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Tron: Legacy DVD/BD & Collectors Goodie Revealed (Article) - 2/8/2011 12:28:29 AM

No soundtrack in the ultimate edition!? Uh might want to add that in there!

Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon Super Bowl Trailer (Article) - 2/8/2011 12:12:03 AM

FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gervais Voices Mole in WILLOWS (Article) - 1/7/2011 10:43:17 PM

WTF did they say animatronics!? Holy shit thats amazing, not CG!? Well I think for that reason alone I'll have to see this!

Mania Review: Family Guy--It's a Trap! (Article) - 1/5/2011 2:58:19 PM

I agree with you Wiseguy, American Dad is my favorite of the 3 shows now, I just enjoy the writing and characters better.

The Conway Twitty gag was funny the first 2 times, second being the funniest as the showed the whole fricking song, and you really just thought WTF!? But after that is like we get it.....

Anyways I felt this was the the worst of the 3, I really liked the first 2, this one just kinda went by as I watched it, I don't remember laughing to much?

Redband Clip for Gunn's SUPER (Article) - 10/23/2010 1:38:12 AM

That was amazing!!

Intl. PAUL Trailer Arrives (Article) - 10/19/2010 12:09:54 AM

Man all I have to say is Paul looked like Roger from American Dad in th last scene with him in the cowboy get up!!

JACKASS 3-D Breaks Fall Record (Article) - 10/19/2010 12:07:14 AM

bearly most liekly not...

I thought the 3D was great in jackass, not in your face and headachey (like clash and alice), also tons of amazing slowmo scenes with tons fo shit suspended in the air (opening and closing scenes we great!!)

Legend of the Guardians Movie Review (Article) - 9/27/2010 11:22:15 PM

Unfortunately there is no blood, it's rated G. But beyond that I have to say this is one of the BEST cg animated films I have ever seen. Just unbelievably gorgeous, the 3D is fantastic, it's not in your face, it just gives a nice depth to the picture.

You can definitely feel there is sooooo much more story to it all, but like the review said, there's 16 books plus! They obviously didnt want to invest in a series, so they did what the could in a single film, and it was good enough for me!

Even if you just go for the visuals you won't be disspointed!

New NIGHTMARE Trailer Online (Article) - 2/25/2010 11:31:19 AM

Oh also I wasnt too stoked on the CG Freddy coming out of the wall above the bed. I thought the original effect was much more effective!

New NIGHTMARE Trailer Online (Article) - 2/25/2010 11:29:37 AM

Man is it just me or are they taking scenes from the entire Nightmare catalog and putting them into this movie!?

Regardless I'm seeing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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