "knowingly and intelligently" waive an claim of conflict.  The judge would only have the right to remove counsel if the opposing party made a motion requesting the court to do so.  Clearly the district attorney (as legal representative of the state) had no problem with Laurel handling the case despite her history with the Queen family.  Presumably, Moira Queen had no objection.  If so, then Laurel can serve as counsel in the case.  Now, by meeting with Moira behind her boss's back and outside the presence of Moira's counsel (whom she knows about) ... well, there was enough wrongdoing there have her disbarred (as she acknowledged).


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