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Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/4/2009 6:49:37 AM

Ols soul I agree Ron Pearlman would be perfect as Cable NUFF SAID

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/4/2009 6:48:28 AM

Hey its me again, I just got done reading New Mutants #2 , check it out it s a good read, and Im pretty much convinced that Fox should make First Class about the The New Mutants. Like it has been stated by some of the other posters on here that they have set up the orginal team to include Beast ,Cycke, Jean, Storm. IM saying lets go New and Young , fans of the X-books remember when the New mutants came on the scene, and think about this what movies are popular right now . twilght with their werewolfs , new mutants has Rania , a scottish red head were wolf.  the remake of Freddy , well you have Dani Moonstar, A dream warrior who can make her enemies see their worst  mightmares,  then there was Karma who could posses people , who gets killed pretty much at the end of the first graphic novel. and  Canon ball , a kid who can fly and is impervious when in blast mode.Lastly you have Roberto , Sunspot, who can channel the power of the sun. Thats your five man team , but I say you go for the full 7 . which would include Colossus' sister Magic a sword wielding mystic who can teleport , and Cypher a mutant who can understand and communicate whith any thingincluding Warlok a techno creature from a race , who later become one of the xmens biggest  badguys the Phlanx. Also this whould be great cause the can grow into a great franchise on their own, do a trilogy and then do X-force which is they later become and then every thing can tire togther like Marvel is doing with their franchises. Throw Deadpool in their , Cable, Colossus, A couple teachers like Prof X , Cyke, Storm. and you have a franchise that kids can follow for the next decade. watch them grow like a certain other Box office Bad ass, like Harry Potter., Lets look at the big picture Folks

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/3/2009 9:52:24 PM

Listen guy's , Do you guys read comics or do you just whine about how bad they are. I agree that x 3 sucked and I agree wolverine was horrible, I did like Reynolds as Wade Wilson, But if you read the comics and I do you would know that ol wade and Cable are like peanutbutter and Jelly more then any other two characters in  Marvel  comics. Those two actually had a comic series staring both of them. Now as far as history goes and the X franchise (movie wise) they dont have one so lets get off of the Marvel comic book history and get to the part where we just have a great movie. So lets see do we take the Merc with the mouth and make him a good guy which I think is a bigger insult to the character or do they put him up against a character that would give wade a run for his money. I mean come on we have watched fox take the X franchise and rewrite the history and Orgins of our Merry mutants , so I say lets do something else , make Cable a character as he was when he first appeared , like they do with many characters in comics keep him a mystery , Do you really need a background story for every character out there before you get the movie rolling , I SAY NO.. Lets leave that for Cables spin off movie which is what Fox likes to do anyway. Hell if peoplereally want to know about Cable and they dont already know let them look it up on Wiki. Or im sure someone like us will enlighten them. Oh and by the way when Rouge first showed up at the Xmens door she was a whinning basket case who couldn t hang with the bad guys cause she was a whinning baby who couldnt stop all the voices in her head. she did become KICK ass , till later on. Oh and Xeno they really dont like it when the actors ad lib their parts they do have a script.

Odin cast in THOR? (Article) - 6/2/2009 11:00:04 AM

I really hope, marvel does not go down that path of retardation again, , In the 2003 limited series Truth: Red, White & Black, black soldiers act as test subjects for the WWII Super Soldier program of 1942. Most of the subjects die, or become deformed with the exception of one, Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah substitutes for Captain America on an assignment, discovering Jewish concentration camp detainees subjected to experiments. Later on his grand son becomes the Patroit ,of the young avengers. I believe Marvel has realized that the fans are a fickle bunch and I think it would make for a cool easter egg if you had Will smith playing Isaiah as the test subject that survies and then having Steve Rogers  being given the super solider serum and going onto be Cap I think Chris pine is good but i think he's got to be a little more jacked to be Captain America. Marvel has already stated that most of the movie is going to take place in WWII and I like that idea It should end with Fury and Stark finding Rogers in the Ice and  the closing scene should play out sort of like the begining of ultimate avengers with steve breaking loose of his hosptial only to be confronted by Modern day NYC. This would allow Will Smith to be in most of the movie and would nt effect the out come due to Bradley being captured by the Nazi's when he goes on an unautherized mission, which also leads to the german break through of the Super Solider Serum. This stuff is really unkownn to most fans and would allow Marvel to tie alot of stuff together. As long as it does not become an exclusive Bradley Captain America movie i think it wouyd play well.


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